Friday, December 07, 2012

Quick Take: Taqueria Distrito Federal

With little fanfare, Taqueria Distrito Federal last Friday celebrated the grand opening of its new location in downtown Silver Spring. Located on the ground floor of The Crescent on Wayne Avenue, this is the first of three new restaurants (along with Pete's Apizza and La Madeline) to open on the stretch of Wayne between Georgia and Fenton. Combine these with Ghar-e-Kabab, and you've got some decent dining options on this block, which will in the distant future be anchored by our new library.

Carne Asada Tacos

I don't like to do full-fledged restaurant reviews, as I'm not particularly qualified, but here are my first impressions of TDF:

The Good: 

-  Significantly better option than Skew Works. I overheard another patron tell the proprietor that the former occupant of the space was "the worst restaurant ever." Ouch.

- Serves proper Mexican-style tacos. This is something that I feel downtown S.S. has long been lacking. (Can we get an empanada place now?)

- Tacos were good.

- Serves Mexican Coke and horchata.

- Very friendly staff.

The Not-as-Good:

- Retains some of the operating room ambiance of Skew Works. In fairness, it's early and they have done some re-painting, but eliminating the glossy white walls and installing some softer light bulbs would go a really long way.

- TVs. I get this in a sports bar, but why do so many restaurants these days have TVs installed in the dining area? It's distracting. I don't need to listen to CNN talking heads prattle on throughout dinner. Years ago I bought one of these for that very reason. I need to break that thing out again.

In all, TDF is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I'll definitely be going back, and it probably would make a good takeout option. I grabbed a menu, intending to post it here, but haven't gotten around to scanning it. Will try to do so this weekend.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

The "Homicide House" Finally Finds a Buyer

The saga of the Silver Spring's so-called "Homicide House" appears to have (hopefully) come to an end. As I drove by this morning, I noticed that a SOLD sign has been posted in the yard of the home, which has been on and off the market for about two years now.

The ultimate sale price hasn't been posted yet, but I'm certainly curious to see what the buyer(s) paid for this property. The most recent asking price I was able to locate was $399K (way down from $549K in March of this year). Unless the new owners are among the least Internet-savvy people on the planet, they must have been familiar with the house's sordid history, address changes notwithstanding.