Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leave These Leaves

I came across this sign when while strolling through my neighborhood earlier this evening. I don't understand it, but everything about it just feels very Silver Spring to me.

I'm sure eventually someone will provide a reasonable explanation, but really I'd rather not even know.


Danielle Meitiv said...

Maybe you'd rather not know but I'm going to venture a guess anyway...

I do a lot of gardening and rely on the leaves in my yard for mulch. Maybe this person wants to do the same? Or maybe their children really like pretty red leaves and DO NOT want to share?

The odd thing is that they sign is on their lawn - do strangers routinely clean their yard? If so I want to live in that neighborhood - I'd leave my door open for anyone inclined to clean my bathrooms...

Rebecca said...

I saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers where they turned leaves into fuel for the fireplace. Maybe these neighbors are worried someone will deprive them of their heating source in the event of the zombie apocalypse?

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Maybe they meant the leaves on the tree, before they fall to the ground. I guess you could use them for crafts.

7249 ponssh

Anonymous said...

FYI, Pete's Pizza - is opening on Wayne Ave. The space is in the office building between the beer store and the soon to be opened La Madeline.

Looks like it is going to take up a fair amount space, so maybe it is sit down type place.

Anonymous said...

Someone's late to the Pete's party :P

Oh, but if anyone knows when it's supposed to open, that'd be welcomed news.

Anonymous said...

I agree it feels very Silver Spring. It might be becasue to notice and cherish a beautiful tree feels very liberal, which Silver Spring definatley is. Yet, the annoying and needless sign telling you how to behave is like those people who complain about brick sidewalks and just about every new development project.

Sligo said...

And the fact that it's bilingual is the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

The leaf pick-up is scheduled soon and they probably didn't want their leaves to be swept up when the trucks come by.

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring was mentioned on the MTV show "Catfish" in the last episode that aired yesterday. The girl they were profiling lived in Silver Spring, and of course they called it "Silver Springs," even though they showed a map that labeled it as "Silver Spring."

Anonymous said...

According to a gentleman at the Pete's table at Taste of DC, the Silver Spring location is opening in March.

No word on if it will be decorated with red leaves.

Jim Conklin said...

"Anonymous" is right. We mulched our bushes with leaves before the county pick-up and didn't want the county crew to vacuum up our mulch, as they did a couple of times in previous years, before we started putting out the sign.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense, especially with the spanish. It's a pretty ground cover, except for the sign.

Anonymous said...

This seems clearly a weed and/or hallucinogen-inspired attempt to preserve the aesthetic of the fallen leaves. They are beautiful and not to be disturbed?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why they moved the fenton bus stop from fenton to right in front of the Crescent?

Why couldnt it have been moved further up the street?

Anonymous said...

Don't know exactly what lines you're talking about, but presumably due to the impending library construction. I believe the contract was supposed to be awarded this month so presumably site work will begin sometime in the next few weeks (though it sounds like it might have already).

Clancy said...

Also, moving the bus stop to the other side of Fenton (in front of the church) might have caused problems if the construction project for that site ever got off the ground. In front of the Crescent probably just seemed like the most logical choice after that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lowering crescent property values further county! Good job!


Anonymous said...

also glad that parking on weekend just got tougher because of this.

thanks for that too!

Clancy said...

Not sure how a bus stop, especially a temporary one, lowers property values. . . it might, however, increase the foot traffic for the new restaurant on the ground floor.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for lowering crescent property values further county! Good job!


Is this a joke? The county spending $65,000,000 on a brand new library next door, replacing a series of completely ghetto/largely vacant small buildings, followed by a new light rail station, is the county going out of its way to LOWER the value at the Crescent? Wow. Someone's a moron here, but it sure ain't the county.

I understand you're bitter about overpaying so much to live in one of the worst new builds in DTSS, but come on. That's on you, not the county.

P.S. you don't understand the universe if you think bus lines DECREASE the value of your unit. Public transit is easily one of the biggest assets DTSS has.

Anonymous said...

"ghetto"- please don't use racist terms sir.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when the restaurant (I think Scion?) is supposed to open at 1200 east west hwy? They seem like they're doing work there but I doubt they will open for a few months from what I've seen from the outside. I hope I'm wrong, I had heard November....

Anonymous said...

"'ghetto'- please don't use racist terms sir."

??? Are you joking? You're the racist if you think "ghetto" is a race-specific word.

Anonymous said...

Tapas place has a "now open" banner up.

Anonymous said...

Exactly where is the Tapas place?

Anonymous said...

Took Planet Bollywood's place on Colesville. Near Ray's.

Anonymous said...

The tapas place is next to Stage Burger. I have really high hopes for that place. The Tex Mex place in the Crescent is completely decorated so that should be opening soon too. Unless they hang random stuff on the walls first then work their way back to the kitchen. Who knows. I'm just happy we're getting more variety.

Anonymous said...

All of you people complaining about the Crescent please dont stop by the new Tex Mex place.

We dont want you.. thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think the owners might feel differently!

Clancy said...

This afternoon, the new Dunkin Donuts on Colesville was closed and had a county health department sticker in the window. I would love to know what that was about.

Anonymous said...

Yep -- county sign at DD says that it is closed until further notice to protect the health and safety of the public. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

So as I strolled past the bus stop in front of Crescent its already got trash and crap on it all over the place.

Only around for a week and trashing the front of the building.

But yeah It'll help property values right? Idiots.

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