Friday, June 01, 2012

The Community Strikes Back: Less Dense Makes Sense

Apologies the two consecutive posts on this subject, but this annoys me.

After concluding that "Leave the Zone Alone" wasn't an effective enough rhyme, The Community has regrouped following their most recent defeat and introduced new yard signs reading "Less Dense Makes Sense". I completely concur with the sentiment, though probably not with the exact meaning that was intended.

The implication of the group's non-functional URL ( that this development would somehow endanger the area's "greenness" is absurd. I myself reside in this neighborhood, and I can tell you with some certainty it has an abundance of large trees. I am reminded of this fact every time there is rain/snow/wind and a felled tree knocks my power out for days at a time.

While the property may indeed be surrounded by some older trees, most of it is covered with an ugly disused school, an unkempt sports field and the most non-green thing of all: a surface parking lot.

Clearing a few trees for this development would hardly affect the overall character of the neighborhood, and if the townhouse plan (below) is to be believed, the plot might even experience a net gain in trees.

Let's all chill out and worry about real issues that we can all agree on, like how City Place sucks. Everyone say it with me now: we're not gonna protest, we're not gonna protest...


Anonymous said...

"I completely concur with the sentiment, though probably not with the exact meaning that was intended."

lol, just made my afternoon. Thanks, Sligo.

Anonymous said...

How about this one...

"No more water main on wayne"

Seriously... for how long will the WSSC work on the intersection of Wayne and Fenton?

Yogi Chi said...

We definitely should be doing something about City Place...and now we have a huge H&M. smh

Lindemann said...

More Would Rule
At the School


Got a Jones
For More Homes

I give up. I guess The Community must be right because they have a better rhyme (even if my first reaction is "Yes, it would make sense if you were less dense").

djamesnm said...

How about...
"give a hoot"
"build some more midrange priced condos in the area please so we don't have to just have crazy high priced houses for some really nice people, but some other people, also quite nice, who don't have over $600K to spend right there....or else they will have to live in a boot"

yeah..put THAT on a button

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the townhouse situation you keep writing about but can you go back to stuff about things to do in SS? Much more enjoyable instead of the snark about your neighbors. Of course it's your blog and some people may like that kind of thing but I'm afraid this wonderful blog which I've always enjoyed and is a great resource for SSpringers might be heading down the j utp road to irrelevance. Just sayin.

Patrick Thornton said...

I too support The Community being less dense.

Bravo for this moment of self awareness. It's not everyday that we see this level of introspection or intelligence from The Community.

Anonymous said...

Disagree strongly with Anon @Saturday 3:27 PM. I think your coverage of this issue has been great, and that your blog is leaps and bounds better than JUTP (which I no longer read because it became so useless).

RoseAG said...

Interesting arial photo. I hadn't realize the parcel was so big.

Anonymous said...

Also Disagree strongly with Anon @Saturday 3:27 PM. And Dan from JUTP cross posts on Greater Greater Washigton and gets a ton of responses, especially to his recent post on this very townhouse rezoning issue.

For those DTSSers who think the rezoning doesnt affect them, think again. We want better retail, restaurants, bars, nightlife, etc. To attract those kinds of businesses there must be a critical mass of pedestrians with disposable income to support them. Putting townhomes on this site brings more of those consumers to SS than single family detached homes.

Patrick Thornton said...

Anon is right. Even if you don't live right next to this new development this directly impacts you, Silver Spring and even our county.

Without more density, we cannot support more businesses, restaurants and other walkable attractions. More walkability and businesses will raise our property values and make Silver Spring a more desirable place.

This proposed development is much more desirable than an unused school or detached SFHs.

Every time a new development loses density it affects the rest of us. Silver Spring cannot become more desirable without more density in its core.

Anonymous said...

I'm just concerned about depriving future neighborhood children of the great sledding hill at Chelsea. So many memories.....

Sligo said...

My childhood sledding hill at Holy Cross is long gone.

Anonymous said...

a week after this post went up the Web site still isn't functioning. Oppostion--rule one for having your position accepted as legitimate: have your Web site up or don't advertise it

Anonymous said...

Try refresh.

Anonymous said...

Refresh isn't the problem. The site isn't up.

Mr. Wang said...

I am fine with the new EYA development and the new Citron apartments a block away. Hopefully it will give some businesses a second thought about opening in DTSS. And phuck H&M for not putting their shitty store in Shitty Place where it belongs.

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