Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow Day News 'N Notes

- ARGH! I so wanted to get a good picture of this guy riding down Sligo Creek Parkway, but alas, my phone focused on my filthy windshield instead. Is this what hipsters are riding these days? Have standard vintage fixed-gear bikes become passé?

- The reports of Kao Thai's death were greatly exaggerated, as the restaurant is scheduled to re-open today after being closed for a month due to unspecified "emergency repairs".


Here's a photo of a letter the re-opened Kao Thai has been including in its menus. Not sure if this clears everything up, but it's their own explanation. Thanks to reader BG for sharing.

- Dale Music, a Silver Spring stalwart since 1950, will close on June 30th.

- The restoration of the Metro's penguin mural that began in 2006 has finally been completed. It will be restored to its place on the side of the Metro station once the transit center is completed. In other words, never.

- Doug Duncan says it's "time for answers" on the Transit Center. No doubt if he were still County Exec, that concrete would have been poured properly.
- And Scion finally has proper signage:

Thanks to reader O.D. for the pic!