Friday, February 14, 2014

OK, This is Just Egregious

I mean, come on, "Silver Spring" is half the name of your business! Maybe this is part of some mass conspiracy to troll me. That is the only reasonable explanation.


Anonymous said...

I've seen a few 'shops in my day. That extra 'S' looks rather pixelated.

Sligo said...

Well, with a zoomed-in iPhone photo taken in low light, that is true of all the letters.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sligo,

Sligo said...

I figured you weren't serious, but you never know.

Ashoka Packer said...

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Gull said...

It's about as bad as the Peter Pan buses that say Silver Springs on their destination board.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have a re-naming campaign a la Tyson's dropping the 'Corner'.

Silver, MD.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer we go the opposite and extend our name for clarity: "Silver Spring, Singular, MD 20910 (i.e. not SSINO)"

Anonymous said...

I feel like the SS,S comments section has let us down because I hadn't heard of this opening sooner:
Bump 'n Grind - a coffee/food/music place that apparently is opening in the same building as Scion (and the soon to open Nai Nai).

Gull said...

Thats great news about the Bump and Grind. That side of the tracks is missing out on something cool like that - right now all the authentic local coffee shops are on the FV side of the tracks. I was hoping Scion would be the catalyst to fill out the rest of that building. Now if we could only rent out the massive void at the bottom of the Veridian.

Any updates on the Nai Nai? Seems every time I asked a server in Scion their answer was next month, now they say they've got no idea.

Anonymous said...

Bump and Grind?

What kinda stupid name is that?

Sligo said...

It's an R. Kelly-themed coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be piss and grind?

Anonymous said...

What's with Kao Tai? Seem to be at least temporarily closed.

Anonymous said...

Kao Thai: I tried to eat there last night and the message on the voicemail says that it's closed due to emergency repairs or something like that... hopefully whatever is wrong is resolved soon. That place is too good for Silver Spring to lose it.

Anonymous said...

"Any updates on the Nai Nai?"

The space looks largely built out and it's sharing the same kitchen as Scion, so not sure what the hold up is. Honestly, it seems like the owner isn't really on top of things (or is spread to thin or doesn't have cash sitting around) - Nai Nai isn't open yet, Scion still just has a temporary sign up, they didn't have outdoor seating in place over the summer/fall. I really hope Spring brings all three, especially the outdoor seating. I bet a whole lot of people walk by without even knowing there's a restaurant there.

P.S. Scion's latest beer event is coming up on Thursday the 27th w/a Flying Dog tap takeover. Should be awesome.

Anonymous said...

What concerns me about Kao Thai is the paper they have put up over the windows. Seems very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Seems to line up with them saying they're making emergency repairs (burst pipe?).

Anonymous said...

Really? You would paper all your windows because of a burst pipe?

Anonymous said...

Of course, as opposed to what? What's suspicious about paper? That's what all businesses do when they're working on their interiors.

Anonymous said...

Of course, as opposed to what?

As opposed to actually fixing the supposed emergency problem, rather than worrying about utterly useless things like paper on windows. It's not like this is an opening or major design overhaul, where keeping progress hidden builds up some anticipation.

Don't mistake me, I desperately hope the place reopens. But how many times have restaurants closed like this only never to reopen?

Gull said...

i'd be surprised if Kao Thai closes. Every time I've been there it has been crowded. They only just recently expanded into the old flower shop space, and even with that extra seating they are crowded.

Anonymous said...

"Don't mistake me, I desperately hope the place reopens. But how many times have restaurants closed like this only never to reopen?"

I'm right with you. I'm especially concerned because recently this happened to a restaurant (not in Silver Spring) right around the corner from my office. Paper went up suddenly with a sign saying that it was "closed for repairs." Fast forward 2 weeks and now there is a for sale sign hanging and a letter to customers announcing its closure. Hopefully this isn't the case with Kao Thai... but has me paranoid!

Anonymous said...

"It's not like this is an opening or major design overhaul, where keeping progress hidden builds up some anticipation."

The point of papering windows would be so people don't see the sausage being made - I can't imagine them making the effort to paper their windows and change voicemails if they're already gone. That doesn't make sense to me.

Here's hoping the emergency isn't something that will keep them close for long (like Sushi Jin was with their fire) or, god forbid, something that would force them closed for good like Sabroso w/the owner passing away.

Anonymous said...

Is that what happened to Sabroso? I miss that place.

Anonymous said...

Nai Nai has a sign in its door as of this morning staying that they are hiring for all positions.

Anonymous said...

Ask and you shall receive; go Nai Nai. Go outdoor seating next month? That's the one thing an E-W business has going for it over Georgia - wider sidewalks, smaller road. Great outdoor seating to be had. It'd be a real lost opportunity to miss the boat on that for another year.

Anonymous said...

Nai Nai is supposed to open sometime in March according to the staff I've spoken with at Scion.

Hopefully Kao Thai reopens again soon. Could't be the business the place is always packed.

Gull said...

Went to zensai for lunch on Saturday, late lunch maybe around 1:30. My friend and I were the only dine-in patrons the entire time, and there was one cary-out order placed and picked up.

Food was descent, i'm no sushi expert but i'd go again - but it seems to be suffering the same fate as the rest of the restaurants on that strip. They are busier for dinner, and especially on Fillmore event nights, but there is no one walking along that side of Colesville Rd on the weekends, they're all on Ellsworth or the Panera side of Colesville.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a bit brisker during the workweek in that predominantly office building area and they also deliver for what's presumably a chunk of their business, but yeah, in general sitdown sushi (and sitdown steak, tapas, ethiopian, thai, and italian places also on that block) are dinner-type places. I'm sure that's not a surprise to them - Ray's (and others?) doesn't even bother opening until dinner.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Zensai doesn't last long term as there are 3 other established places within a couple hundred feet of them who serve sushi. Seems like a saturated space to try and break into. Doubt they pull it off, but guess we'll see.

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