Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Restaurant Black Hole Swallows Another Victim

First it was Gallery Restaurant and Lounge in 2010, then Babe's Sports Bar in 2012 and now after less than a year, Fajita Coast has succumbed to the fate of the establishments that came before it at 115 East West Highway.

The restaurant announced on its Facebook page Monday that it would be closing its doors for good.

Fajita Coast, which survived for a relatively long time in restaurant years at its original location in Four Corners, was forced to move to this location last year after a reported dispute with its landlord.

The explanation provided for its closure was "difficult economic times", but let's be honest - it's that the location sucks. Granted, their old spot in a small Four Corners shopping strip may not have been ideal either, but at least then it had its own (albeit small) parking lot and was centered in a suburban area that provided it with a steady stream of family business. In the handful of times I patronized their original location, the place always seemed to be full of kids. It probably had trouble retaining its customer base after the move, as residents of Woodmoor and Four Corners might not be inclined to deal with downtown Silver Spring traffic on a weekday evening.

There's plenty of residential units close by on EW Highway, but the solution for attracting nearly residents to that space on a consistent basis has yet to be discovered. Clearly a family dining establishment or a sports bar isn't it. No doubt a new tenant will be found who will be willing to make a go of it, and it will be interesting to see how their plans pan out. History just isn't on their side.

I do feel bad for Fajita Coast, as they probably didn't deserve to fail perhaps as much as their predecessors may have.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

This is a real product.
Happy new year! I'm finally returning from my end-of-year hiatus and still trying to get back in the swing of things. In the meantime, here's a token post with a few miscellaneous nuggets. Apologies if some of this is old news by now - I'm still playing catch-up.

- There was some concern in the comments of my last post that the lack of construction activity at the new Scion location in South Silver Spring might indicate that they had changed their mind about coming to Silver Spring. Not so, says Scion, though they can't say exactly when they will open:

- After closing nearly a full year ago as the result of a fire, Fenton Street's Sushi Jin looks to be finally be returning, as indicated by recently-posted signage.

Thanks to ML for posting on this blog's FB page.

- The new La Madeline also has its signage up.

- Incredibly, the downtown Silver Spring McDonald's was DIY on Christmas day:

- Apartment rents in Silver Spring are going up, which I guess is why rather than build commercial buildings, they continue to construct apartments like the Eleven55 Ripley, which just became the tallest building in downtown Silver Spring. Also, the post office on 2nd Avenue has now been demolished to make way for even more apartments:

Thanks to JT for the photo.
- Your car's rent is also going up, with short-term hourly parking rates in Silver Spring having risen from 75 cents to $1 effective January 1.

- Amazon Local currently has a deal for $20 at Taqueria Distrito Federal for ten bucks. It's good for the next six days.

- A six-year-old in Silver Spring made national news this week when he was suspended from school for "pointing his finger like a gun". (The suspension has since been rescinded.) The real lesson here is that teachers and staff at elementary schools should always be pointing their fingers like guns.