Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Restaurant Black Hole Swallows Another Victim

First it was Gallery Restaurant and Lounge in 2010, then Babe's Sports Bar in 2012 and now after less than a year, Fajita Coast has succumbed to the fate of the establishments that came before it at 115 East West Highway.

The restaurant announced on its Facebook page Monday that it would be closing its doors for good.

Fajita Coast, which survived for a relatively long time in restaurant years at its original location in Four Corners, was forced to move to this location last year after a reported dispute with its landlord.

The explanation provided for its closure was "difficult economic times", but let's be honest - it's that the location sucks. Granted, their old spot in a small Four Corners shopping strip may not have been ideal either, but at least then it had its own (albeit small) parking lot and was centered in a suburban area that provided it with a steady stream of family business. In the handful of times I patronized their original location, the place always seemed to be full of kids. It probably had trouble retaining its customer base after the move, as residents of Woodmoor and Four Corners might not be inclined to deal with downtown Silver Spring traffic on a weekday evening.

There's plenty of residential units close by on EW Highway, but the solution for attracting nearly residents to that space on a consistent basis has yet to be discovered. Clearly a family dining establishment or a sports bar isn't it. No doubt a new tenant will be found who will be willing to make a go of it, and it will be interesting to see how their plans pan out. History just isn't on their side.

I do feel bad for Fajita Coast, as they probably didn't deserve to fail perhaps as much as their predecessors may have.


Anonymous said...

The area on the side of Georgia ave is trashy and looks cheap. There is a new condo/apartment buidling there, maybe that will help.

I think that the building itself needs to be torn down and a new one that makes sense with ample parking.

Only then will a Sports bar or a restaurant thrive there.

one thing: please dont build more housing there. Enough already.

Yada said...

Terrible news... I love(d) that place in both locations but it was a terrible idea for them to move to that location.

Anyone have their salsa recipe????

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed, was a great place in 4 Corners, that became a so-so place (their service staff seemed totally overwhelmed at the new location) with an awesome sandbox in nice weather. I always wondered how they'd do in the wintertime.

Also, they had no lunch specials, or any sort of advertising to take advantage of the office buildings on E-W Hwy, and most of the NOAA & Discovery types aren't spending $17 for an entree at lunch.

Anonymous said...

I ate there once and it was absolutely terrible so I'm not too surprised or saddened by this. My plate was basically a huge puddle of grease. There was so much cheese and grease that my tortillas disintegrated.

Craig said...

The graveyard for Gallery, Babes and now Fajita Coast. If I am the landlord, I should advertise for a commercial business that sells widgets or provides plumbing & heating service. Restaurants, nightclubs and bars cannot survive in that location.

The space once leased by Mayorga is still vacant. Unbelievable. It has been something like three years now and not one restaurant or retailer has moved in. That area of East-West Hwy. and Georgia Ave. is a dead zone. Not even nearby completed apartment and condo projects can save neighborhood businesses.

Anonymous said...

I did eat there once, as the person at 1:53 said, the food was not great, just ok, and the margarita we had was most certainly a mix, again not good, but ok.

The location is trying to be a destination with the outdoor areas and the pedestrian connection to Georgia Ave, but it's at the bottom end of the CBD and all the redevelopment, and I don't think people even know there is anything down there, and having office uses in the rest of the buildings there is also not helping bring people down.

Ideally the Church, NTD Tire place, the Honda dealer, and the RAYCO buildings will be the next to redevelop, actually casting eyes on that quirky area of retail. Hopefully at least one of the projects is office geared to create some weekday mid-day traffic. I'm a bit worried at the fate of Scion too just up the street, as it will suffer from people not knowing its there who don't live on that small part of EW hwy.

Anonymous said...

one small correction to the article--Fajita Coast's address was 1115 East West Hwy.

Patrick Thornton said...

There was ample parking for Fajita Coast customers, but some suburbanites could not be troubled to park in a garage or on the street. That location will never get ample parking in form of a surface lot, and it would not be a benefit to the area to do such a thing.

The reality is that building sucks, and the location isn't very good either due to some of the issues with Georgia. It's a strange two-story building with a small upstairs and a large downstairs. The building should probably be broken up into two separate rentals; perhaps a coffee shop on top and office space on bottom to go with the rest of the offices around it.

That strip does have a thriving creative community, and maybe the short-term solution is to convert that building into office space or artist space. Long-term, that strip will probably get rebuilt into something denser. The Fajita Coast building in particular is just so hard that I'm not sure anyone would want to spend the money to redo it without just building a bigger building.

South Silver Spring is getting more residents, but I'd hardly say that location has plenty of people around it to support it on foot. The train tracks really limit the amount of people from Downtown Silver Spring and East Silver Spring who would walk to that location, especially with the rundown nature and terrible traffic on that part of Georgia. The people in Shepherd Park are largely not walkers.

For more retail to survive West of the tracks, we do need more housing, particularly of people who walk to neighborhood stores and restaurants. We simply need more people willing to walk places, and that critical mass is just starting. With this kind of density in DC, a restaurant would do better, but we have residents of our community who drive all over Silver Spring instead of walking.

The mindset of South Silver Spring being an urban area where people walk to amenities is still being built, and many of the residents who live there just want a place inside the beltway that doesn't have a yard. There is certainly a mass of young people looking for an urban experience and older residents who like to walk places, but don't let the buildings food you, many people in South Silver Spring don't walk to restaurants. Part of that can be a mindset change, and part of it will be turnover where people who want an urban experience will begin to move in.

If someone wants to build a restaurant on East-West in the future, they would be much better choosing either one of the buildings closer to the Metro and farther from Georgia. I don't think the Fajita Coast building can work as a restaurant with the current state of the area.

Patrick Thornton said...

Scion will be right across the street from Ikko, which does a good lunch crowd with the NOAA workers and other office workers in the area. I don't worry about them. It will also generate more traffic from South Silver Spring and from people riding the metro to come here.

But you're right that most people don't even know that there is a restaurant where Fajita Coast is. There is no other retail connected to it, and it was not the kind of place that was going to attract a big lunch crowd from the creative agencies in the buildings around it. I liked Fajita Coast, but I'm not sure that mixing a Mexican restaurant aimed at families with small kids is a great combination for a block filled with creative agencies with young people. How there isn't a decent coffee shop around there I have no idea.

Until the retail closer to the metro fills in, I'm not sure how farther out retail will succeed. Developing more of of East-West will certainly make it easier to support more businesses along East-West as well, and maybe that with a combo of the The Veridian and 1200 East-West filling their retail in will make the Fajita Coast building finally work.

Anonymous said...

And there were at least two nightclubs there before Gallery, one was called Izora that lasted about a year, and I forget the name of the previous one.

Anonymous said...



They only claimed they closed cause of a death in the family. Let's try again.

Yada said...

All we need is 8407 Kitchen Bar to go out of business.

Pretty depressing how much DTSS blows. The mall area is chain store/PG County transplant disaster.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see Fajita go. It wasn't the best food, but was definitely decent. I think we do have a car culture in downtown Silver Spring and it won't change quickly. Part of that is a laziness problem, but it's also the horrible train tracks that make you walk 10 minutes out of your way just to get to a business on Georgia.

A sports bar is badly needed and would work if done the right way. If Crystal city can support a sports bar then Silver Spring should be able to. Frustrating. Where do all of the people living on East West eat/drink? I am one of those and go to local businesses all of the time. Apparently others do not.

Clancy said...

Crud. We liked going because the food was okay and the giant sandbox was an excellent distraction for our daughter. It was very convenient having such a kid-friendly place in SS.

Anonymous said...

The building flat out isn't built to support a restaurant/bar. It's just not. Turn it retail and be done with it.

"I think we do have a car culture in downtown Silver Spring and it won't change quickly."

I don't think that was the issue at all. Plenty of places in Fenton Village are way less accessible to easy parking and do very well.

Half the problem is the individual building and half the problem - for west of the tracks - is that east of the tracks has had an 80 year head start on creating a critical mass of retail/restaurants.

Ken Cho said...

I live next door to that location and went to Fajita Coast a few times after it opened up there. Food was OK and there were a lot of families there when the weather was nice so I could see the attraction there. But the building itself is weird.. if you walk into the upstairs section, no one tells you otherwise to maybe go downstairs... so you're sitting there in this awkward small indoor seating area that gets bad/no attention.

Something could survive there... I mean I walk past it all the time to go to other eateries like Lotus Cafe and Pacci's. But I agree, the existing space is too weird for a single restaurant business to survive there.

Anonymous said...

And apparently another chunk of the issue is the quality of the restaurant. I, too, count myself as someone who didn't enjoy my 1 visit anywhere near enough to return and pay the seemingly overpriced entrees. Granted, I live in east silver spring and would have to pass 50 restaurants I like better to get to this location.

In other (food?) news, the empty space next to Subway along Wayne is seemingly being built out for something. I'd assume a lunch place. I can't imagine what else would be interested in that building's basement next to a smelly Subway.

Anonymous said...

I visited this Fajita Coast location once and didn't feel the food lived up to the price. The margarita was also much more sugary than other ones I've had. Maybe it was just a bad day, but I never went back...

I live on that E-W strip and often go to the restaurants on Georgia Ave. However, if I'm dining nicer than fast casual, I'm probably hopping on Metro and going into town. This is especially true on weekends when I can make an afternoon/evening/night of dining + a show/art gallery/sporting event.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with subway hater

Anonymous said...

"Nothing wrong with subway hater"

Did I say there was something wrong? I don't think I've ever eaten at a Subway in my life (maybe in college, I guess. Being poor sucked.), but anyone with a nose knows it smells and makes the whole area around it smell.

Dave B said...

Both Fajita Coast and Babe's suffered from poor/cheap execution. The old Babe's in Tenleytown was a strong business. They had decent food, cheap beer, and lots of pool tables. Parking was an issue there too. They had a tiny garage below the building and street parking only until they closed. The new Babe's was missing something. It didn't have any of the comfortable grimy local atmosphere. The decor was cheap, the staff was never quite comfortable, and there was not much marketing to speak of.

Fajita Coast was even worse. They took out all the pool tables and replaced them with enough dining tables to look like a cafeteria. It was not inviting, the food was ok but no better than Mi Rancho, the staff were uncomfortable, and there was zero marketing that I saw.

There is a parking garage at the Veridian. The parking excuse is old and worn out. The building and surrounding development I think is full of potential. Could you imagine if all those locations on the off-street brick walk were nice restaurants? And look at Crisfield's Seafood. Here you have a steadfast success with great food, a local feel, competent staff, and an odd little location. I think "if you cook it right, they will come". We just need some innovation.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as another customer who went once and didn't go back. The food was really, really mediocre for the price. I'm not surprised it couldn't survive.

Mr.Wang said...

I feel sorry for them, when they were in Four Corners it was actually a decent place. They really went downhill after the move.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Fajita Coast, was good not great, but the problem is just as the first poster suggested. It's a trashy area that not many people want to venture near.

Maybe with the new housing it'll bring it decent people, but odds are they will be the either the wrong clientel, or hipsters who wouldn't be caught dead in a "corporate looking establishment" unless its Whole Foods.

They need to raze that entire area and start fresh with some better designed development.

Btw, did anyone else notice the 16th ethiopian place open next to world building? maybe they'll build another crappy ethiopian place there.

Anonymous said...

It's all about location, and that's one of the worst in the area. I'm amazed they keep trying, that place is a black whole. The best thing to do is pop another apartment building there. Still looking forward to La Madelaine and Pets's New Haven Pizza.

Anonymous said...

A Trader Joe's would be perfect in that spot.

Clancy said...

Anon @ 6:14:00, good idea, but the parking lot might be a little too big for Trader Joe's.

Betsy22 said...

I live in downtown SS and would love a good sports bar, but the parking and the railroad tracks really are an impediment. I strongly prefer to walk, but I’d be a bit leery going under the railroad tracks to walk home alone late at night (after a football game, for example). Alternatively, I could walk all the way back to the metro and walk back up Colesville, but that’s adding a half mile onto the walk – it’s just a hassle, and the food/atmosphere never made it worthwhile.

I agree with Patrick above that they should just split it out into 2 locations since the upstairs always felt weird and kind of chilly – both in the Fajita coast and babe’s incarnations. I guess the problem with that idea is that the larger downstairs space wouldn’t have any streetfrontage. Sigh – I don’t know. Maybe rip it down and start over? Try to rent it out as artist or commercial space?

betsy22 said...

Dave B - I agree that there is parking nearby, but I don't think that everyone is aware of the Veridian parking option...I only recently found out about that, and I work at NOAA!

Anonymous said...

I wish a sports bar would go into the Veridian where there is retail space. there are now 5-7 or so condo/apartment buildings on that stretch of East-West. There are two FREE (after 7pm and all the time on the weekend) county garages 2 minutes away. Heck I'd take a green turtle or whatever. Anything to be able to grab beer, burger and watch a game.

Ken Cho said...

Correct, there is a public garage half a block away from the Fajita Coast location on Kennett St... but they don't do a great job of letting people know about it because I've been at the Veridian for two years now and only discovered the parking garage last month.

I don't think the location is bad because I walk PAST it to get to other places I want to go to. I tried out FC because it was right next door but the food was so so for the price and the weird building really is a turn off.

Dunno how well it's doing but Moreenko's Ice Cream in that same complex seems to do quite well during the non-winter months and people are willing to walk there.

I'm assuming that retail space in the Veridian and 1200 East West remain vacant because they want way too much for leases.

muah said...

Fajita Coast was great and I am sad to see it go. The outdoor space was great with the sand for the kids. I admit we haven't gone this winter and maybe that was part of the problem. It was a summer place. In the winter we don't want to walk there and the parking isn't that close. I think the food was good. The specials had some authentic stuff that I really enjoyed. I am really sorry to see this go. In the end I think that location really is the problem.

Anonymous said...

How many more sports bars does this town need? Everyone here keeps complaining we need a sports bar, just about every bar in DTSS has several TV's constantly tuned to ESPN and or ESPN 2, etc... What I want to know is why does every bar play such crappy music (exceptions Quarry house & Sidebar).

Anonymous said...

Um...yeah Foulger_Pratt is now blaming the transit center delays on Montgomery County? Really?

Anonymous said...

Um...yeah Foulger_Pratt is now blaming the transit center delays on Montgomery County? Really?

Having perused the claim, I think FP is obviously way overstating the case in an attempt to cover themselves and deny any culpability.

That said...I have zero problem believing the gist of the claim-- that the Keystone Kounsil over there in Rockville has been absolutely incompetent in pushing this thing forward as expeditiously as possible. It took then what--a year?--simply to make the entirely simple decision to hire an outside engineering firm to review the issues and make recommendations?

I will never--ever--vote for a current incumbent to that Council.

Anonymous said...

There are no Sports bars in SS and playing ESPN on mute on a tiny side screen doesnt count.

And quarry house plays shit hipster music live. The jukebox is fine but doesnt have any variety.

when exactly does sidebar play any music at all?

Anonymous said...

There are no Sports bars in SS and playing ESPN on mute on a tiny side screen doesnt count.

And quarry house plays shit hipster music live. The jukebox is fine but doesnt have any variety.

when exactly does sidebar play any music at all?

Anonymous said...

also love the hippies on this blog quick to blame foulger pratt. yeah they could be the problem but read the article you linked: the county wont even meet with them.

Didnt the county promise to have their re-engineering survey and recommendations done by now? of course they havent met that deadline.

but lets never blame our county government.

Anonymous said...

also love the hippies on this blog quick to blame foulger pratt. yeah they could be the problem but read the article you linked: the county wont even meet with them.

What an unnecessarily hostile comment based on one alleged "hippie" comment. Do you think by throwing out such hyperbole you make yourself either wittier or more intelligent?

Fact is, the article wasn't trying to determine the truth of the matter. I was simply reporting what FP is alleging is occurring with the County. Maybe some people are willing to swallow whole what FP is offering, but I'd think a wee bit of healthy skepticism is regard to what BOTH sides are saying. I've no doubt the truth is that both could have performed a whole lot better.

Anonymous said...

where are there sports bars??? we have mcginty's and fire station.....thats it. and they are barely bars. we have 9 yea count em 9(not an exageration) ethiopian places, but 2 bars.

Jackie's....not a bar more like an expensive hipster hang out where a "deal" is $9 a beer

side bar....part of jackie's even more useless than jackies. terrible food and no decent drink special

piratz tavern...yea i think we all know the problem there

rays......not a bar

quarry house....a dive. thats it. a dive. not a bar

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I bother checking the comments, sooner or later it's just hijacked by the guy who complains about bars without actually knowing anything about what a good scene looks like.

Quarry House isn't a bar??? It's regularly considering a top 10 bar in all of DC - EVEN THOUGH IT ISN'T EVEN IN DC! That's how good it is.

Sidebar doesn't have drink specials? It also is a bar that's widely considered one of the best in the region and those amazing cocktails are SIX DOLLARS during happy hour! A happy hour that even exists on Saturdays! What a moron - get out more, guy.

We definitely need a sports bar, though. Hopefully not Bethesda/Rockville/Olney garbage like Caddies or Green Turtle, but heck, I'd even take one of those at this point. So disappointed Babe's sucked.

Anonymous said...

QHT is a bar. Just one kind of bar.

Sidebar is the same style of bar.

That's it, the rest of the anon 8:28 list is dead on.

And yet we have commentators whining about how people on here complain about no sports bar because "every place" in Silver Spring has a TV with ESPN on mute.

Anonymous said...

I like how the one anon (9:56)STILL thinks that everyone who doesnt like the bar scene here is the same guy. Sad.

Beyond that, it's obvious the other anon ( 8:28) complaining doesn't know what he's talking about either. QHT and Sidebar are both bars and good ones at that. And the comment on drink specials is wrong too.

Beyond that though: anon at 9:56 (besides thinking everyone who doesnt agree with him is the same person) is dead on about prices and yet says there is a "Good scene" here. Last I checked a "good scene" offers variety and even you seem to admit that there are 2 bars around here that can really be called bars at all.

Some people do like Greene Turtle/Caddies. And that would round out he experience here and bring variety to the scene.

That doesn't make us trolls, even if it does mean we don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Montgomery Co liquor laws make it damn hard for a bar to open here anyway. The typical class B liquor license that allows on premise sale and consumption of Beer, Wine and Liquor states that 50% or more of gross sales MUST come from food, not alcoholic beverages. 50%, think about that. That $20 you spent on a cocktail and a couple of beers needs to be made up by you or someone else who bought an appetizer, entree and dessert, or the establishment will be fined, and after 3 months, lose their liquor license!

It's been on the books for decades, and is part of the long list of rules and regulations that were implemented to make Montgomery Co a place for families and the elderly, but terrible for younger people. I love living here, and want things to keep getting better, but don't expect a bar scene until the liquor laws are changed.

The few places that make it work in Bethesda are very large, and are effectively two establishments, restaurant and bar, sharing one front door, but having two very distinct areas inside. There are not many places big enough to do that in DT SS, all of the small storefronts in Fenton Village would need to be combined to make the minimum food sales.

Anonymous said...

since i keep hearing that reason, how can we enact change? I notice at least on here and people I talk to- that there is interest and that people are getting fed up.

Kick out Ike legget? (he should be removed just for the transit center disaster)?

A grass roots campaign? I'm tired of these throwback laws that are probably religious in nature affecting regular folks and businesses for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to anon 10:46 for not being insulting and for the first time actually explaining why Moco liquor laws adversly affect Silver Spring but not Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

"I like how the one anon (9:56)STILL thinks that everyone who doesnt like the bar scene here is the same guy. Sad."

I like how the one anon (10:13)STILL has no reading comprehension. I very obviously only targeted the one idiot who runs around yelling when he A. appears to know almost nothing about SS and B. wouldn't know a good bar if it smacked him in the face.

I agreed with the other people who complain about the lack of a sports bar, genius. I'd love to see some more establishments that reach the caliber of Sidebar/Quarry House/8407/Society and also help round out the bar/lounge scene. Personally, I find Piratz/McGinty's/Fire Station 1/Galaxy to be lacking and would love to see them up their game or be replaced.

Craig said...

Just how feudal the liquor laws are in Montgomery County?

You can't buy beer and wine in grocery stores.

Is it any wonder why 20-something singles move out of Montgomery County for more liberal liquor laws and fun times in DC or Arlington, VA.

Danielle Meitiv said...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 9:59:00 PM Anonymous said...

"A Trader Joe's would be perfect in that spot."

Amen! Every time my husband and I walk around that area and think about the development (yeah, um, we do that a lot) we always come back to Trader Joe's. It would work on either side of the street.

I agree with the folks who said that the building's layout - in fact the whole area - just sucks for a restaurant. Zero foot traffic and a lot of auto places. We keep wondering when they will finally close (the auto shops) and someone redevelop that whole section.

That said, we thought the food at Fajita Coast was too $$ and medicore a best. (Liked the chips and the sandbox - not enough to go back).

I would love a TJ's in DTSS. This is a walking community - why do we have to schlep all the way past Four Corners.

Final one question - why am I the only person who actually uses their real name and photo on this blog? Seriously, I'm curious.

(Wait I see Ken Cho does too - yeah Ken!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you think 8407 is a bar?

Annon from 10:46 said...

I've contemplated the best way myself to enact change. Surely it will still be an uphill battle, much of the communities inside the Beltway, where arguably we want a vibrant bar scene, are surrounded by neighborhoods of families and older wealthy people, who would fight to keep the law.

My thought is propose something that provides either an outright exemption, or greatly reduces the minimum food sales (in VA, it's $2,000 a month, easy to do on wings and frys), and propose this change to only be within a 1/2 or 1 mile walk of a Metro station. This targets the new law at the urban districts we'd want to be hipper for young people (and pulls in White Flint, Twinbrook, Rockville), and allows us to use the nexus that if people drink too much, transit is available, rather than having to drive.

As for the who, i'd guess we need to start by sending letters/emails to the county council. They would likely have to propose a change through a bill. Start with the one who represents your district, and the at large representatives. I know they had a "happy hour" on Tuesday at Seasons 52 in White Flint to discuss how to make Montgomery County more urban and cooler, I think Hans Riemer and Roger Berliner both showed up and spoke to the gathered people.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it is standard operating in DC and Virginia to require a certain percentage of alcohol sales also be matched with food sales. The laws really aren't any different anywhere in this whole metro area.

Our laws regarding sales in grocery stores, OTOH, are absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Former Fajita Coast Location:
How about this idea:
A miniture golf course upstairs with a casual cafe that would appeal to families on weekends and early evening.
A sports bar downstairs. Late evening the upstairs cafe can convert to a bar and the mini golf can be the latest hipster activity.
Last summer the Building Museum installed a temp min golf course and it was huge hit. You had to get a reservation to play mini golf. The museum is going to bring it back it was so popular.
Make the most of the odd building and less than ideal location. Serve two different demographic groups with overlapping functions. And make sure the sportsbar has satellite so the soccer and cricket matches can be shown too.

Anonymous said...

If only there was a bar in DTSS where we could meet up to discuss how to get the city council to change the laws about bars in DTSS. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

"Wait, you think 8407 is a bar?"

Never been? The first floor is a bar+a lounge in the back. 2nd floor is a large bar that you can actually have a conversation at (as opposed to the commonly packed/loud first floor) as well as the restaurant. Nice space w/a sold beer list. Not long, but nice, rotating, and many local options as well. Cocktails are arguably 2nd best in DTSS as well.

Anonymous said...

I've been, and I think it looks nice. It closes rather early and doesn't really have a bar atmosphere.

This could be the lack of any music. It still feels like a dinner crowd there most nights. And it closes early.

It's almost there, but no, it's not a bar the way i was framing it. It feels a bit more like a hotel bar actually which I guess counts for something.

Anonymous said...

"It still feels like a dinner crowd there most nights."

Yep, it's primarily a restaurant upstairs and downstairs is primarily happy hour-ers during the work week and then happy hour-ers+late night (no, not 2am, you're right) fri/sat. Grabbing some good food upstairs and then hanging out downstairs before moving on either somewhere local or into DC is a nice time. I think I just figured out what I'll be doing tonight.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt FP screwed up this transit center. There is also no doubt that our the council in charge of handling this thing and the county management in general, is incompetent. In the real world (outside of liberal government bureaucrats) this thing would have been dealt with, resolved to the extent possible, and it would be open. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be lawsuits later and all other kinds of ugly stuff, but it would be open. This is an utter joke. But, in this state, are you surprised?

Anonymous said...

I think Fajita coast didn't understand the reasons for its success in Four Corners and made a miscalulation. It's original location was popular in spite of its high prices because families in Four Corners are desperate for a decent place to eat that kids can go, where it's relaxed, you see your neighbors, etc. FC was all that.

We almost never went to FC after they moved because we like to combine dinner and a movie in DTSS and it was too far away to walk to Regal afterwards and walk back late at night. Plus a dinner for four people was easily $110 -- too much for casual familiy dinner.

Anonymous said...

I ate there and had the worst meal I have had in a LONG time... no wonder.

Ken Cho said...

While I'd love to see a TJs next door, no way it will happen with locations in Bethesda and north of Four Corners.

Sports bars I could take or leave, but I'd settle for one that doesn't ignore patrons like Fire Station 1 does.

And leave them auto body shops alone... one of them will install brake pads that I buy myself for labor fees only! ;-)

Craig said...

Maybe Ken was referring to the RAYCO shop. Those guys are awesome with the service. Even better--I can get mechanical repair work done for a bargain compared to most auto service shops around here. I had some major engine work done on my car that would have easily cost me $800 or more at the dealership but RAYCO only charged $550 for the parts and labor.

It would really, really suck if they had to move far away.

Ken Cho said...

That's right Craig, I was talking about the RAYCO shop. NTB wanted $300 to to replace my front brake pads... $100 for the pads, $200 for the "testing" and labor. Went to Advanced Auto, bought the pads for $25 and had RAYCO install them for $90 labor. WooT!

Betsy22 said...

I like the mini-golf idea, posted by someone on Friday. That would fit the space AND might be enough of a draw, both for families and for hipsters - to overcome the strange location. My only question would be whether the roof is actually large enough for mini-golf (even a 9-hole)? If so, that would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

"A Trader Joe's would be perfect in that spot."

Great point - parking at Trade Joes always sucks. They'd fit right in there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe another ethiopian place? that block could use one!

Anonymous said...

I think a Beer Garden could be great in that space. The one in DC on H Street is fantastic and does great business.

Anonymous said...

"in DC on H Street" is an important part of that statement. The simple fact is that Silver Spring is just never going to be a great bar area. It's too easy for SS residents to get into the city to have fun. And MoCo's liquor laws make it too tough on the kind of people you want opening bars - leaving places like Silver Spring, Bethesda and Rockville with uninspiring chains or places that might as well be (Fire Station).

Anonymous said...

I think we've already been over (scroll above) how Bethesda is far better at doing this (based on population) and how the effect of the MoCo liquor laws as a defense seems to be exaggerated.

Maybe there's simply not the interest or demand in Silver Spring for a great bar area.

Also I take umbrage with 'easy to get into the city'. On what? Metro? hardly. Cabs are expensive and won't take you back and driving to bars...well...that's a DUI waiting to happen.

A lot of urban people would (in my estimation) prefer to have a close by bar life that is walkeable.

Anonymous said...

About 4 out of 75,000 people in DTSS want to see it turn into AdMo/Dupont/ U St. w/throw up, piss, fights breaking out, police on every corner, and people passed out on your front porch every weekend. It's not going to happen here, EVER. If you want that scene you should move to the aforementioned neighborhoods and be happy.

I say this as a 24 y/o male who enjoys that scene from time to time but moved out of U St. so as to not be forced to deal with that mess and all the literally and figurative garbage it bring 24/7. Hence why most of us enjoy DTSS's balance of having some nice places, having easy access to many DC neighborhoods, but not having to deal with all the crap that comes along with being a party neighborhood.

Pete said...

The middle ground between current SS nightlife and Adams Morgan's Saturday night vom-a-geddon is VAST. We could certainly use a few more quality bars and restaurants.

DTSS has a lot of options, but only a few are beyond mediocre. FWIW Bethesda is only a little better. Adding a place like Franklin's in Hyattsville would be ideal, IMO. That's what many of us thought Fire Station 1 would be.

Anonymous said...

ok, anyone who is suggesting we turn DTSS into a new Adams Morgan or H Street is a complete wacko.

Buuut, with that being said there is NO night life in DTSS. Whens the last time you saw a crowd in DTSS that wasnt under 21 roaming around looking for trouble? umm, never.

Point is, we have 9 ethiopian places to eat and only 2 real bars. We have 4 wig shops(that are never open) but only 1 real burger place, yet it closes at 9. we have 6 tailors and only 2 real pizza places (no zpizza is not real pizza)

Point is, there is no night life. DTSS could use another bar or two and anyone who doesnt agree is either a 70 year grumpy guy or a 25year old hipster who would rather play the bongo drums and listen to beatnick poetry while eating his kale and soy sandwhich.

And another thing...why the hell would anyone use metro to go into the distric? are you mental!?

Anonymous said...

About 4 out of 75,000 people in DTSS want to see it turn into AdMo/Dupont/ U St. w/throw up, piss, fights breaking out, police on every corner, and people passed out on your front porch every weekend. It's not going to happen here, EVER. If you want that scene you should move to the aforementioned neighborhoods and be happy. "

Who said that? And what nice options? the 2 nice options?

Silver Spring has NO nightlife. We aren't talking about a party zone. But it's supposedly

". Hence why most of us enjoy DTSS's balance of having some nice places, having easy access to many DC neighborhoods,"

Easy access? What are you talking about? metro? cabs/ It's horrific.

What nice places? QHT? Sidebar?

Nothing else even remotely qualifies as nightlife.

I love how any attempt to make this a real city- something other than a place for 18 and under kids to loiter- is seen as turning it into a party zone with fights and puke.

And really? U street? Where on U streets are there fights all the time? Are you sure you're not thinking of Adams Morgan?

Anonymous said...

"And really? U street? Where on U streets are there fights all the time?"

Someone doesn't get out much. But to be fair, most of the news reporting on U St. is about their shootings and stabbings, not so much the smaller "fights".

Anonymous said...

Someone goes out to u street quite a bit and has never had an issue there.

Someone sounds like he needs to get out more.

Anonymous said...

Guy, I lived in a row house in U St. for over two years - follow the listservs if you don't believe me and my own two eyes/the multiple police reports I had to fill out from witnessing crap. Move on.

Anonymous said...

For everyone who thinks the liquor laws are not at least part of the problem - i'd guess the type of bar most people want to hang out at in the area would in fact have a difficult time opening with the current laws. None of the small existing storefronts in SS are big enough to support the required food sales and have any type of bar scene. A restaurant owner is not going to promote their happy hour/drinks scene too much here, for fear they won't make the 50% receipt sale quota. It's checked monthly for the first year of operation, and checked every 3 months for the rest of existence.

A lot of SS was built as office buildings in the 1980's back when street life was not what people thought about (note Rosslyn's general blandness also). It's only been the last 10 years or so that there has been the thought to really 'activate' streets and make ground level retail accessible. Sadly, it's clustered in the bottom of a select few highrise residential projects near where the failed restaurant was, that the article is even talking about. Standing at the corner of 2nd avenue/wayne and Colesville it's a massive wide open area with banks and nondescript chains, but i dont see any type of bar ever wanting to open there. The discovery parcel is a huge issue too, with none of their street frontages activated with ground level retail either. What ever is built on the remaining transit center grounds will probably have retail space, but it'll still be only activating one side of the street. Redevelopment of the Blairs shopping center represents one opportunity for a few storefronts that may support better eats/drinks, and the eventual redevelopment of the rest of the Ripley District and Studio Plaza in Fenton Village may also provide for available space. The streetscape on Georgia north of Colesville is not supporting of night life, and Fenton Village as is does not have big enough spaces for legally conforming bars.

Seems to me the easiest fix would be to relax the liquor laws, plan B is to just wait 5-10 more years. Bethesda has more options because Woodmont Triangle is much nicer feeling than Fenton Village, and has land values that justify the expense of tearing down and rebuilding space to adequately accommodate bar/restaurant combos.

Vagrarian said...

It seems that no matter how much we point out MoCo's restrictive liquor laws, people still gripe about the lack of bars and nightlife in DTSS. I don't get it. Do they forget about the liquor laws the second they read them? Do they think we can just ignore them?

Why doesn't the bars-and-nightlife crowd get mobilized and start campaigning for a change in MoCo's liquor laws? Because that's the logical first step, aside from griping ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

Actually doing something instead of complaining about the same thing a thousand times? Nah, that'd actually make sense and be worth something.

Anonymous said...

I think people gripe because people on this blog pretend that it's not a problem- it doesn't matter and it's not important AND we already have an amazing nightlife.

Anonymous said...

"I think people gripe because people on this blog pretend that it's not a problem- it doesn't matter and it's not important AND we already have an amazing nightlife."

The issue is not the griping. The issue is ONLY griping in lieu of actually trying to mobilize change, if you are so unhappy.

And I don't recall anyone saying we have an amazing nightlife. I myself do recall saying it is absurd to say we don't have ANY nightlife. But hey, strawmen are so much easier to knock down, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest: people here have for years claimed that there IS an AMAZING nightlife.

If you deny that youre being dishonest.

Now to be fair there are tons of people who have said there is NO nightlife and that's hyperbole.

There is certainly a very small and very specific type of nightlife here.

Anonymous said...

No one has ever called it AMAZING.

three groups:
1. think it's adequate/don't care (75% of people)
2. think it can and should be improved upon (24.9% of people - including myself)
3. think DTSS is a hell hole and Woodside Park is ghetto and Ellsworth is for fat people and Ethiopians shouldn't be allowed to open restaurants (1 person).

Anonymous said...

You know for a guy whining about hyperbole that's pretty amusing.

I think #2 is honestly higher than you think

And so is #3 sans the last part which is just pandering.

Thinking there are too many of one type of place in one area != ethiopians should not be allowed to open restaurants.

And I dont know where you get Ellsworth is full of fat people but nice observation.

hilarious that you still think 1 person says any of this. I know quite a few people who live in the area who have similar thoughts as to me, but hey, bury your head in the sand.

#2 is where I sit, not at #3. Just like you don't sit at "its amazing".

Anonymous said...

"three groups:
1. think it's adequate/don't care (75% of people)
2. think it can and should be improved upon (24.9% of people - including myself)
3. think DTSS is a hell hole and Woodside Park is ghetto and Ellsworth is for fat people and Ethiopians shouldn't be allowed to open restaurants (1 person)."

Thos are amazing statistics that clearly have factual basis. where did you get your research from? DailyKos?

Listen, i lets look at real facts here.

Between 2000 and 2010, of the 2 major "other areas" frequently mentioned here, they all experienced a population growth, while Silver Spring experienced a population DECREASE

Why? because Silver Spring SUCKS! people don't leave a town because they love it. especially not to another near by town.

Anonymous said...

"You know for a guy whining about hyperbole that's pretty amusing."

Nope. Different posters. But I would challenge you, or anyone, to actually find one post here that claims DTSS nightlife is "amazing" or any other high adjective.

Anonymous said...

"Why? because Silver Spring SUCKS! people don't leave a town because they love it. especially not to another near by town."

You can have your opinion as to SS, but if it as worthless as your "facts", you should probably pipe down.

The Silver Spring CDP was revised between 2000 and 2010, making it 16% smaller (9.42 sq. miles to 7.92). So while the population went down because of the lost area, density actually went UP 11%.

Anonymous said...

"The Silver Spring CDP was revised between 2000 and 2010, making it 16% smaller (9.42 sq. miles to 7.92). So while the population went down because of the lost area, density actually went UP 11%."

Ya know, I used facts and cited my, just made something up. so put up or shut up

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I used facts and cited my, just made something up. so put up or shut up

No. You took a smug attitude, used incomplete facts and extrapolated from that, making a complete ass of yourself in the process.

You can find the Silver Spring 2000 census data (including land area) here. Page 125, if it doesn't take you directly there. You can find the 2010 land area here.

Now I have "put up." Will you kindly now shut up? Or are you going to try to bitterly cling to your verifiably incorrect assumptions masquerading as "facts"?

Anonymous said...

i think you all need to shut up. stats or not, its pretty clear silver sprig is a dump

Anonymous said...

"i think you all need to shut up. stats or not, its pretty clear silver sprig is a dump"

Super. Don't let the metro door hit you in the ass on the way out of town. Or can't you afford to move out of Mom and Dad's basement?

Anonymous said...

Sometime last year, or there about, I posted liquor laws from DC, Virginia, and Maryland. I'm too lazy to do it again.

Guess what. They are almost identical. Almost all require an establishment to sell a certain percentage of food versus a certain percentage of alcohol.

For those of you complaining about our laws causing a dismal nightlife, an assessment I disagree with, show a little proof. Show me how laws won't allow bars to strive.

Ken Cho said...

This is what happens when there aren't enough frequent posts on this blog. This is why we can't have nice things lol.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:41 is correct. I remember that post.

Anonymous said...

I love Silver Spring!!!

Anonymous said...

Ironic to the discussion, this was posted today on the blog

The county know's it's not a destination for night life, and is giving lip service to changing it. The one guy in the article said he hears from owners in Bethesda that the liquor laws are prohibitive. What I found when looking at Virginia laws, they can sell 55% liquor and 45% food, and beer and wine do not count toward liquor. In MoCo, it's a 50% split, and I can't find anything that says if beer and wine sales count toward liquor or not.

I love Silver Spring for what it is, and want to see it get better. Hopefully with all the new residential units under construction a few more places will start moving in that sell any sort of food or product other than Ethiopian, cell phones or hair extensions.

I still maintain though that from an urban design standpoint I don't see many places currently that are attractive to retailers and restaurants that are not already occupied. Again, the Discovery building has zero ground level activity and is huge, and separates the metro from downtown, the other buildings along Colesville and Wayne near discovery are classic 1980 style with the retail hidden behind planters and under canopies that cover everything, and the Giant food loading dock is what fronts you along EW highway. It'll take time for buildings to revamp their streetscape and redevelop their sites into places that today's businesses want.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:35 is also correct.

Refreshing to see that people are actually recognizing that we have a lot of work to do to make it better than it is.

And refreshing to see people not just regurgitating the same old "full occupancy of retail and residential buildings" as a defense to some glaring deficiencies.

Too many ethiopian joints, too many cell phone stores (this one is by far the worst), one too many cash checking stores (1 is even too many), wig shops, and just odd little crappy low rent establishments taking up the corners of primary retial area.

The H&M for example is the first step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Refreshing to see that people are actually recognizing that we have a lot of work to do to make it better than it is.

What work, exactly, can we do to get rid of cell phone stores, Ethiopian restaurants, etc...?

Anonymous said...

Do you all ever read your own posts - you sound racist when you blast the Ethiopian businesses. You should be ashamed. Thirteen years ago Fenton St was dark at night and full of vacant store fronts. Now its a lively destination area full of people eating, drinking, and talking face to face, because of the Ethiopian restaurants.
I am glad the Ethiopians came and adopted Fenton Village as their own, they are independent business people. So are the braids shops, barber shops, and small low rent businesses. How many places do you patronize on a weekly basis? Those small businesse all have regular customers or they wouldn't be there.
It takes guts to open and run a small business. When was the last time any of you pooled your resources and opened one of those 'nightlife' bars you want so badly. So instead of soundng like narrow minded bigots - you start a small business, you liven up the street, you put your money where your post is.
BTW: If you would get off your high horse - the Ethiopian community is one of the nicest, kindest, hardest working groups around. Their culture holds civility and hospitality toward guests and strangers very highly.
On the other hand your posts sound xenophobic. Are you really like this?
If you don't like Ethiopian food then fine, there are plenty of other restaurants in DTSS, but don't turn your dining preference into a ranting post that reeks of redlining.

Anonymous said...

I was the Anon 2:04 poster and, just to be clear, I was decidedly NOT agreeing with the poster I quoted, at least wrt Ethiopian restaurants. I found it amusing that poster thought something could actually be done to control what independent entrepreneurs decided to open in DTSS. Was he pushing for some sort of zoning change permitting only 1 injera joint per square mile?

Anonymous said...

Ah the "racism" line. Easiest way to deflect from any real conversation.

My biggest peeve is not Ethiopian restaurants. It's cell phone stores.

I guess I'm anti technology then right? If I am to follow your logic.

Anonymous said...

You equated Ethiopian restaurants with "crappy low rent establishments" and said we have to work hard to stop them.

Let's have a "real conversation" as to what you meant by that.

Anonymous said...

This should not be about the businesses that are here, but about the businesses that aren't here. Those low rent businesses are not crowding out high rent businesses. The developers are choosing not to build commercial in their new residential buildings. The mall owners are choosing not to renovate Cityplace, the county is choosing not to offer incentives to anyone who is not building a new town center. The name stores are choosing to ignore the obvious market in Silver Spring because of outdated and flawed market studies.
So when you pick on the low hanging fruit of small businesses you are ignoring the fact that the problem is more complicated.

I apoligize if I misread your posts and made the assumption that you had a particular dislike for one particular group of people. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

8:44 :

um, no. What I meant was there are TOO man ethiopian restaurants. This is because there are too many of them.

And hell I like the food. Go figure.

But keep trumping up your racism angle. I guess when you don't have an argument you can resort to that instead.

Anonymous said...

"um, no. What I meant was there are TOO man ethiopian restaurants. This is because there are too many of them."

A. This is not what you said. You equated them to crappy low rent places and said we have to work hard to do something about them.

B. Too many by what standard? If you don't like it buy one and open something else. Or move to Arlington.

I don't think you are racist at heart. But for you to pick on and single out the folk that actually are filling empty store fronts and trying to make a go of it and for you to encourage profiling in the types of restaurants that heretofore should be allowed to exist certainly is a racist attitude whether you realize it or not.

Anonymous said...

But don't avoid the questions I posed. What do you mean by we must work hard to stop Ethiopian resaurant proliferation?

Anonymous said...

I didnt post that clown.

That was someone else. Stop thinking everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.

Anonymous said...

"Stop thinking everyone who disagrees with you is the same person."

lol, I think I was the first person you said that to (months ago) and you have since said it to everyone other than me. Silly, "clown" thinking everyone else is the same person.

There are as many ethiopian places as the market demands. If more are desired more will come. If fewer are desired some of them will go out of business. The end. wtf are people whining about. who cares. It's not like there aren't a thousand other retail storefronts. So sorry walking another 20 feet to reach the next restaurant is so burdensome.

Anonymous said...

lol, I think I was the first person you said that to (months ago) and you have since said it to everyone other than me. Silly, "clown" thinking

Oh the irony of this response when you are talking to multiple people but addressing them as one person....

Anonymous said...

So, just to be clear, Anon 11:46 is claiming he is not the same Anon as 2:02? Because that was the person I was engaging. If you jumped in and started speaking on the same subject, that's on you and you have no right to get in a hissy when people assume you are the same poster.

...Or you could just be lying to deflect away from the indefensible statement you made earlier.

Anonymous said...

Shifting topics a bit. My apartment overlooks the Transit Center and in the last week or so, there have been a lot of vehicles and folks milling about every day.

My guess? KEM (I think that's the engineering firm the County hired to do the independent assessment) is just now starting the review that was supposed to be finished last month because yet again, the County let it slide until the media started pointing out the missed deadlines. Just like with the (still unfinished) Metropolitan Trail.

I hate FP for causing this major screw up in the first place, but I absolutely believe MoCo is almost as complicit in not being diligent enough or treating this with the urgency it deserves.

Craig said...

To the anonymous Ethiopian hater:

I hope Montgomery County declares a broad section of downtown Silver Spring as "Little Ethiopia". Let's have an annual "Ethiopia Pride" parade down Fenton Ave. every year too. Ethiopians everywhere--marching in the parade, playing their music, eating their food.

You know, just to piss your white ass off.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9:06- yes, I am not the same poster.

Jump in? lol. You were arguing with multiple peopel the entire time and never realized it. I'm pretty sure at least one of the other Anon's is steve . Remember him?

I LIKE Ethiopian food. Really love Bete in fact. I just think there are too many of the same kinds of places around here. Of course here you go assuming I'm racist again because I think we have far too many of the same type of place in a small area.

Cry RACISM some more. Lol.

Anonymous said...

No!!!! Do not mention Steve, he might come back and tell us that we're all idiots!

Anonymous said...

can't we all just get along?

is the area perfect? nope. is it getting better? yep. badly need a few more bars and higher end restaurants. hopefully in time that will happen.

until then, if you want to fight the liquor laws we live in a democratic republic. email your councilmembers.

Anonymous said...

Jump in? lol. You were arguing with multiple peopel the entire time and never realized it. I'm pretty sure at least one of the other Anon's is steve . Remember him?

I specifically cited Anon 2:02. If you then jumped in and was Anon 8:06, my assumption that this was the same poster was entirely reasonable and justified.

Whatever. Whether you were the original poster, or merely arguing in support of his ideas, makes you look no better. Apparently you, and him, are unable to discern the subtle but vital difference between saying "I wish we had more dining variety in DTSS" and saying "we have to many Ethiopian joints in DTSS."

And your "I like Bete" argument is on par with the "I have black friends but..."

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so transparent and phony. Did you go to a class to argue like every other hipster leftist nutjob?

Sorry, I do like Bete and I do think there are too many Ethiopian places here as we need variety. There may be a subtle difference but I take it youre the kind of person that goes through his life being offending by everything. You must be so exciting at parties.

Frankly: there's a huge difference in what I was saying and the other anon (or other anons were saying). I'm not saying get "rid of" the Ethiopian joints, I just find it funny that we have so many when quite a few end up being empty (and I bet you will argue this point like crazy).

And yes I was joking about it. Thats what a joke is. Sometimes it offends the small-minding amongst us. Too bad for you.

I could give a crap about your 'black friends' argument. I'll continue to eat what I eat and enjoy what I enjoy. I particularly enjoy Bete a lot more than the others but Langano is pretty good too. Oh no! I'll also point out the obvious: having 100 of the same type of restaurant in an area is not good for variety nor is it good for the area as a whole to be more inclusive.

The funniest part? I often go off about the cell phones around here and think they are the biggest problem around here but you are so eager to cry RACISM to justify your opinions that you jumped right out at anyone "attacking" the Ethiopian people (ps people not liking thier food would not be an attack on the people you sensitive fool).

Good lord you seriously come across at the most boring pretentious man in Maryland. That's quite an accomplishment.

Maybe you should go out more and enjoy some Adams Morgan or U street style NIGHTLIFE. Might loosen you up.

Anonymous said...

Actually I have to say it again: are you really equating "there are too many Ethiopion restaurants" (read: food style, not owned by) to "I have black friends"?

What an ass.

Anonymous said...

Actually I have to say it again: are you really equating "there are too many Ethiopion restaurants" (read: food style, not owned by) to "I have black friends"?

No. I said your "I like Bete but..." is like saying "I have black friends, but..." Reading comprehension is not your friend, is it?

And again, the fact that you can't comprehend the important difference between saying "too many Ethiopian joints" and "would like more varied types of restaurants" is stunning in its obliviousness. Let me spell it out for you. There is ample real estate for other restaurants to move in to the area if they so choose. In fact I can think of 6 off the top of my head that have opened very recently or are due to open, all of which are something other than Ethiopian. This will increase the variety of dining options without a single Ethiopian having to close shop. And it isn't like there aren't other spots available if even more want to come to DTSS.

In other words, the existence of those places has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of variety of other types of restaurants in DTSS, either real or perceived. Anyone with two synapses to rub together should realize this. Therefore, your (and others) attack on Ethiopian restaurants is entirely baffling and misplaced. On their face they come off as racist, but I an willing to accept that you may simply suffer greatly in the smarts department.

Combine that with the idiotic nonsequiter attack on your assumptions about my political ideology (are you the same Anon I had to school about the size of MoCo? Because your ad hominems are certainly the same) and I know everything I need to know about you.

Clancy said...

I can't imagine how someone could possibly confuse two like-sounding individuals commenting anonymously. . .

But, if it really bothers you that much, create an internet-only persona for yourself and use it when you comment. If you don't want to go through the epic trouble of registering one with Blogger, at least sign your anonymous post with some sort of witty moniker.

Anonymous said...

Combine that with the idiotic nonsequiter attack on your assumptions about my political ideology (are you the same Anon I had to school about the size of MoCo? Because your ad hominems are certainly the same) and I know everything I need to know about you."

Arrogant. Pretentious. Whiny. Boring ("people like to have fun on U street and its too loud but I'm 24")..

And no, I dont have any idea what youre talking about when you say the "size of Moco". What the hell are you on about now? Oh right, pretending to be smart on a blog online. Good God you must be a pathetic loser in real life.

Anyway its Friday night, so enjoy staying in and being boring Sensitive Sally. I think I'll go have some Ethiopian! Then maybe U street for a knife fight and some throwing up! After that I'll head out to NOVA and hang out with White Rich people and mock people like you!

Anonymous said...

And no, I dont have any idea what youre talking about when you say the "size of Moco"

Actually I meant the size of Silver Spring CDP. You seems as equally cocksure and as blatantly wrong--along with throwing out the same trite little attacks about dumb libruls or lefties or whatever-- as that yahoo.

"Oh right, pretending to be smart on a blog online. Good God you must be a pathetic loser in real life."

Not pretending. Am. At least a far cry smarter than you. But if I am a pathetic loser because I am pretending to be smart online, what does it say about you, the person who chooses to engage me online?

"Anyway its Friday night" This is the first and only thing you've been correct about this whole time. Good job! You win a cookie!

Anonymous said...

This has completely degenerated into a middle-school-reminiscent set-to. As in "I'm smarter than you', 'No, you're not'! Sheesh, get a life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Seriously. There are at least two people on this blog that badly need to take a deep breath and relax.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there is a need for a political primer on Silver Spring.
Silver Spring is unincorporated, meaning the residents of Silver Spring are not self governing. Our Mayor is the County Executive, the County Council is essentially our City Council. Since the residents of Silver Spring can only vote for one Council Member and the At Large Members, a group of people we did not elect are in charge of our lives. Our County Executive has more pressing concerns than to worry about the complaints of one city and the council answers to their voters - not us. Our elected Council Member is more interested in pleasing developers than in listening to her voters. This has made for Silver Spring being alternately ignored or urban renewed on the political whim of the Exec and Council. Add in that Silver Spring is as big as some counties and has a host of smaller "towns" in it and Silver Spring is seen as nothing more than an urban complex of Montgomery County - not a city in its own right.
You want change - get involved - loudly and in public. Join your Civic Associations or create one if you live in Ripley. Join the Advisory Boards which report to the Executive. Follow what is going on in the Planning Dept. People who don't live in Silver Spring are deciding what our city will be like. If you don't speak up - IN PUBLIC - then they will get away with it. Write to the Executive, write to the Council, write to the Gazette. Check out the WeareMoCo web site.
Stop attacking each other's posts and do something real. Demand a say in the future of DTSS.
Look around DTSS, now look and see it filled with hi rise residential towers. Fenton Village bulldozed, Ripley a row of hi rises, S.Silver Spring more hi-rises, The Blairs - yet more hi-rises. This is what the County has planned for DTSS. Is this what you want?

Lina said...

Anyone know who owns that space or where they can be contacted? Since the bar, billiards, and restaurant idea hasn't worked, how about a community kitchen that can be rented out to support the numerous home-based bakers/food trucks in the area? There seems to be a demand in the area, but not many options available for us in the DMV area. The idea seems to be working in other metro areas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see them fail they had the same servers and menu as in four corners but it just wasn't the same experience. The staff had to walk up and down the stairs serving both levels. I missed them when they left four corners, the BBQ trio fajitas were awesome.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever think that maybe the reason why this place keeps failing is because the rent is just too high ... the rent is around $18,000.00 per month-- outrageous and unsustainable!

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Pengobatan Herbal Ambeien Manjur di Apotik Anda akan merasakan sakit dan sensasi panas membakar di area dubur ketika buang air besar. Ketika Anda mengejan, Anda akan melihat sebuah benjolan di area dubur Anda seperti daging tumbuh. Inilah biang keladinya dan apa yang disebut sebagai ambeien itu sendiri. Apabila ambeien itu sudah mencapai stadium lanjut, maka daging tersebut akan keluar setiap saat, tidak hanya pada saat Anda buang air besar. Ini akan terasa menyiksa, apalagi ketika Anda duduk. , Tips Mengobati Benjolan Ambeien Akut Wasir merupakan penyakit yang sering dialami oleh orang yang kekurangan serat ataupun terlalu lama duduk. Wasir yang juga sering disebut ambeien adalah penyakit yang terjadi di anus dimana terjadi pembengkakan terhadap bibir anus. Pembengkakan di bibir anus ini terkadang dapat juga menyebabkan pendarahan.

Pengobatan Ambeien Ampuh di Apotik Meski ambeien bukanlah penyakit parah yang berbahaya seperti kanker, tapi dengan rasa sakit dan tidak nyaman yang sering muncul, penderita pasti ingin sembuh dan terbebas dari gejalanya. Gejala ambeien yang juga bisa muncul adalah pendarahan dari rektrum. Darah keluar saat buang air besar dan tidak menimbulkan sakit yang berat. Namun yang dikhawatirkan, jika dibiarkan bisa menjadi indikasi adanya penyakit lain, misalnya kanker usus. Jika Anda menemukan gejala yang seperti itu, sebaiknya segera periksakan diri ke dokter. , Tips Mengobati Ambeien atau Hemoroid Parah Lada dapat menyebabkan wasir. Dikonsumsi dalam jumlah sedang, lada hitam tidak menyebabkan wasir. Tapi bagi sebagian orang, makanan pedas dapat menyebabkan gatal-gatal dan iritasi dubur.

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Penggunaan obat herbal gonore adalah obat yang baik untuk kesehatan. obat herbal gonore merupakan obat alami yang berkhasiat. Herbal untuk mengatasi problem pribadi dapat menggunakan obat herbal gonore . Masalah kesehatan yang berada pada daerah pribadi dapat diatasi dengan obat kutil di alat vital . Banyak orang yang malu jika berkaitan dengan penyakit ini, solusinya dapat dengan obat kutil di alat vital . obat kutil di alat vital ini tanpa harus anda ke dokter. Tapi jika anda sudah terlanjur terkena penyakit ini, maka pengobatan yang harus dilakukan dengan Obat kutil di alat vital , lebih lengkapnya silahkan baca selengkapnya . Sebelum membicarakan tentang Obat kutil di daerah alat vital , sebenarnya ada hal lain yang lebih penting dari hal itu, yakni tindakan pencegahan silahkan baca selengkapnya . bila kita melihat lebih jauh dan meneliti beberapa kasus yang ada Obat keluar nanah di kelamin yang paling manjur adalah pencegahan sejak dini, silahkan baca selengkapnya . Dan ternyata ada Obat herbal ambeien yang secara alami masih bisa dikonsumsi, silahkan silahkan baca selengkapnya . proses pencegahan sebagai Obat alat vital bernanah ini juga perlu dibantu dari orang-orang yang ahli di dalamnya sehingga pencegahan tersebut efektif dan bisa sesuai dengan sasaran, silahkan baca selengkapnya . Penyakit kanker payudara bisa disembuhkan jika ditangani sejak dini dengan Obat herbal kanker payudara . Anda harus mengetahui gejala-gejala kanker payudara agar anda dapat mengobatinya sebelum terlambat silahkan baca selengkapnya .

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