Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love Triangle Leads to Stabbing Death at the Blairs

Early Sunday morning, an altercation between two high school friends at the Blairs left one dead and the other charged with murder. Mark Waugh, a Georgetown law student, was allegedly stabbed to death by his friend Rahul Gupta, reportedly after Gupta walked in on Waugh with his girlfriend. There's no need for me to rehash the entire case, as you can read all the sordid details here and here.
On a side note, this sentence in the Post article stood out to me (emphasis mine):

The case began for police at 3:25 a.m. Sunday, when they were summoned for a report of unknown trouble inside an apartment in the high-rise in Silver Spring’s revitalized downtown.

I find the authors' need to qualify downtown Silver Spring as "revitalized" in this context somewhat strange. Is the implication that, based on common misconceptions of Silver Spring, readers might expect violent crime to be commonplace? Are they assuring them that "no, no, it's really not the 'hood anymore"? I await the day when Silver Spring finally get to shed this qualifier - the "revitalization" has been going on for more than a decade now. Of course, in the same article they used the phrase "bloody stabbing", so it wasn't the only superfluous adjective to be found.

Separately, the Daily Mail managed to make this double blunder when referring to Silver Spring. One half is expected, the other one may be a first.

Thanks to MV for the heads up on the Daily Mail article.


Anonymous said...

If you are honest with yourself you'll probably find some of this same sentiment.

When I go outside of Silver Spring, most people *I* have encountered still have an incorrect impression of Silver Spring downtown as low rent, grimy, full of crime and violence.

Sligo said...

And they call it "Silver Springs".

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Silver Spring transitioned from "revitalizing" to "revitalized" a few years back, in the media's descriptions.

Daily Mail has no excuse, though both of the men involved actually were from Virginia so I imagine a poor assumption was made during the write-up.

Anonymous said...

This is the last straw. It is way past time we did something about all these undesirable medical students from NOVA--coming up here on Metro, roaming around in packs with Georgetown Law students (before stabbing them, at least) intimidating all the good people of DTSS.

No doubt a lot of you bleeding hearts will just call me NOVAist or medical studentist, for pointing out THE FACTS.

Anonymous said...

Another error, he probably isn't a 'best friend' if he is with Gupta's girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

He forfeited his best friend card when he violated the sacred "Bros Before Hos" rule.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair here. This (the cheating) is simply what Gupta is alleging, which is what I ALWAYS allege when I've been caught stabbing someone to death. There are a number of inconsistencies to his story, and large amounts of alcohol were involved.

Anonymous said...

I know, let's BAN KNIVES.

Or ban law students. Or ban foreign roomates living together.

Nice sarcasm by anon bad he missed the point that this kind of thing really doesnt happen often so no one is going to make sweeping generalizations about it. nice try.

Sligo said...

As good as the original mistake are the incorrect corrections in the comments:

"DM I do believe you are wrong again in saying this happened in Virginia. Silver Springs is a city in Montgomery County in Maryland."

Anonymous said...

.to bad he missed the point that this kind of thing really doesnt happen often so no one is going to make sweeping generalizations about it.

Too bad you missed the point that this never stops certain posters here from making sweeping generalizations.

Anonymous said...

No, I got that point. The sweeping generalizations are usually in response to multiple incidences or things that are more commonplace that this one incident. So no, I got your point, it was just whiny and incorrect.

Anonymous said...

So no, I got your point, it was just whiny and incorrect.

Remind me again how many murders in DTSS have happened this year that were carried out by the menacing PG teen hoards that everyone is always complaining about here.

And lets look at the thread involving the last murder in DTSS.

Of course, the actual murderer was a 35 year old woman, but the conversation immediately turned to all the black youth in DTSS. have one group that has committed exactly zero of the murders here in the past 4 or so years constantly getting maligned by posters here and apparently think it is okey dokey and yet you take umbrage when someone mockingly attacks a group that actually has committed a murder?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure they mock that group for thefts and petty crimes. I can't recall any claims of rampant murders carried about by teens in DTSS. But again you may be remembering something different.

Anonymous said...

Not long ago I was at the Bethesda Blues and jazz club for a show. We were seated at a table with an older couple. When making polite chit chat we mentioned we lived in Silver Spring. The couple looked shocked and asked how did we lived in a such a place.
'What do you mean", we asked.
"Well its such a dangerous place" they replied.
Now I am pretty sure that dissing your table mates 'hood is frowned upon by Miss Manners.
We politely replied that we have never felt Silver Spring was in the least bit "dangerous" and have lived here for over 10 years. Tts a great place to live.

The couple was from N. Chevy Chase and must have left their manners with the valet parking attendant.

Oh, and the show was great. Wish Filmore would have more jazz.

Anonymous said...

Indian guy here (I have to put this disclaimer before the sensitive folks claim racism)....

but did anyone else read this story as Kumar got mad and finally killed Harold?

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