Thursday, August 30, 2012

Silver Spring (Old) News 'N Notes

Granted, a lot of this news is older than dirt, but I was on vacation...

- Silver Spring Transit Center: still delayed! At some point, Paul Sarbanes will probably request that his name be removed from this debacle. I'm actually kind of surprised Foulger-Pratt hasn't taken down their banner, which still hangs with pride over the stalled construction site.

- A woman from Silver Spring will compete on Survivor this fall. Personally, I haven't watched Survivor since one of the so-called "prizes" was a Pontiac Aztek*.

- The Silver Spring library is one of a handful of County libraries getting extended hours, though the net difference for us is only one additional hour on Sunday. You know what'd be really nice? Actually building our new library after fifteen years of talking about it. I suppose we should just be grateful that we live in one of the places that has actually increased library funding.

- Some South Silver Springers are none to happy about the proposed high rise apartment complex planned for the corner of Eastern Avenue and Newell Street.

- The Georgian Apartments has been purchased by New York developer Pantzer Properties, which immediately re-named it the horribly-generic-sounding "The Point at Silver Spring". Re-branding older buildings is not unique in Silver Spring, as the Mica Condos were once the Springwood Apartments and the Georgian itself was the Georgian Towers not so long ago. The Georgian memorably once hosted an Ike-Leggett-attended rooftop party featuring PG-rated nyotaimori. (Apropos of nothing, but I love that the Twin Towers Apartments' management company's website describes that building as "enchanting".)

While they're at it, why not go one step further and change the address, too? Then again, if you tamper with a building's street address, you're liable to get some erroneous results with online mapping software. I just noticed that the map on Redfin shows the Homicide House as being a gas station:

(And I am not including this in order to re-ignite the comment section debate about the value of a house next to a gas station, or Silver Spring home prices as a whole...)

*An acceptable vehicle for for Walter White, but not Heisenberg.


Anonymous said...

I think the saddest part about this whole Transit debacle is that as usual: no heads will roll, no one will pay nad its very likely that nothing will happen other than the loss of tons of taxpayer money.

Somehow foulger pratt and the county and the subctractors will all slip away with no culpability- and then of course bill us in some way.

RoseAG said...

Every public or private official associated with this infernal transit center, and that includes the Planning Board, should be issued a parking place at least as far from their destination as the bus stops currently are from the subway. Furthermore their places should be uphill from their destinations with no cover from rain or snow.

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in the Twin Towers, I have to agree it is anything but enchanting. It is fine and it is cheap for the area and the location is great. But enchanting?

And talk about a building that actually SHOULD have rebranded itself.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, RoseAG.

Slightly OT here, is anyone else annoyed at how LONG it's taking for Metro to replace those old tiles on the train platform with pavement stones? It feels never ending. In the morning I always see 10 guys standing around in that blocked off work area and only 2 guys doing something. Typical.

Anonymous said...

The SS tile replacement? I think it's going extremely fast, at least compared to the Takoma retiling. Course they did Takoma first/were figuring it all out over there. Very glad they didn't start with SS and tie us up for a year+.

Now the brick laying of the transit center on the other hand...they stopped work on that around the steps for like 6 months and just left nasty fences up. They finally appear to be wrapping that up now. It'll look a lot nicer once that whole area is open.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with the transit center.

They have met county, state and federal standards that were given to them. But MoCo Council foolishly is making a big deal out of this wasting our money and time. Fact is MoCo needs to get off their back and let them finish the damn project. It's safe, sturdy abnd will look pretty nice once its finished.

As far as metro, if you cant expect your train to have A/C or even show up on time....good luck on getting them to replace a few tiles. Metro is a joke and a half

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with the transit center.

That is some first rate humor right there! Kudos.

Anonymous said...

The "transit center" looks like an ugly parking garage. Leave it to the county to make up a nice slogan for an ugly structure.

We couldnt get a fountain like "gasp" Bethesda?

Sligo said...

Is there a fountain at the Bethesda bus station? (A fairly miserable place itself.)

perpmac said...

Not to wish the man any ill, but at this rate, it will open as the Paul Sarbanes Memorial Transit Center.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if its a fountain but the one series of steps has a waterfall type fountain? Kind of like whats in front of the Penera bread /asian bistro lot in silver spring but much taller and larger. I don't know the technical term for waterfall fountains but yeah.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to remind folks that there were actually nicer designs planned for the bus depot, but somehow over time, the county decided to go for something as ugly as possible:

Danielle Meitiv said...

"They have met county, state and federal standards that were given to them."

Do you work for Folger Pratt? Numerous analysts have said that the concrete does not meet the standards specified; not the American Concrete Institute's standards nor the Metro's. As a resident and taxpayer in MoCo the LAST thing I want is for the county to "get off their back."

Definitely a Folger Pratt employee. That's the problem with anonymous posting...

Anonymous said...

OT but has anyone noticed that the old Fajita Coast in Four Corners now has a sign that says, Red Maple Asian Food? Any idea what it will be like?

Anonymous said...

Danielle...yes because someone is against MoCO beurocracy thats standing in the way of development, MUST be a Fouler Pratt employee

Fact is, it is structuraly sound, capable of holding multiple times what it is designed for. Danielle, if you dont think its safe enough, feel free to donate YOUR money to make it safe. but dont ask me to use MY money because MoCo fat heads were dumb and decided to significantly change the specs willy-nilly half way through the project.

Anonymous said...

"yes because someone is against MoCO beurocracy thats standing in the way of development, MUST be a Fouler Pratt employee"

Quit fighting straw men in every post. And from the rest of your post it's clear you have no idea what you're talking about. Not even FP contends that they're meeting design specs. It's accepted fact that "42% [of the concrete surface area] exceeds the allowable thickness and 21% is less than the allowable thickness".

FP CONCEDES the current structure is insufficient. There are tests going on to determine what, if anything, can be done to reinforce the current structure and remedy the situation. Now, move along, know-nothing.

Anonymous said... used "quotations" well of course it must be from some reliable source and true, despite the fact you make no citation of of that

if your going to use "facts" and "quotations" to woo us, try citing them instead of making them up

Anonymous said... used "quotations" well of course it must be from some reliable source and true, despite the fact you make no citation of of that

Says the person who blithely stated this: "Fact is, it is structuraly sound, capable of holding multiple times what it is designed for." without any quotation, attribution, citation or (apparently) sense of irony.

Try just copying the phrase that so offended you (re: thickness levels), stick it in google and see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

"if your going to use "facts" and "quotations" to woo us, try citing them instead of making them up"

LOL, is this guy for real?

Anonymous said...

"LOL is this guy for real"?

what a stupid remark. is that really all you have?

"Concrete problems are NOT structural in nature – the transit center is safe and can handle
the load from vehicles and other stresses. Areas where the concrete is too thin may show
more surface wear over time."

The structure is safe accoding to MoCo Transit Advisoy Board. Seems good 'ol Legget's got himself confused again (as the rest of you)

Anonymous said...

No one is saying the thing is about to collapse. But if there are cracks surfacing because the metal underneath is warping (due to insufficiently poured concrete) then obviously the chances of the structure becoming unsound within 10 years instead of the 100 years we're paying for, then obviously that's a problem. Hence the studies and discussion between the county, developer, and experts on remediation - everyone involved KNOWS remediation is needed. The course of that remediation is what's being discussed. Got it now?

Anonymous said...

Nope, can't be the government's fault ever according to this blog.

It's 100 percent the fault of the developer.

How about we pass the blame around equally for once?

Sligo said...

There are plenty of cases where delays are the government's fault - see the Silver Spring library taking 10+ years to build.

In this case, the government paid a contractor to build something and that contractor screwed it up. This one isn't on the government.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the article about the transit center being delayed again. If Montgomery County Planners read this blog if the contractor can be excluded from future procurements based on past performance. A few delays are excusable but time and time again.

Dave said...

Delays in the government are a common thing unfortunately. No one ever gets punished and the junk car market is basically the same in Orlando.

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