Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Apizza? Yes, please. Pete's New Haven Coming to Silver Spring

There are two categories of restaurants that seem to have no saturation limit within a particular area: pizza and hamburgers (and at least in Silver Spring, Ethiopian), so it's no surprise that Silver Spring will be getting another pizza joint in the near future. Pete's New Haven Style Apizza, a local chain with locations in D.C. and Clarendon, has signed a lease at Wayne Plaza, located at the intersection of Wayne and Georgia. (WTF is "apizza", you say?) Not a bad location, so long as people figure out that you can actually exit on side of the Wayne Avenue garage opposite DTSS.

This is a particularly nice development in that Pete's has genuinely good pizza and, importantly, they deliver. For me at least, Pete's will probably end up trumping any of the existing pizza delivery options in Silver Spring.

With La Madeline, Scion, and a number of other restaurants opening soon, our dining options continue to improve.


Anonymous said...

This is beyond good news, especially with the location choice. La Madeline bistro and Pete's moving in basically next door to each other is going to change this corner from completely underutilized to animated overnight. Great news for Wayne, especially. Along w/all the streetscape improvements currently going on Ga. - what a change!

Anonymous said...

THERE IS A GOD!!! That's some amazing pizza, and that's saying something in our blessed DC. I love Pace's, but ever since the OG Italian pizzaiolo and the owner parted ways, there's a little something missing from their pies. Maybe a little competition is what Pacci's needs to step up their game. Either way, I love you Bacchus!

JK said...

Where exactly? Next to La Madeline or over by Velatis? Also, what's the word on La Madeline? When will it be open?

Anonymous said...

The streetscape "improvements" along the east side of Georgia Avenue include cutting down all of the trees. The destruction has already started at Georgia and Sligo where all of the Kwanzan cherry trees were removed. Say "goodbye" to al fresco dining next summer in the afternoon sun unless restaurants provide awnings or umbrellas.

-Rupe said...

Pete's is tremendously delicious. Have made the trek from Takoma Park to the Columbia Heights location to satisfy such cravings.

Can be a bit pricey compared to other joints, but sometimes they show up on Groupon.

Pete (not related) said...

Wonder if they'll serve beer--Pete's in Columbia Heights always has a nice selection.

Learn Every Day said...

Is "apizza" the opposite of "zpizza?"

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to Silver Spring and excited to hear all of this news! I know what La Madeline is, but what is Scion - is it another location of the restaurant in Dupont?

Sligo said...

Re: Scion

Yes, that's correct. Same as the DC one.

Anonymous said...

"The streetscape "improvements" along the east side of Georgia Avenue include cutting down all of the trees."

All the trees are being replaced. Most of the current ones are in very rough shape and at the end of their lifespan. That was the main impetus for the project. More detailed info out there on what trees are being taken down (and why) and what trees are replacing them, if you want to search. Ga. Ave. streetscape project...phase 2 (I think - phase 1 being replacing all the lights and adding pedestrian bulb-outs).

bajira said...

can. not. wait. please use some jedi mindtricks on wagamama to set up shop here and my dining roster will be complete.

Anonymous said...

"All the trees are being replaced."

Right. And in 10-15 years we will all be able to bask under their shade.

Anonymous said...

Please stop whining out of your butt. You don't know what you're talking about. Read the reports like I told you to if you want more info. It's all very good things. Extending the upper Ga. renovation to lower Ga. is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

@ the lover of the Kwanzan Cherry trees.

Be happy they are being replaced because in 10-15 years they would have almost certainly died. Flowering Cherry trees are one of the worst choices for urban street trees because they are generally short-lived (think 20-25 years if they are lucky vs. 60-80 years for a willow oak or similar). Those Cherry trees that look acceptable now are likely at their peak and only a few more droughts and extended heat waves would do them in.

Lil B said...


Anonymous said...

i have told them to come to silver spring! we needed them! can't believe the nagging worked!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any move at all toward Scion actually happening.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your information on Scion? I doubt it.

Sligo said...

Scion is moving into 1200 East West Highway, so unless they break their lease, it's happening.

Sligo said...

And here's a picture of work being done (though it's a month or so old).

Anonymous said...

I think it was Patrick who said they started physical work on the space a week or two ago. I believe I noticed a liquor app up when walking by this weekend. It's definitely happening, and in a corner of SS that badly needs it.

abcm said...

drove by the expected Scion site this morning and saw doors open with a couple people inside doing construction work. i wish they would update on their expected opening date.

Patrick Thornton said...

Scion is working on the space. They built an enclosure around their porta potty that is outside of the building on East-West. So, you know things are serious now.

Not sure when they are opening because it looks like the space needs to be completely built out, unlike other new restaurants that are taking over already built-out spaces.

My best guess is late November for Scion.

I may try to see if they'll give me an estimate on an opening.

Kev said...

To Scion and Pete's -- all the best dealing with Mongtomery County's Soviet alcohol distribution. Hope they did their homework before expanding into MD (a lot of beer friendly restaurants did not).

Chi Style said...

all we need now is a REAL Chicago deep dish restaurant...and no, Armand's is NOT real Chicago style deep dish pizza.

Allierose said...

Whoa! I'm a huge fan of Pete's New Haven Pizza and visit the Friendship Heights location at least once a month. When is this expected to oepn?!? I was hoping they would have considered the old blockbuster space at 16th & Spring. Will any family style restaurant go in that space? :-)

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