Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- DC Urban Mud has posted some photos of the Silver Spring library construction site, which quite honestly doesn't look a whole lot different than it did a year ago. The good news is they are in the process of selecting a contractor. A fiver says it's not Foulger-Pratt.

- Big ups to the folks at the Pure Energy Team for putting on their Spring Carnival in Silver Spring a couple weekends back.  Who else gets a pony for their suburban front yard and invites all the neighborhood children to take a ride? And that's in addition to a petting zoo, magic show, moon bounce, cupcakes, cotton candy and more, all free of charge.

- Here are some details from the Planning Department regarding Silver Spring's future bikeshare station. It will occupy the space that the Post Office vacated just this week.


- The next actor to appear at a Q&A at the AFI Silver will be Matthew Modine, who you may remember from such films as Full Metal Jacket and Vision Quest. (He's also in the upcoming Batman movie.) I'm still bitter I was out of town for the Office Space anniversary screening/Q&A a few years back.

- The most recent Washingtonian has a rundown of the various MoCo food trucks, all of which have spent some lunch hours parked around downtown Silver Spring. 


Anonymous said...

How are they providing a path for the purple line when there is no idea where the purple line will go?


Anonymous said...

Huh? The route of the Purple Line was finalized at least 18 months ago and there will be a stop at the library where the county has shown it. No idiocy at all. Why do you think otherwise?

Rebecca said...

"Grand opening in Nov. 2014" - Who wants to bet on when the library will actually open? I say late 2015 at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

Ha. More like 2016 if we are lucky.

And don't worry- the People's Republic of Montgomery County will have another Tax ready to go to support any delays and raised costs through mismanagement or bad planning.

Pete said...

I sorta expect the Basilica Sagrada Familia to be finished before the transit center or library.

Anonymous said...

I agree with not considering Folger Pratt for the transit center. Open up the bidding to other qualified contractors.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the way this county is run Foulger Crapp will grease some clown like Ike with a payoff and they will be right back into stealing money and half assing work in no time.

Anonymous said...

haha, well said Pete.