Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fillmore Gets a Green Roof

Though it still appears to be largely brown at this point, The Fillmore has installed what is, at least to my knowledge, downtown Silver Spring's only Silver Spring's most recent green roof. I don't know if this is adequately granola for those still lamenting the loss of the Birchmere, but hey, it's something. The only downside is that its installation would seem to preclude the Fillmore's hosting of any Beatle-esque rooftop concerts. Now all they need is for Maryland to legalize pot and they'd have a great opportunity for (literally) vertical integration.

Also deserving some green cred is United Therapeutics, which has installed a large number of solar panels on the roof of their new building at Cameron and Spring.

UPDATE: Thank you to commenters for reminding me that the Eastern Village Cohousing condos have long had a green roof and also noting that various other buildings in S.S. also have green roofs.

Thanks to TM for providing the bird's-eye view.


Anonymous said...

There are definitely a few more green roofs all over downtown Silver Spring. Biggest ones, that I know of, are the Veridian, the co-op building on Eastern (Eastern Village), at least 1 of the Blairs buildings, the modern renovation at Ripley/Ga Ave., and the lofts at Fenton/Bonifant. The Transit Center is going to have a green roof - not sure if that's installed yet - and UT actually has a green roof too (but as you mentioned, some space covered in solar panels instead).

Anonymous said...

The Lofts 24 has a green roof.

Anonymous said...

Would have prefered a concert /party space here. Would be pretty cool to have a rooftop bar or a concert area up there instead.

Probably too loud for DTSS.

Anonymous said...

How would a rooftop bar be too loud? We're talking about 29...with 100K cars/trucks/buses going by making probably 20x the amount of noise any rooftop bar in the world could make. It just a dumb idea to put a bar or stage on such a small roof. Who would pay $50 bucks to miss their concert and stand on a roof?

Anonymous said...

Oh, whoops, I see now that you just went down the SSS posts to bash each thread. Dumb of me to give you an actual response.

Anonymous said...

Im anon from 11:58 only responded to this post. are you paranoid or something?

i think i agree with your point if the roof is too small. But no one said that it had to be a 50 dollar entry to miss your concert. they could play smaller intimate VIP shows on a small roof or even have a band playing to the street (other cities do that). or even just open a bar over the summer that is open on non concert nights, ever thought of that?

you can disagree without being a complete paranoid douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:12 you sound like the douchebag here.

Anonymous said..., I still think The Fillmore opening a miniature bar in the summer on nice weather days that there is not concert is still a dumb idea. I'm sorry if that makes me a "complete paranoid douchebag."

I also still don't see how the outdoor seating would be "too loud for DTSS" considering we're talking about the prospect of bothering people driving down 29. You're obviously just bashing Silver Spring, just like you did in the thread after this 1 minute later: "Gabeta place which looks really unappealing" (yeah, 'cause you've been to or seen the place) and thread after that minutes later: "Really speaks to the level of mediocre bar life that silver spring is supporting."

I love that your this is what your life consists of - coming on here every few days just to pee all over everything. It's absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

And I love that your life consists of assuming everyone on this blog is the same person.

And then spending time responding to that person while being critical of how much time they spend on being supposedly negative.

Let's just face it, the people on this blog are just super defensive of thier town. They cannot deal with any criticism of it whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I'm pretty sure everyone on here can easily list 5 things about DTSS that drives them nuts. Mine:

1. how the county/state refuse to do anything w/ GA Ave., 29, and Wayne Ave. and continue to pretend that it's 1980 and all DTSS is good for it to drive through really fast.
2. City Place
3. Terribly expensive happy hour prices
4. NIMBYs slowing down redevelopment
5. The person who pretends DTSS is worse than it was 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Said person obviously knows nothing about where SS was and where it is now.

Speaking of rooftops, has anyone heard an update on Society's rooftop seating plans? That place is probably way to chic for me anyways, though.

Anonymous said...


Above person is clearly the bethesda NOVA troll trying to troll this blog. nothing to see here!

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Monique said...

Looks pretty cool! Is the entrance free? So many people have voted for a concert place, I believe their wish will be realized? Will the tickets be available at discounts then?

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