Thursday, March 29, 2012

Silver Spring Oddity

Random factoid of the day: In 1971, a young pre-Ziggy Stardust David Bowie spent his first ever night in the States in Silver Spring. Flickr user ozoni11 has shared the photographic evidence:

Now, if we could only get a photo of Jimmy Page outside the Wheaton Rec Center.

Thanks to KR, whose Facebook share of this photo I never saw until it somehow resurfaced when I switched to the new timeline format.


Anonymous said...

Apparently bag tax > David Bowie.

Anonymous said...

Aw she's purty!

Anonymous said...

the way those guys are slouching in the couches seems very 1970's

Michael Oberman said...

I am the guy waving on the couch. David Bowie was one of over 300 musicians I interviewed for my music column in the Washington Star. I still slouch on a couch. My mother still lives in Silver Spring in the house pictured. I am a full time nature photographer after spending many years in the music business.