Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day Open Thread

So, how are the lines at your local Silver Spring polling station? If the early voting lines at the Civic Building were any indication, you may find a bit of a queue today, at least during peak hours. I cast my ballot (at least that's what the computer told me) in downtown Rockville last week and was in and out in five minutes.

Even if we live in a state where our presidential vote is not worth nearly as much as the vote of someone in say, Ohio, there are still some important measures on the ballot this year. Personally, I think we deserve to also be allowed to vote in Virginia after being subjected to incessant ads for Tim Kaine and George Allen for the past few months. You'd think with today's digital technology they'd find some way to target ad buys so that cable subscribers in Montgomery County wouldn't have to put up with this crap.


dccampfin said...

Well I'd have to say that as annoying as all the political ads were -- can't believe it was a relief to see a truly commercial commercial -- it at least gave us a sense of what the folks in all the battle grounds states were facing.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for these commercials to be over! Now we just have to hope for an answer tomorrow and not months of recount mayhem.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know when that new tapas place is going to open?

Simon Burke said...

40 minutes at Stephen Knolls this morning just South of Wheaton mall.

Easley Does It said...

I too am relieved to be done with the relentless political ads and look forward to the return of relentless erectile dysfuntion ads during football games.

And smooth sailing at ESS Elementary at 10:30 am. Just a five minute wait.

Anonymous said...

About 40 minutes at Karasik on Tenbrook Ave. Very nice and pleasant stuff though.

dccampfin said...

No wait at Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, just great to see so many community folks.

rebecca said...

50 minutes at East Silver Spring ES. I think it was mostly people lining up before the polling place opened because once that clears out it should speed up. At least I hope so. My husband still has to vote tonight. He stayed home with the baby and two-year old who would have been awful standing there for 50 minutes. there were several people with kids though. They are braver than I.

Anonymous said...

No wait at Westover ES in Colesville at 11am.

Anonymous said...

About an hour this morning at SS library. Very cold!

Anonymous said...

no wait ealier this morning at Sligo Creek Elementary School (for voting and the yummy PTA bake sale table.

Ken Cho said...

2 hours at the civic center at 10am.

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

45 minutes at Jackson Rd ES in Silver Spring. We arrived around 11:30am. The line moved rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, another four years of HOPE!

Anonymous said...

84ngtsided50I gave up on the early voting lines at the Civic Center. Tuesday, at 2:00 pm I went down to the library on Colesville Rd., no line, walked up, and was out in 5 minuets. America at its beat.


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