Wednesday, January 29, 2014


For reasons that have never been made clear to me, downtown Silver Spring is the only metropolitan area in North America that is not home to a Five Guys franchise. I don't fully understand the massive success of of Five Guys, though perhaps in many places it simply serves as a superior option to McDonald's. The good thing is that the absence of Five Guys has left the burger market in downtown Silver Spring relatively unsaturated, opening the door for a new arrivial like BurgerFi, which opened on Fenton Street last week. (Sure, there's a Fuddruckers around the corner, but I've never had the desire to step foot in there for whatever reason.)

In the world of hamburger chains, BurgerFi is probably closest in comparison to Shake Shack, though minus the insufferable hype that accompanies that chain. Like Shake Shack, it serves beer and wine, and seemed to have a relatively large selection of both, at least for a burger joint. The non-alcoholic beverage selection is good, too - not only are they equipped with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, they also offer the bottled HFCS-free Mexican Cokes and other imported bottled Coke products.

The menu consists of various hamburgers, hot dogs and fries, plus they have a variety of custard-based frozen treats. (Whatever you do, don't look at the calorie count.)

As to the quality of the burgers, I'll stick to a simple video review:

As far as its physical space, BurgerFi features a stylish, modern look, and has something that is severely lacking in Silver Spring: outdoor seating. And it's not just a couple chairs awkwardly stuck out on the sidewalk, either - there's a fairly large covered area with tables and chairs outside the entrance. Of course, this won't be usable for months, but it will be nice to have the option available when the weather improves.

The main downside I could find was that if you are coming from the direction of Wayne Avenue, you are forced to pass the entrance to Washington Sports Club, which could elicit a feeling of guilt about the thousands of calories you are about to consume...