Monday, June 04, 2012

Coming to Theaters this Summer: The Chelsea School Chainsaw Massacre

The new trailer has dropped for the upcoming SOECA-produced horror film, set at the site of the former Chelsea School in downtown Silver Spring. So far no plot details have been leaked, but the trailer leads me to believe it centers around a gang of chainsaw-wielding psychopaths carving up neighborhood children. (It's especially effective if you close your eyes and only listen to the audio.)


Anonymous said...

Can they carve up the candy-sellers?

Anonymous said...

Only if they carve up the thugs first!

Agent499% said...

YUP-Massacre is accurate.
with extra greedy ""singlular" mindedness EYA is going to massacre the 77 trees that are skyhigh and have huge root systems and limbs like giant arms that envelope the air.

These major trees protect and buffer noise, pollution and absorb storm water at Cedar Street/CBD borderline.
Yet you mock the neighborhoods video, which brings awareness to EYA's anti-neighborhood and anti-tree canopy stance whereby they plan to clearcut many majestic, specimen, and publicly owned road side trees that are greater that 3 feet in diameter.

BTW, quoting the well respected Casey Tree Director, it takes 7 new trees to replace one majestic full canopy old tree, that's would be the equivalent of 77x 7, or 539 trees, if they wer all larger than 3 feet in diameter. Clear-cutting trees in suburban neighborhoods, and nearest urban districts is PASSE, and anti-smart growth. EYA needs to cut townhouses-not the trees.

Anonymous said...

I hear a solid wall of brick, followed by a bunch of empty space, followed by another solid wall of brick does a pretty good job at buffering noise too.

Sligo said...

Trees get cut down when houses are built. That's how it works and that's how it has always worked, unless you are an Ewok. How many trees got cut down to build your house?

Anonymous said...

Nice, Agent499. Way to invoke "smart growth" and not actually know what it means or, more likely, know what it means, but hijack and twist the definition into the latest bullcrap reason why EYA is sooooo evil and NIMBYs are soooo great.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that if only single-family homes were to be built on this site, the huge root systems and air-enveloping limbs of these majestic specimens would be preserved forever and ever.

Unless one is advocating leaving Chelsea site as is, the sad truth is that the majority of these trees are goners no matter what development occurs.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:08 is exactly right. Those who oppose the townhomes conveniently leave out of their "love your mother earth" position that this site is going to get developed one way or another and a good percentage of the existing trees will be removed. Some of the trees *might* get saved, but most, especially those along Springvale and Ellsworth would go away in any development...yes, even with 25 giant McMansions which the SOECA people prefer to the 63 townhomes.

It will all be over very soon when (hopefully) the council votes to rezone the property. Last time it went before the council, the vote was 5-4 to remand it to the hearing examiner...meaning four council members approved the prior plan version that had more townhomes. In theory, all EYA must do is convince one additional council member that the latest modifications to the plan accomplish the goals of the council.

Of course if the council rezones the property, SOECA could then sue and spend even more of their children's and grandchildren's inheritances. Ironically, many of those kids will never want (or afford) to live in the single family detached homes their parents live in.