Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First Take: Urban Butcher

Thanks to an invite from the proprietors to last night's soft opening, I was able to get a sneak peak of Urban Butcher, which I hereby dub "UrBu", as it sounds more sophisticated and less gruesome. (Though I hesitate to coin nicknames, as I may end up getting mocked in a public forum years later for even suggesting that I came up with a nickname after it is appropriated by the entity owning the thing to which the nickname was assigned. But I digress.)

When I first heard of the concept of Urban Butcher, I wondered if it would prove to be more of a butcher shop with a restaurant or a restaurant with a butcher shop. It was immediately evident upon entering the premises that this was indeed primarily a restaurant, though one that features a fully operational butcher shop. The first thing you see as you enter is a cozy lounge area surrounded by floor to ceiling windows (and a glass garage door) that look out onto the Georgia Avenue streetscape.

Industrial chic?
As soon as you pass the lounge, the focus of the restaurant is immediately clear. To your left are glass cases displaying a variety of animal parts, while immediately in front of you is a large wood-lined meat locker where sausages and additional animal parts hang. This place is clearly designed to exhibit the maximum amount of meat possible. Personally, I don't need to see my meal before it's cooked (or read a file on the animal I'm eating), but it doesn't bother me, either.

To your right, there is a long bar which sits in front of more glass garage doors. They could really open this place up to the street when weather permits.

While their initial menu does feature a variety of meats (and fish), most of the food initially served last night was pig-based, and as I just don't dig on swine, I can't really speak to the taste. The opinions I heard were positive, however. I did eventually try the lamb empanadas that were brought around, and they were quite delicious.

They had copies of their menus floating around, and a quick scan identified quite a number of items I'd be very interested in trying. While vegetarians and vegans might not find a whole lot to eat here, that's not really going to be their core customer base. It seems as pescatarians will fare a bit better, as there are a few seafood items available.

Overall, I think Urban Butcher/UrBu has quite a bit of promise, as they have constructed a nice atmosphere in their space and have developed an intriguing menu. Their take-out butcher service should also be an nice option for those who opt to cook at home.

Unrelated, but on my way home last night I passed by Fire Station 1 at about 8:30 and it was packed. Despite being frequently maligned in the comments section of this blog, it must be doing a good business if that's what it looks like on a Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

So the first post we have in nearly a month turns out to be a bought and paid for ad for The Man?

What happened to you Sligo? You have become what you profess to hate.

Anonymous said...

?? Weird comment.

Anyways, glad to see that side of Georgia Ave. get some love. Hope they have a nice happy hour to be a bit more competitive on pricing.

Anonymous said...

More competitive on price with what? The guy is butchering in house and sourcing high end product and nothing with a listed price is over 30. Seems pretty reasonable unless you are trying to compare them to Nandos...

Sligo said...

Well, you got me. I'm fully adopting this strategy.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday nights at 8 is Trivia Kings, which might explain the crowd. It's actually a lot of fun and doesn't involve any of the mediocre Fire Station food.

(not affiliated, just went once and have been trying to make it back ever since)

Yada said...

How is the beer/drink list?

I'm hoping downtown SS can sustain a place like this, but I don't have high hopes.

I was in Pete's last night at 7pm and there was ONE PERSON in the entire restaurant. How sad...

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but I just read something on Citizens Brewing Co's facebook page that they will be opening under a new name due to DC Brau Brewing Company sending them a Cease and Desist letter.

Sligo said...

Re: Pete's. It's been fairly busy the few times I've eaten there. Mostly I get takeout or delivery. I suspect a good portion of their revenue comes from sales to people not dining in. I wouldn't worry too much about them. They are no doubt earning a nice margin on the $20+ cheese pizzas they sell.

Gray said...

I want to like this place because it's so convenient to my house, but the owner is such a jerk.

Does anybody know if it has a happy hour?

Regarding the drink list, the Post had a link to it on Scribd. The beer looks pretty good but pricey. I love Sofie and la Fin du Monde, but can't stomach paying $11 for either.

Re: Pete's, they're often packed with families with children between 5 and 7. I complained at first about their prices too, but I found a few ways around that:

(1) The HH is quite good. Half price beers or Peroni + a slice for $5.
(2) Slices are very reasonably priced and quite large. The selection rotates, but can be quite good. Entrees tend to be overpriced, but if you stick to slices and small salads it can be very reasonable.
(3) Pizzas are half price on Mondays, though apparently this is temporary and ending after next week. My favorite is to combine that with HH, so I can be completely cheap.

Gray said...

Oh, and I'm a total convert to Happy Hour at Scion. It goes until 7 and has half price beers, $5 glasses of wine, and a few cheap (though all fried) appetizers.

But they don't make you sit in the bar area to take advantage of HH, so you can combine that with real food for not too much. They also have a cheapskate combination on Tuesdays, adding half price burgers to the regular specials.

Anonymous said...

I think Pete's "problem" is it's location. While it may SEEM to be the corner of busy Wayne & GA, it's actually set back from the street and separated by a small park that in the summer blocks the view. They also have signage that doesn't draw attention...not that it needs to be screaming, but it essentially blends in to the building. Pete's also is a big restaurant so even with 30 people in there it seems empty. I've eaten there many times and love it...OK with the prices given the quality. There are always a handful of people waiting to pickup pizzas. Wishing them a generation of success.

Anonymous said...

If pete's closes can we do a "retail fail" post?

And I'm surprised there hasn't been more vegan/vegetarian outrage about a place like this opening up.

Sligo said...

Retail Fail is reserved for stores, not restaurants. I could do one for Pacers, but I won't.

Gray said...

@Anon at 10:26:

(1) I don't believe Pete's will close any time soon. It's doing plenty of business.

(2) I think the new restaurant most likely to close soon, sadly, is Sweetgreen. Its location turns out to be surprisingly bad, and it's always been empty or nearly so when I've gone by at night or on the weekend. Maybe it does better at lunch.

(3) I am vegetarian, but have a hard time caring about a place like this too much. Particularly since there are now places with much better vegetarian options around. Scion, Pete's, and Sweetgreen are excellent in that regard, adding to older places like Pacci's and Quarry House. I'm more annoyed at the owner's continued insistence that he's the only one brilliant enough to think to open a decent restaurant in SS, as if Kitchen and Jackie's don't exist.

But I'm not going to go eat cheese and drink beer there at the menu prices. Maybe that's his strategy for dealing with vegetarians.

Kev29 said...

"DC Brau Brewing Company sending them a Cease and Desist letter"

Ooooh, link?

And the Urban Butcher beers are all bottles, no drafts, right?

Yada said...

I'm obviously stating the obvious here, but this is the problem with Silver Spring.

You all realize you live in one of the most expensive urban areas of the US? Well, guess what, a beer isn't going to cost $4 and a pizza that actually tastes good isn't going to cost $12.

Might as well just get a six pack of bud light and order two mediums from Dominos if you're worried about the cost.

And this is why this area will always have a rotating cast of three decent restaurants and a bunch of other chain slop.

The second problem is and this is a concern of mine with Urban Butcher, anyone that wants a career in the restaurant business sure as hell isn't focusing on Silver Spring to get a job. The service at Scion is a step above Friday's and even the "high end" restaurants like 8407 have less than mediocre service half the time.

end rant.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I was reading through the menu and thought that polenta with marscapone and sun-dried tomatoes sounding like a great vegetarian option. But, of course, there's no pleasing them.

Sligo said...

I like Sweetgreen, I just tend to forget it exists.

Kev29 said...

Yada: you make excellent points. Especially the one regarding the pool of restaurant service workers in SS.

Gull said...

I have seen plenty of co-workers who have gone to Sweetgreen so I do think there is a bit of a lunch crowd, but I also agree that location is pretty bad. It would have done better on Ellsworth or Fenton somewhere. I'm not sure what would actually do well on Georgia Avenue. It has all the visibility of all the wrong (non-local) people.

I suspect Petes and LaMadaline will do better business once the Library construction is done, making the south side of Wayne a street worth walking down. Add in the residential behind the library, and where the church is, and you've added almost 2 full square blocks to 'downtown'. The biggest shame is the north side of Wayne is dead with the parking garage not having ground activating uses.

The location of Urban Butcher is clutch, if they can wait it out a few more years. A lot of the people in the new FV developments will walk past it to/from the Metro, and there at built-out will be 7-8 more highrises of people in the Ripley District, with a new street grid, when finished. Most of the land back there has been snatched up by a pair of competing developers, so the redevelopment of all the 1 and 2 story retail uses is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the statements about Pete's having little business and being expensive.

Every time I'm there the place is close to packed.

I go there with my wife. I usually get the linguine and she gets a couple of slices. If get a beer the whole meal comes to around $25. Plus, twice they've had Groupon deals that we each bought 3 of. Turned out quite cheap. Even without the Groupon deal it's not exactly what I would consider to be high priced.

Anonymous said...

Went to Kitchenbar the other night for the first full dinner in over a year. Was very pleased with the quality of the dinner, the cocktails were fun, the entrees delicious, and the wines were very good. The latest chef is definitely holding up the high standards that Kitchenbar has always maintained. Our waiter, John, was phenomenal - extremely well versed in wine. He not only recommended a perfect wine with our entrees but could talk at length about that vineyard, their methods and how it compared to similar wines on the menu and their methods. We really enjoyed his expertise. Oh, and if you order the chocolate cake - get the port with it - WOW! what a pairing. That was a another great tip from John. So yes, there are really great professional servers in Silver Spring.
Re: Pete's - they are doing admirable outreach into the local community. They are using the Kefa Cafe handbook of how to build a solid customer base - be a good neighbor.

What I appreciate about SS & FV, is we really do have great options for dining at any level. When you don't want to fight Metro, or traffic, or snotty $$$ downtown restaurants, you can stay close to home and have a great meal.

Anonymous said...

"More competitive on price with what?"

Beer. I'm never going to spend $6-11 for that mediocre beer list (another person asked if they were all bottles - they're not, there are 11 taps, if I'm recalling correctly).

"You all realize you live in one of the most expensive urban areas of the US? Well, guess what, a beer isn't going to cost $4"

Huh? Plenty of DTSS places have $4 or less good beers. Even just talking about the newer places in town - La Malinche has $3 beers, Scion has $3-5 craft beers, and Masa has $2.50 beers. A good happy hour is key for anyone in my age demographic to bother hitting a place up w/friends. I certainly hope UrBu (ha) "gets it."

Why the heck are people talking about Pete's like it doesn't do an insane amount of business? The place is packed every time I go there along with a long line of pick-ups and delivery guys running in and out. The place is raking it in, big time. If anything, people should be concerned they're taking Pacci's business (which hopefully they aren't).

Anonymous said...

So I don't work in DTSS, and only frequent it on weekends and Friday nights.

Do Discovery Communications (or other local workers eat lunch at the local restaurants?

Any updates on the space Romano's will vacate?

Gray said...

@Anon at 12:44: so they don't have a HH?

I agree with you that many places in SS have good beers at HH for $4-$5. Outside of HH they're more, but even still, places like Jackie's and Scion charge more like $7-$9 for beers comparable to Unibroue or craft Goose Island. $9-$12 for good draft beer is a bit much even by DC standards. And seriously, $7 for a Schlafly?

Of course, complaining about prices is kind of obnoxious in general. If the intent is to charge that much for beer and never have a HH, I'm clearly not the target demographic. If UrBu thinks it's worth it to have a HH, surely they will. I'd be glad to spend a fair amount on cheese, and surely my wife would be glad to eat meat. But not if I'm going to feel ripped off for drinking one beer.

Speaking of which: Does Pacci's still not have a HH? There's another place I'd be glad to hit up for an early dinner, if only they did.

Kev29 said...

$3-$5 is what you pay for happy hour beers two hours a day at Scion (and Sun evening). Their regular draft prices are $6-$8.

I would be shocked if Urban Butcher does not offer a happy hour.

Let's not forget, in addition to this being an expensive area, Montgomery County regulations hurt beer prices. Ask just about any bar or restaurant owner in the county.

Yada said...

Anonymous at Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:44:00 PM...

What is your age?

If you want to hang out and drink $2.50 beers at Masa, I guess go for it, but that place is pretty awful and I'm having a hard time believing they have $2.50 beers. I don't think I've seen a beer in DC under $4 since the 90's unless you want a pint of Miller Light, yum!

I've only been to Scion twice and don't recall it being that cheap, but unless I'm sitting at the bar, I won't be dining there again due to the Fridaysesque servers.

Gray said...

@Yada: Scion has half price beers from 5 to 7 on weekdays. Since their prices are in the $6-$9 range, they have multiple $3-$4 beers then. Pete's is the same way; pretty good beers in the $6-$7 range, half price at HH. Like I said above, even at non-HH their prices for craft beers are significantly below the good craft beers on UrBu's list.

But again, complaining about restaurant prices is about as pointless as complaining about the price of anything: if you don't like the price, you're welcome not to pay it. I can't imagine that UrBu would worry too much about missing out on 20somethings who want $3 beers, particularly since they're probably not going to want to pay their food prices.

But I would like to make the point that a decent HH, along the lines of what Scion or Pete's has, could bring in more people who would like to eat some pricey food while drinking reasonably priced drinks.

Sligo said...

I like to see that the UrBu moniker is gaining momentum.

Anonymous said...

RE: Fire Sation 1-I believe there are new owners here, if I remember right from the Taste of Silver Spring a few weeks back.

I haven't been in a while, but I did recently order their wings take out for a work function, and I was surprised at the quality. Hopefully a sign of a turnaround. I think it's a good concept and space, just need to get the food and service right.

Anonymous said...

I just have to step in to defend Scion. I think their food is delicious and I've never had anything less than great service there.

I think the locaion is a pain but the place seems full at critical times so I hope they are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

"so they don't have a HH?"

I don't know; that's what I was asking.

"What is your age?"


"If you want to hang out and drink $2.50 beers at Masa, I guess go for it"

Will do.

"I'm having a hard time believing they have $2.50 beers."

Cool story, bro. Doesn't mean it's not true.

"I don't think I've seen a beer in DC under $4 since the 90's unless you want a pint of Miller Light, yum!"

...then you don't get out much. Any neighborhood with competition is forces to have competitive HH pricing. Which is probably why you now see lower prices in DTSS. It used to be $5 beers at McG's was the best (and I'm using that word very loosely) deal in town. But now there are more options every day and places can't gouge the crap out of patrons without losing them.

Anyways, I'm hoping UrBu has some nice HH specials. I'm not going to convince friends it's a good get-together place if we're shelling out $6-12 per beer before dinner even starts - at least not with so many more reasonable options within walking distance these days.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@kev29...just got it off the Citizens' Facebook page

Anonymous said...

Sligo, do you know why UrBu doesn't seem to have by the bottle wine prices (either that or the absolute cheapest wine prices anywhere)? Do they have a separate by the bottle menu that isn't up on their site?

Sligo said...

No idea. Maybe someone can check tonight at the opening.

Gray said...

@kev29, from their facebook page:

"This weekend we received a surprise from DC Brau Brewing Company in the form of a Cease & Desist letter. We'll take their threat of litigation as a compliment. They believe in our success just as much as we do! In order to focus on opening our doors in Summer 2014 and creating the best brewery we can for you, we're changing our name and announcing the new moniker later today. We're proud to be bringing craft beer to downtown Silver Spring no matter what name you call us!"

I guess the issue is that DC Brau has a beer called Citizen? I'm not seeing it.

Yada said...

Nothing says a great happy hour like hanging out in a bennihana for $2.50 beers, lolz bro.

Yada said...

Yes, DC Brau has a beer called Citizen... it's prob. a dumb move on Citizen's part to name their brewery after a local beer, but whatever...

Anonymous said...

Without commenting on whether or not DC Brau is justified in threatening legal action here, at least Citizens got this now, before they have dumped a ton of money into marketing and have an established name.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know existed until yesterday after reading about the legal tiff between Citizen's and DCB.

With that, Citizen's is now rebranded as Denizen's as of yesterday evening. I hope they hire an artist with some talent for branding...ugh.

Gray said...

I stopped by UrBu last night and asked the host about HH. He checked with the bar and told me that they don't have one now, but plan to "in two or three weeks." I will of course check back then.

Anonymous said...

I went to Republic in TkPk last night for dinner. The place was packed at 7, with a 45 minute wait for a table. Jeff Black was in the kitchen, and came out to greet diners. Really enjoyed my meal and the service. I'll definitely be back often. I can't wait to check out The Butcher. Based on what I saw last night, there is definitely a clientele for upscale food and drink in our area. They just aren't the trolls who frequent this blog.


Yada said...


Anonymous said...
I went to Republic in TkPk last night for dinner. The place was packed at 7, with a 45 minute wait for a table. Jeff Black was in the kitchen, and came out to greet diners. Really enjoyed my meal and the service. I'll definitely be back often. I can't wait to check out The Butcher. Based on what I saw last night, there is definitely a clientele for upscale food and drink in our area. They just aren't the trolls who frequent this blog.


Agreed, very excited for some nice options in Silver Spring and the surrounding areas. These trolls can continue to enjoy their Miller Lite bottles at the likes of Red Lobster happy hour and Nandos.

Anonymous said...

So UrBu doesn't offer wines by the bottle. That is bizarre. I've not been part of the price of beer conversation, and I have no issue paying 8+ for a good brew, but it does kind of piss me off that if my wife and I go there we will have to pay more to order wine by the glass simply because they don't offer something that literally every other upscale restaurant does.

Anonymous said...

We get takeouts from Pete's at least once a week...their dining room may not always be crowded, but between takeout and delivery they are apparently doing very well.

Terry in Silver Spring said...


There's no reason really for the Urban Butcher to have vegetarian items on the menu, no more than there is for a vegetarian restaurant to have meat based items on their menu. You know what you're going to get at some places.

That said, did you take someone with you who was able to try the pork based items? It'd be nice to hear how the food at this place is.

Anonymous said...

Again, everyone that doesn't agree with someones beer choice is a troll. Pathetic.

Stop thinking anyone that disagrees with you is a troll.

Anonymous said...

Lol at anon 911am. Last comments section you said the exact same thing to me. Just STFU already.

Anonymous said...

And I'm someone else - stop whining about everyone, stop saying the exact same thing for YEARS, and stop pretending everyone is one person. In short, get a life and move on.

Anonymous said...

Ate there last night. If they work out their kinks it should be a great success. Prices a tad on the high side for portion sizes...but nothing you wouldn't expect if you were on 14th street or H street.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03...clearly a troll

Ronan McNulty said...

I have been wondering about Nando's. I love it and it is very popular, but their waitstaff model (customers order at the front, food is brought to them, customers set tables but waitstaff bus them)seems flawed. Without waitstaff pushing second and third alcoholic drinks and encouraging a certain pacing (drinks,food, 2nd drink, dessert/check) the average customer stays longer and spends less. This isn't a problem during lunch or slow time periods, but it seems like it turns into a low turnover lounge on Friday and Saturday nights. What is the benefit of their model?

Yada said...

@Ronan McNulty

If your night out consists of hanging out at Nandos all night, you're doing something wrong.

It's not meant to be a bar/hangout spot. You're supposed to eat and leave.

In other news, checked out Urban Butcher last night and it was pretty awesome. I hope the Silver Spring citizens can keep it afloat.

Anonymous said...

Ronan - ever been to Panera Bread? Same story there. Seems to be working fine for them.

Anonymous said...

For those expressing concern about Pete's in DTSS: I walked passed the Pete's in Clarendon last night at 7 PM. Only one table (with two people) was occupied.

Gull said...

Nando's gets you by being a tad on the expensive side, and by being just pushy enough with their table busting that you don't want to hang out for ever.

I mean, it's $10 for half a chicken and Giant can sell a whole one prepared for $7 - nice margins there!

My complaint is Nando's is understaffed for what they do and i'I've seen my food sitting for 10 minutes under the heat lamps before making it to the table because only one person was running the entire place.

Craig said...

Yeah, I give Pete's New Haven Style a big thumbs down. I was not impressed with their pizza dishes at all. The sauce and seasoning tasted odd. Too much crust. Let's just say that I was underwhelmed with the food there.

Flippin Pizza on Colesville is my "Go-To" joint if I am hungry for some slices. I have not tried pizza at Pacci's restaurant yet.

Can't wait to visit the Urban Butcher since I like MEAT and BOOZE. Just give me a slab of steak with a beer and I am a happy soul.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone hang out at Nando's? Its a place to eat- not hang out and drink.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a place I'd purposefully hangout in. However, one time when my wife and I were eating there we ran into some old friends. We had them join us and I'd say we hung out talking about old times for, probably, two hours.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't hang out when they eat? Obviously not "Yada" - he's just so much cooler than the rest of us...bahahah

Yada said...

Anonymous said...
"Who doesn't hang out when they eat? Obviously not "Yada" - he's just so much cooler than the rest of us...bahahah"

You sir are most likely quite accurate that I'm cooler than you.

Now go find yourself a Boston Market to hang out for the night.

Anonymous said...

Really surprised by the sentiment here that Pete's is in trouble. Every time I go there with my family (usually pretty early, at 6:30 or so), it is PACKED! Anyone with a young child is happy for a pizza place that has a little ambience and will not break the bank, and where you can also get a decent beer.

Anonymous said...

Yada you're being mean. The hypersensitive folk on this blog won't like that. To them a restaurant with alchohol is the same thing as a bar. Stop poking holes in their theories.

Anonymous said...

Strawman rears it's ugly head again.

David Pittman said...

Shameless plug, I'm the host for trivia night at FS1. And while I won't speak about the management, food or service (though our assigned bartender/server Jill on Tuesdays is fantastic). we do have a lot of fun on Tuesday nights. When you strolled by a local company was doing a holiday party and there were some sportsball games on (hockey I think).

Anyways, Would always love for more people to come out, win some prizes and have a good time.

JAY said...

Looks good. Where in SS is it? I'm a fan of the Butcher Block in Alexandria and it is nice to have someplace like that in SS.

Bill Gwynn said...

Does anyone know the story with the Golden Flame? It appears to be closed... for good.

Anonymous said... sounds like it closed (wasn't the story the Pedro was going to buy it from the retiring owner...and then the owner backed out/wanted to remain open? Maybe he changed his mind again). I'd recommend bringing it up to Silver Spring Independent - he actually looks into stuff. On a related note, why has SS,S removed the ticker showing updates on other SS blogs? I usually come here - not because I expect it to be updated very often, but because it was easy to scan for updates on the other blogs, too. Oh well, My Line is Red has it on their site so I guess I'll start checking there.

Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to eat at Urban Butcher last night. The place is undoubtedly different than any place I've ever been. A young, urban, white crowd. Very comfortable feel and vibe in there. If you like tasting a lot of different foods you'll be happy. It looks cheap on the menu, but it starts to add up.

The cheeses were great. I liked the sausages, Chinese ribs, and some ham/salami mix. The thing that will get me back there is there were a lot of things I'd like to try. Good for dinner. Good to stop by, have a drink, and a snack.
They only take reservations for large parties. I'm not sure if they take call-ahead, but they're going to need it. The place was pretty crowded for a Tuesday night.

Perry said...

Unrelated news, but on the Petrie Ross website, they have a link to their Tenant Criteria Manual for Ellsworth Place (dated 1/10/14). A lot of technical stuff, but if anyone is interested, on pages 26-28, you can see Michaels arts and crafts will take over Level 1 (aka Galaxy Billiards), Old Navy in Level 3, and Ross Stores in the old Golds Gym space.

Anonymous said...

Nice find, Perry. It also mentions "Revolutions Entertainment," which appears to be an upscale bowling alley:

Anonymous said...

This would be a MASSIVE improvement. Revolutions looks real nice. The exterior improvements can't be discounted, either. Hopefully we're 6 months out from the start of construction and not 2+ years out.

Anonymous said...

Per their facebook, BurgerFi is supposed to open on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that - DTSS's twitter said earlier today that BurgerFi will be opening on friday (24th).

Perry said...

It's funny that Revolutions opened up a location at City Florida.

Anonymous said...

Don't get to excited guys. As long as Petrie owns City Place you are only going to get 2nd and 3rd tier stores at best like Marshals and Ross and Burlington. He was the owner years ago of cheap dress stores like Mary Ann and Dianna shops.

Anonymous said... the new anchors of Old Navy/Michael's/Ross 2nd tier all you want, but it's still a massive improvement and they're actually useful stores for the vast majority of people. I'm fine with Friendship Heights keeping their Lord & Taylor and handful of old lady customers to themselves.

Revolutions is going to be awesome. I hope it's a good place to catch a game, too (looks from the pics like other locations are).

Justafed said...

Okay, so the tenants that Petrie-Ross have signed up (Ross, Old Navy, Revolutions) all seem to fit the mold of places that can use/need a lot of floor space but do not need a Bethesda-level income demographic. Now, that is not to say that higher end places would never come to DTSS, but would you really expect them to locate to City Place Mall? They are a step up from many of the current tenants, and I think they now do stand a chance of attracting other retailers who know that there is money to be made in the sub-luxe end of the market.

Anonymous said...

I will be dining at Burgerfi this evening. It is now open for business.

Nothing like watching a place get built for 4 months to get your taste buds ready.

Anonymous said...

"I'm fine with Friendship Heights keeping their Lord & Taylor and handful of old lady customers to themselves."

Have you even been to friendship heights? do you even know where it is?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a reading comprehension problem? The comment is about upscale anchors, obviously.

Anonymous said...

BurgerFi sounds yummy. Personally, I'm not into fast food and will stick with the GREAT burgers out of QHouse, Ray's, Scion, and 8407, but I'm sure others will enjoy this new place. Hopefully this means Peterson won't re-up Fuddruckers and something better will move in there.

Anonymous said...

Albert Haynesworth was at the BurgerFi grand opening yesterday. Anyone know if he's the owner? Google says he's definitely owner of one in Knoxville.

Anonymous said...

Anyone getting excited about City Place or those tenants is a complete apologist or delusional.

Take a wait and see approach. Maybe it will improve, but probably not. History shows that City Place is unlikely to improve (especially under Petrie Ross who doesn't really seem to have a GOOD plan)

Anonymous said...

Also in regards to Haynesworth:,17856/

Anonymous said...

"Do you have a reading comprehension problem? The comment is about upscale anchors, obviously."

I think his comment was about the Old Lady's part. Doesn't seem to be many old ladies in Friendship. Does seem to be an awful lot of hipsters though....way to many hipsters in fact.

Gull said...

"Doesn't seem to be many old ladies in Friendship."

Except all the controversy the plan to add one little playground to an existing public park in Friendship Heights has caused by a group of older people!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gull, I know you might be new here, but if you follow this blog, you may recall a while back a bunch of old lady's(ok, it was just old people) complaining and holding up development here in Silver Spring.

To be honest, Id rather deal with the old lady's in Friendship heights, than the old lady's in SS. At least in Friendship there is actually other stuff to do.

Anonymous said...

So odd. Misspelling "lady's" every 3rd word (seriously, steve, take 2nd grade again, please) is bad enough, but saying there's more to do in Friendship Heights than dTSS is just plain cuckoo.

Discovery said...

@Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:56:00 PM

I work at Discovery and live in DTSS as well and our lunch group eats out a lot versus bringing. Usual haunts are Sweetgreen, Masa, second Greek place (further down GA Ave - $5 Wednesday gyros noms), Petes, etc. We loved Sabroso also (miss that place), so hoping the new sushi place works out for lunch.

"Special" occasions: Olazzo, Sergios (both take longer than an hour usually), 8407 (kinda heavy for lunch, queue food coma).

We happy hour around here a lot also - McGintys (cheap/easy/large space) and 8407 (great food and wine, not as cheap).

Easley St said...

Do people check their recycle bins to make sure it is theirs? We've gone through 4 in the past year... I assume they blow up the street and people aren't stealing them, but no one has returned ours :(

Anonymous said...

@Easley -- Use a sharpie and put your address in multiple places in big handwriting on the bins. Mine stopped disappearing after I did that.

Easley St said...

@Tuesday, January 28, 2014 8:27:00 PM

We've done that with the last two, maybe people on Easley just love hoarding recycling bins? :( Thanks though!

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