Thursday, May 03, 2012

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Already a destination for collectors of vintage vinyl, Silver Spring will be hosting the DC  Record Fair on June 17th at the Fillmore.

- Jewel of India, which opened last summer in the Hillandale strip mall, just received a glowing review from Post food critic Tom Sietsema. I need to make a concerted effort to finally get out there and try it this weekend, particularly after looking at these photos.

- The second Taste the World at Fenton Village takes place this Sunday afternoon from 1-5. 24 restaurants are participating, and each will offer appetizers and small tasting plates from $2-$5.

- Also this weekend: the second annual Downtown Silver Spring Art Festival. It's the 86th ranked art festival in the whole country, guys!!! (Who actually ranks every single art festival? Apparently this guy does.)

- Silver Spring's so-called "Homicide House" remains unsold over a year after first hitting the market. In the strong DC metro housing market, it's surprising any reasonably-priced house would remain on the market for an extended length of time, though clearly this one comes with an exceptionally unfortunate history. It does look like it may have undergone some renovations since it was originally listed.

- If you receive of these coupon mailers from Downtown Silver Spring, don't immediately toss it in the recycling bin - there's actually some decent deals inside. (25% of Fro Zen Yo, for one.) I did find it odd that a booklet promoting DTSS businesses also includes an ad enticing people to move to National Harbor.

 - Thanks to its combination of walkability and (relative) affordability, Silver Spring made this year's cut of Washingtonian Magazine's "Best Places to Live". While article from this month's issue isn't available online, you can take a peek at the portion dealing with the Silver Spring segment below.


Anonymous said...

OMG Jewel of India is delicious. Found it a couple weeks ago and am in heaven - totally recommended!

Anonymous said...

National Harbor was developed and is owned by Peterson Cos., the same as Downtown Silver Spring. That's why they advertised their own for sale condos in the DTSS promotional mailer.

Sligo said...

I understand that, it just seems odd that they're using a local coupon book to try to get you to move out of the area.

Anonymous said...

Jewel of India is great. However, since the review it is bananas in there. Consider a mid-week trip. The strain on the wait-staff is really visible on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

This past Saturday night we did something we never do: went to a restaurant, the Jewel of India, on the same day a great review came out.

All things considered, it wasn't too bad. We thought that by getting there at 7:00 we'd beat the crowds, but apparently 7:00 is prime time in that part of Silver Spring (usually 8 pm is restaurant rush hour).

After perhaps 30 minutes at most we got a good table, and while it was obvious that the staff were freaked out by the crowds, we got all the food we ordered on time and very well prepared.

I have to say that the review was accurate: the food there is really good. But like others here are saying, go mid-week to really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Not really on topic with anything in the post, but color me a bit skeptical about the new Uncle Steve's BBQ food truck. Menu says "Our Sauces: Made daily from scratch in our kitchen." However, walking by today and peeking inside the front cabin area, I saw a case of Sweet Baby Rays.

Hmmm...Not sure why they should need that.

Justafed said...

Also not on topic, but has anybody else recently sighted hipsters in Long Branch (of all places)? Yesterday I was shocked to see a dude in black denim jeans, a hipsterish T-shirt and a *fedora* carrying a six pack of Blue Moon white Belgian ale at the corner of Piney Branch and Flower. There are not very many innocent explanations I can think of for this, to be perfectly honest.

Anonymous said...

Justafed, he was probably a plant by Coors to make Blue Moon look "cool."

Justafed said...

That would be plausible, except we are talking about the corner of Flower and Branch, which is decidedly not a choice location for staging "cool".

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