Friday, April 11, 2014


Thanks to WK for the photo!
 Despite repeated angry claims in the comments claiming it wasn't going to do so, Taco Distrito Federal appears to have closed. The Silver Spring location has been scrubbed from their website, and the space is for sale, as it has been for some time.

It's too bad, I actually rather liked the place, even if I only went there occasionally. They were always quite friendly, and kids got a plate of chicken, beans and rice for free. The restaurant's fate was probably inevitable since the day they moved in, as that location really is the worst. You could pass by dozens of times on foot or car and not notice it exists. I think whatever you put there, unless it's somewhere people need to go to in order to remain alive (like when they put a dialysis center in the old post office around the corner), it's going to fail.

I do think that TDF would have done succeeded were it on Ellsworth. Look at some of the middling places that have survived there for years.