Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Not technically Silver Spring, but might as well be: Harris Teeter is going to open a location on the ground floor of a new development planned for the intersection of Georgia and Eastern, just across the border in DC. The store is tentatively scheduled to open in Fall of 2016, which seems a long way off, but when you take into account the pace things happen around here, that can be considered 'soon'. Remember when we were hearing about the Harris Teeter that was going to be part of the Falkland Chase development? That was 2008, and that project still hasn't broken ground. I think it's safe to assume now that it will ultimately not include a Harris Teeter.

- According to Twitter, Scion Restaurant's Silver Spring location opens today at 5.

- Not open yet, but hopefully soon: Pete's New Haven Pizza. They've already installed their six pizza ovens.

If you join their email list, you have the chance of being invited to their 'practice run' before they open to the public.

- I don't know exactly when they made the update, but Google has recently refreshed their Street View imagery for Silver Spring. I believe the actual photos may have been taken last summer. You can now use it to see the Transit Center prior to Foulger-Pratt taking down their corporate banner in shame. (Just kidding - they clearly have no shame.)

- If you can stomach reading even more about the Transit Center, here's another extensive article on this CF from the Post.

- Perhaps having to repeatedly stop and look at this depressing and lifeless Transit Center on a daily basis was what drove this poor Metro car to commit suicide by self-immolation last week.
Thanks to BG for the pic.

It's certainly not the first suicidal/homicidal transit vehicle in Silver Spring.


Anonymous said...

Pete's website says "We're getting crazy close to finishing up at Silver Spring, with a projected opening date of late May or early June. Who knows how the last few weeks are going to go, with finalizing the paperwork with the county and all that. But we're looking at a matter of weeks. Whew. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe."

Scion should be awesome. I probably won't use much as a restaurant(so boring compared to all of DTSS's options), but I expect to drink many a craft beer at the place for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Went to Scion last night... great food, bartenders, and selection of beers. I urge everyone near East West to head there. Let's not let this one close.

Anonymous said...

Another loss for Mntgomery County with Harris Teeter. I have to think a big part of their thinking was the ability to see booze if only just right over the DC line. Our alcohol laws are absurd.

Anonymous said...

can't wait till Pete's opens. Silver Spring ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Alcohol, generally speaking, does not have a very good profit margin compared to other items in the store. At the same time, yes, it might ending up bringing more people through the doors and, thus, increasing sales.

I like Harris Teeter and would be happy to see it anywhere in the vicinity. It's a similar distance for me to the new proposed spot as the one proposed where the Faulkands are. But, I'd rather spend my money in Montgomery than DC. Not to mention I will have to pay a food tax in DC I'd otherwise not have to pay here.

Gull said...

I don't think Harris Teeter picked DC over Silver Spring over alcohol. Those stores are good at getting companion beer/wine stores to open next door in MD for this very reason. The real issue is the Faulklands is the only large redevelopment/infill site west of Colesville Rd left in Silver Spring by my account that could hold a grocery store, and there are already enough grocery stores east of Colesville in SS. Because of the new ownership, The Faulklands are not ready to redevelop sadly. That location at Eastern and Georgia is probably going to have a bit more of a pull of residents from DC coming up the Georgia Ave bus lines, and will probably only minimally pull clients out of Maryland, although it probably does make it unlikely grocery will be part of the Faulkland redevelopment when it does happen (what regional chain is really left? Maybe it's time to get the Trader Joes petitions back out). As someone who lives west of Colesville, I am a bit disappointed because there is no grocery store, or drug store, on my way home except the Rite Aid which I don't like (though will likely be removed as part of the Purple Line).

Anonymous said...

They are likely thinking about the Walter Reed redevelopment also. But if the DC street car line planned for Georgia ends up going to it's natural terminus at Silver Spring rather than Takoma, then it won't really matter. One good of the Harris Teeter's new location is that it will continue to pull Silver Spring's center of gravity further south towards Fenton Village.

Anonymous said...

Went to Scion -- it was great!! I worry a bit about the location; it's hard to find and parking is not obvious. Still, the food was delicious and the service was good.

Anonymous said...

"Alcohol, generally speaking, does not have a very good profit margin compared to other items in the store."

Um, no. All the profit is in selling alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Um, you have no idea what you are talking about. When you take into account the amount of space, refrigeration, and management of selling alcohol it earns quite a bit less profit than other staples in the store. We're not talking about buying a bottle of vodka and selling it an ounce at a time of it in a mixed drink. A case of beer gets marked up much less than a loaf of bread.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure why this isn't getting more attention, but according to JUTP's write-up about the City Place makeover, Galaxy Billiards will be going away, perhaps within the next couple of years!! I guess they're going to use the space to create a new entrance to the mall.

Gull said...

Starbucks looks complete on the inside of the Sheraton Hotel and the store hours were posted on the window this morning, 6a-9p daily. Still not sure when they are actually opening for business however.

Craig said...

If this is true about Galaxy Billiards then I say good riddance. Poor beer selection. Crappy food. The customers are usually the 21-30 single male demographic with possible prison or juvie records. You know the joint is bad news when Montgomery County police have lined up Galaxy customers on the wall along Ellsworth Street more than once. Don't see that outside of McGinty's or Austin Grill.

Anonymous said...

I hate Galaxy in general but its just about the only place that is a sports atmosphere around here.

Also the only place that carries PPVs (UFC and boxing).

Another sports bar hole for SS.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy is awful. I think just about everyone can agree "good riddance". It's not as important as the other positives to come with City Place redevel., but it's certainly a nice sweetener.

Anonymous said...

galaxy leaving?! That's fantastic news! What a dump. I have also seen cops go in, and then come out with a nice lineup. Plus, whenever I walk by there and the crowd is out smoking or loitering at the door, there are cat calls, obnoxious comments, etc. I don't have to deal with that anywhere else in silver spring...other than those wild teens on ellsworth, but they are usually harmless (except for a few instances, but that's beside the point)

Gray said...

Yeah, good riddance to Galaxy, but the larger issue is that MoCo liquor laws are what leave us with places like Galaxy, Piratz and Fire Station One. Slight improvements in liquor laws might make it easier for us to get half-decent bars around here.

Somewhat relatedly, would the development containing HT take out Morris-Miller? That's my go-to place for beer these days, since Fenwick is so ridiculously expensive. M-M has improved their beer selection quite a bit recently, and their prices are relatively low.

Gull said...

Sheraton facebook page said Starbucks grand opening for June 10th, with free giveaways from 3p-5p.

Anonymous said...

Morris Miller pulls alot of customers from S. Silver Spring and East Silver Spring. With the bridge over the tracks at MoCo College its an easy walk. Nice selection of wine at better prices.
M-M is as much part of Silver Spring business district as Fenton Village.
BTW: Great restaurant crawl Sunday at Taste the World in Fenton Village.

Gray said...

Anonymous: I agree. I was just wondering if Morris Miller would remain in the new development, which seems to be going in where it is currently located. I certainly hope so...

royela said...

Sheraton Silver Spring's Facebook says their new Starbucks will now open Monday, June 10. Complimentary tastings will not be held until the "Grand Opening" on June 25th.

Anonymous said...

Went to Scion last night and was super impressed. This place is going to be the belle of the ball in Silver Spring. Location is a bit non-descript, but there are probably 5,000 apartment units within .25 miles of the location so I think it should thrive in that spot. For a Wednesday it had a decent crowd there. They said they’ll be starting lunch in mid July and weekend brunch in late July. Looks like they may be opening some outdoor seating in the near future as well.
I’m pretty proud this place chose Silver Spring as their 2nd location. Food is creative, unique, reasonably priced and delish!

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