Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- The Pacers running store on Fenton has closed. The fact that a City Sports opened just a block away couldn't have been good for business. Plus, in the era of sites like Zappos I wouldn't put too much stock in the long term prospects of athletic shoe stores. I don't know what the primary factor in Pacer's closure was, but it's not as if there aren't plenty of joggers around here.

- My Line is Red has a Q&A with one of the owners of of Citizens Brewing Company. In it, the location at 1115 East-West Highway is described as 'ideal'. Let's hope that's the case.

- One place with a less-than-ideal location is Taqueria Distrito Federal, and a commenter in a previous post noted that this space is currently for sale. Hopefully this isn't the end of TDF in Silver Spring. While not perfect, I've eaten there a number of times and have had some decent meals. They are also really good with kids, always offering a complimentary plate of chicken, rice and beans. I'd be a little bummed if they left, but that location is a killer. On paper it's in a good spot, being just a block from DTSS with a large garage located across the street, however it's not particularly visible to passing cars. I've noticed they've recently put up signage in every window in an attempt attract attention.

There's been times I've gone during lunch hour and there were no other customers the entire time I was there, so it wouldn't surprise me if business was too slow to sustain that location.

UPDATE: Per a commenter who spoke with the owner, TDF is not planning to close. I have no idea what this real estate listing is all about, then. There's no other restaurant at that address, and it's very similar to the one posted last year after Skew Works left.

- There's a new Pho place opening on Colesville next to the county liquor store.

Thanks to Mr. C for the photo.

- The Post has plenty of details on Urban Butcher, scheduled to open next month on Georgia Avenue.

- A woman killed herself by standing in front of an oncoming train at the Silver Spring station on Saturday.

- People are unhappy that the lone post office servicing a major commercial and residential area is located at the end of a crappy strip mall outside of downtown? You don't say.

- I was recently in a Silver Spring business (which shall remain nameless) and noticed it had an entire wall of counterfeit designer handbags for sale. The bags even still had price tags in Chinese. I guess Silver Spring is still wild west enough to openly commit IP infringement. (And it wasn't in City Place, either. I just take it for granted that this type of thing accounts for half the revenue in there.)

- And while no one would any reason to remember this, years ago I posted that I really liked the street lamps outside the First Baptist Church. Well, one is now in my garage. Thanks, FBC!


Anonymous said...

"the location at 1115 East-West Highway is described as 'ideal'. Let's hope that's the case."

It is ideal for a brewery/bar. But the people who live in the area can't be lazy fat idiots who refuse to walk 5 minutes from the metro/FREE (after 7 and on weekends) parking lots. I'm afraid my fellow Silver Spring residents may be too lazy to do this, but they should be quite capable of doing so as long as the bar serves good food and alcohol.

Yada said...

Hoping the brewery can last longer than a year or two... I am concerned they're trying to do a bit too much. Why not just focus on making a handful of really quality brews vs. brewing every style imaginable?

Gull said...

I just posted this in the other feed about the brewpub, but in short, i'm not convinced there is an intention to serve food here, just beer and drinks. I base this on piecing together a series of articles over the past few months, that i'm too lazy to find right now, that had the owner of Citizens saying to the Nighttime Economy Taskforce that the wanted to open up a brewpub that didn't have to serve food, as a push for change to the liquor laws. I support changing the laws to relax the hard 50% line on food, but personally i'd probably not go somewhere that didn't offer food (chips and nuts don't count). Don't doom yourself from the get go by just being a drinks bar!

G. Money said...

Brewpub without food sounds like a terrible idea.

I'd imagine that the TDF location _might_ improve as a draw somewhat once the new library opens, but from the sound of it TDF may not last that long.

Ariya McGrew said...

I lived on East-West Highway, within just a few steps of Babes/Fajita Coast, for four years. My neighbors and I visited Fajita Coast a lot and it was always busy....during the warm months. When winter hit, not a lot of people were up for drinking margaritas on the patio. Hopefully, the new place will factor that into their business plan.

Anonymous said...

Read the Q&A on My Line Is Red. They definitely plan on offering a full menu.

RoseAG said...

It's not like parking at the old Post Office location was all that plentiful.
I can appreciate that if you work in downtown Silver Spring that the new Post Office is outside the limits of a quick lunchtime walk, but since I always go to the Post Office in my car I'm happy with the new location.
There is parking there and that stretch of 16th street isn't too bad for getting in and out.

wombat said...

Maybe this was already mentioned somewhere and I missed it, but there's going to be a new sushi place on Colesville.

Anonymous said...

It's remarkable how many new places are opening up.

Anonymous said...

The new post office location is literally just around the corner from the old post office location. Seriously, it's just over 400 yards away according to Google Pedometer. Are we that lazy?

Anonymous said...

It's remarkable how many old places are closing down

Sligo said...

Re: "The new post office location is literally just around the corner from the old post office location. Seriously, it's just over 400 yards away according to Google Pedometer. Are we that lazy?"

The old post office was already out of the way. There used to be a more central one on Colesville Rd. that they also closed down. It has nothing to do with laziness. If you live, work or have a business in dTSS and need to quickly ship something or access your PO Box, then having the post office way out at the edge of town is inconvenient. If you have larger boxes to ship, then you'll also need to use your car. I think they've done the same thing in Bethesda, though the new post office there may be slightly more accessible.

wombat said...

Maybe I shouldn't say this (and potentially make the lines longer) but now I go to the post office in downtown Takoma Park. If I'm going to have to drive anyway, the nearby shopping and dining is more appealing and it's more likely I can usefully multitask.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the Taquieria says they are not closing and he has no idea about a for sale listing.

Sligo said...

Thanks for checking. I've updated the post with that information, but it still doesn't explain why it's up for sale on a commercial real estate site, unless it's a mistake.

Anonymous said...

As a runner, it's a shame Pacers closed. They were great in pointing out shoes that would work for my stride and giving advice on apparel, as well as a great community hub for runners, with their group runs some evenings. I loved their chalkboard with local races. Guess I'll be going to VA for my running needs now.

Anonymous said...

Really hoping the brewpub works out. Babe's was terrible. My wife and I went during the NCAA Tournament and it was dead, when most sports bars should be packed with people watching the games. And it still took forever to get burgers and beer. Never went to Fajita Coast in that location. We bought a house in the Four Corners area just as they moved (damn them!) Luckily their replacement, Red Maple is excellent.

Justafed said...

So I understand the irritation of having the post office in a bad location, but let's face it: this is destined to be only a temporary issue. In that they are all going away sooner rather than later.

The Bethesda post office situation has always been odd. The old one they closed down really could only be reasonably considered a walk-up, so at least it was central. The replacement for it is truly awkward: not close enough to the center of the CBD to walk easily, but not really blessed with parking, either.

Now, a more serious concern about downtown Bethesda is the point that it is becoming alarmingly overbuilt (except maybe for condos; demand for that seems strong). Lots of vacant office space, and lots of vacant retail space except for the blocks bounded by Bethesda Row, Arlington, Woodmont, and Elm.

Gull said...

@ Justafed

Granted this is better saved for a Bethesda Blog, but almost all of the new construction ongoing in Bethesda right now, or planned for the near future, except for one building, is residential. Having a couple thousand additional housing units changes dynamics, as we've all seen in Silver Spring. Also, for what its worth, the latest quarter reporting of office vacancy rates in Bethesda is about 9%, which is the lowest vacancy rate in Montgomery County and one of the lowest in the region. The office market is as close to dead as it can be right now, so the fact that new buildings are still being built in parts of DC and NOVA is mind boggling because they either don't have tennants, or they're just stealing tennants from down the street, driving up overall vacancy rates.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to mention that monstrosity that has taken over the beloved fountain? I really didn't think anything could be worse than the fountain, but I was wrong.

Sligo said...

What is it? I haven't been up there in a few days.

Anonymous said...

I just emailed you some pictures. I believe it's a holiday tree but it's made of like toys and sleds and you really need to see it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:07 - you are right, that is beyond hideous. Who is responsible for that travesty?

Anonymous said...

When Pacers first opened the staff was professional and knowledgeable and really helpful. The last time I went there (must have been 2011), the person working there was a rude little turd. I've never been back, and I'm not surprised they didn't last.

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