Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bienvenidos Taqueria Distrito Federal

The retail space at 930 Wayne Avenue, most recently home to Skew Works, will soon be getting a new tenant. Taqueria Distrito Federal, a taco joint with locations in Columbia Heights and Petworth is set to move in to the space, which has sat empty since Skew Works closed back in January.

This is certainly a welcome development, as a place that serves authentic Mexican tacos has been on my wish list for awhile. (Now give us empanadas, please.) Yelp! reviews of the other TDF locations are mixed, but generally positive. They also serve Mexican Coke, which is a plus.

I'm hoping this can become a go-to place for a quick lunch. To be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of the current options.

Thanks to KevA for the tip.


Anonymous said...

No chance they'll serve Mexican beer because that will be awesome.

I live in that building and its a dead zone unfortuantely. They need to invest in tons of street signs if they want people to come out there. And get rid of that hair place on the strip next door and the coin place and add some vibrant retail and maybe that would become a nice walking zone.

Or just wait for the library.

Sligo said...

In defense of Bonanza Coins, that place is Old School Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

This sounds too good to be true. I'm not buying it. I just know they'll be serving injera shell tacos.

Anonymous said...

Awsome, we need some real mexican besides Austin Grill.

Problem with that building is it's sterile as hell an sit's back from the street wall. Replacing that god awful swooping canopy at the entrance for something less threatning wouldn't hurt either.

Viva Mexico!

William said...

There's a Taqueria D.F. up the street from our office in Columbia Heights. No, it's not the fastest place. But they're the real deal and well worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I've always thought it'd take a chain to survive in the very less than ideal space. It being a local, interesting chain is as ideal as it gets. Here's hoping they can make it in the location. Effing Crescent and its horrific design/architecture.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who hasn't heard, H&M is opening tomorrow.

Sligo said...

Ah, thanks for the reminder. I meant to post about the H&M.

Anonymous said...

I also live in the Crescent and will patronize this place. I hope it succeeds.

wombat said...

I know maybe I should get a life, but I am VERY excited by this news.

I am also a bit worried about the problems with the location, but come on, guys - we can do it. We can keep this place in business.

Anonymous said...

I also live in The Crescent and miss the convenience of phoning an order in to Skew Works & having them run it up to me. Authentic tacos and other Mexican tastes? HOORAY! BTW: A Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts would work in the space. I, however, don't believe we'd appreciate that much foot traffic. :o(

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will lead to Austin Grill closing and that space becoming a Hooters.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully this will lead to Austin Grill closing and that space becoming a Hooters."

Haha, hilarious. No, wait, it should be a Buffalo Wild Wings instead! No, a Cheesecake Factory! Whatever it is, I demand it be an extremely crappy chain!

Anonymous said...

With Pete's Apizza (which now has a "Coming Soon" sign up) and La Madeleine on that block, maybe the increased foot traffic will enable all those restaurants to succeed. I agree with getting rid of the huge crescent sculpture that is over the front entrance of the building. Also, maybe the building's management could be convinced to fill the area in front of the building with outdoor seating for the taco place (instead of the bolted-down tables that are currently there)?

Anonymous said...

That building is no uglier than pretty much most of the entire half of georgia avenue or many other apartment buildings in the area (Georgian, Twin towers anyone?).

Gull said...

Problem with that sculpture and the bolted down seating is they are approved requirements with the MNCPPC planning staff. Each new project in one of the County's central business districts has to provide a public amenity if they want to go any taller than about 3 stories. It's a bad amenity, but it's what the commission approved. To change it, the owner would have to apply for a revision to the plans and still provide some other form of permanent seating and public art. I think it would have made more sense if the opposite side of Wayne were not a huge wall of parking garages. Hopefully the redevelopment of the church on the corner of Wayne and Fenton into apartments, along with the Library (ha, ha) will finish the feeling of Wayve Ave and increase the foot traffic along it.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe Fenton Village is on its way to being the next H Street or Bloomingdale. Better than a hi-rise NoMa no-man-land.

Anonymous said...

"That building is no uglier than pretty much most of the entire half of georgia avenue or many other apartment buildings in the area (Georgian, Twin towers anyone?)."

You're missing more than half the point - Crescent is horrifically ugly AND it's design is decidedly anti-urban/pedestrian UNfriendly/desolate.

Anonymous said...

You're missing the point.

It's not the crescent, its the fact that there is a dead zone parking garage across the street and and empty lot next to it. And a strip to the other side of it that has one store empty, a beer store a ghar e kebob and not much else (at least one of those hair places finally closed).

if the wayne garage had retail like the garage with chick fil -a does i think the walking area would not be bad. In addition I think that the way the road itself is shaped causes some issues as well as the fact that that garage and intersection (wayne and fenton)is very very busy most timess.

The building doesnt look any uglier than any other building. unless you think the Veridian is some testament to modern building design.

Anonymous said...

Oh I definitely agree it's also due to the surrounding location (I'm sure the county wishes it shelled out more and put Wayne Garage underground). But to ignore the Crescent's design when assigning blame is missing a huge part of the equation.

Anonymous said...

If you think the Crescent is ugly, you should take a look at the planned Studio Plaza in Fenton Village. It will define big and ugly. You want better looking buildings - speak up, get involved, demand better for Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

Look at how ugly the transit center is.

The county just does not get it.
At all.

Anonymous said...

I was at Stage Burger last night -- not too many people there. But the lady at the counter told me that in the early part of nest year, they are going to renovate, add a bar and expand the menu. This is good news!

Anonymous said...

That is really good news about Stage Burger. They need an awning and need to draw people in- it is easy to overlook stage burger. Having a bar on that portion of Colesville will be nice too.

Easley St said...

I'm SO excited for tacos!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Bonanza Coins is wonderful. The owner is very honest and gives you a good deal, either buying or selling. I've also learned a LOT from him just chatting. He's a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, April 14, 2013 my friend and I decided to give Taqueria a try. Maybe we should have ordered tacos BUT we didn't. Right off the bat there are three sauces on the table with plastic spoons in them. We tried all three and each one tasted worse than the other all with a can type after taste. The chips tasted like they had just come out of a bag. I'll give a quarter point for the guacamole sauce. I ordered the chicken with mole sauce and my friend ordered the Pozole soup. My chicken was hard and dry as though just taken out of the microwave. The mole sauce tasted of nothing but salt, salt, salt. My friend said her soup was totally bland. The waitress then appeared at our table to refill our water glasses with a styrofoam cup of water from which she poured. When we finished the food we sat and looked around not sure if we were waiting for her to return with the bill. She stood at the register and looked at us. We proceeded to the register to pay and when we did we noted that on the counter at the register was a glass dome with three green peppers under it. One was extremely moldy. I cannot imagine what goes on in the kitchen if I am looking at moldy peppers out front and center. Needless to say, we will NOT be returning to this place.

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