Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Way to End the Weekend

While the rest of the weekend may have been dreary and gray, the sun finally came out of hiding this afternoon and I can't think of a better possible way to pass a lovely spring day than this guy did: hanging out in the Burnt Mills Shopping Center listening to ABBA on a vintage 80's ghetto blaster.

UPDATE: Apparently he owns this spot. Here he is last Friday, listening to MC Hammer:

(Thanks to KL for the second pic.)


Anonymous said...

Great, now Dancing Queen is going to be stuck in my head all day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! David Crosby was at Burnt Mills over the weekend! But, listening to ABBA, yeesh.

Sligo said...

When I passed by it was "Take a Chance on Me".

Anonymous said...

How many batteries does that thing take?

Sligo said...

It takes 20 D Energizers.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic skullet on that guy...

Anonymous said...

He's totally checking out that chick too.

kristy said...

I saw him on Sunday too! He was playing MC Hammer when I saw him. I nearly crashed my car trying to jump out and get a picture on my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

another proud moment for Silver Spring. This is a huge embarrassment. The county would never let this happen in oh say Bethesda or Rockville.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "let this happen"? Good lord I hope it gets resolved soon.... Biggest pain in the ass ever.

Anonymous said...

Every morning I see a whole crew working out there, what are they doing?

PS I just heard Fenton Street Market is coming back to Veteran's Plaza staring April 28th.

Countess Fifi Von Wigglesworth said...

I love this guy! He's all go hard or go home. Who needs when you got this...

iPhone 4s Case said...

How fabulous!

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