Monday, March 12, 2012

Restaurant Roundup

As there's been a fair amount of discussion in the comments sections regarding the states of various restaurants, I thought it might be worthwhile to compile the most current statuses of these eateries. Feel free to provide corrections or updates in the comments if necessary.

Piratz/Corporate Bar & Grill:
Re-opened this past weekend. It's still called Corporate, but now the faceless suit on the sign sports an eye patch. While their old pirate-garbed regulars may have returned, any potential customers peering through the window might be more than a bit confused by the place.

Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi: The Japanese restaurant that took over the old Ceviche space seems to be readying for an opening after finally settling on a somewhat less trademark-infringing name.

Gebeta: This Ethiopian restaurant will be opening in the old Taste of Jerusalem location on Georgia Avenue.

Sushi Jin: Remains closed after a fire in January. Not sure why it hasn't re-opened, but I heard a rumor that a health inspection was involved in some manner. Don't quote me on that. It's somewhat ironic that of all types of restaurants, it would be a sushi one that would have a fire.

Society: This has been a work in progress for over a year now. Other restaurants' entire lifespans have been shorter than this. They must have plenty of cash reserves or a nice line of credit to cover rent and renovations with no revenue all that time. By all accounts, the interior looks complete and is quite nice. Hopefully it will be open for business in the coming weeks.

The Former Highland Origin Coffee: Last year the coffee shop added a full menu and promptly closed. Now there's a liquor license application in the window for what looks like what will be yet another Ethiopian restaurant. What will this bring us up to, 143 Ethiopian places? Ethiopian restaurants are the new hair salons.

Marrakesh: I don't know what is going on with this place. I reported it was closing based on a Groupon offer refund email, but since then the owner has been quoted in a Gazette article claiming he is still in business. WTF?

Update: Thanks to commenter Jag for reminding me about the following two:

Scion: This Dupont Circle restaurant has announced they will be opening a second location at 1200 East West Highway.

La Madeleine: The chain of French cafes will be opening up a location at the intersection of Wayne and Georgia. No idea what the timeline is on this one.


jag said...

Don't forget about Scion announcing the other day they'll be coming to the area (already open in Dupont). I feel like that's a pretty big deal, especially for that side of the train tracks.

Also in the works is that new La Madeleine prototype at the corner of Wayne/Georgia. That doesn't appear to have started construction yet, though.

Along with Stage and Fajita Coast already opening, that's an exciting set of fresh, new options coming to town (despite a couple of them likely serving Ethiopian food that won't be able to rival Abol, Bete, and Addis Ababa).

Stuart said...

Marrakesh *never* looked like it was open at the Georgia Ave location. It looked like it was out of business even when it wasn't.

Easley Does It said...

There's also work going on in that space on Fenton across from Highland.

Evan Glass said...

More exciting news from The Society Lounge

pia said...

We had an early lunch at the new Fajita Coast last week (so we were the only ones there at 11:30)- great food, similar to Mi Rancho but we felt tastier (and we're semi-regulars are Mi Rancho). The decor hadn't changed much but, the server was super nice.

Craig said...

I wonder if Montgomery County should designate particular blocks of downtown Silver Spring as "Little Ethiopia".

Anonymous said...

I liked the quote "this brings the total number of ethiopian places to 143?".....about time someone said it. does anyone else not understand why the hell we have like 100 ethiopian places but only 1 pizza place (excuse me 2 if you count papa johns)...or 1 burger place?

Its a mystery how people still fail to understand why business' keep failing in DTSS....because they open crappy shops and resteraunts that no one goes too! now there will bea few people who post on here and say "what are you talking about i go there all the time?" yea well buddy you're there only customer.

most places don't close because they have to much business....they close because no one goes, no one cares and no one likes these crappy places to eat.

Ever wonder how Bethesda and Friendship heights stay thriving? because they have places people actually WANT to go to.


Anonymous said...

If you think downtown Silver Spring has a lot of turnover or that the turnover that does exist is a bad thing then you're honestly not very educated on the matter. A couple of subpar places closing shop from time to time and then immediately (like seriously, how did Stage and Fajita Coast open so fast?) being replaced by new options is excellent news in every front.

Alternatively, Gtown, Logan Circle, Dupont, etc. have TONS of turnover thanks in large part to ever-increasing rents forcing out a lot of mainstay businesses. Hopefully downtown Silver Spring doesn't reach that point and maintains its current healthy balance of introducing new blood while keeping the great, local mainstays in business.

Anonymous said...

Any reports from the new Stage burger place on Colesville?

Anonymous said...

anonnymous 1105.....clearly YOU are the one who is not educated on the affects or turnover. frequent and massive turnover is an extremlety bad thing. it lowers neighborhood value, deters potential investors, moves people away from the community and causes a cycle in which future business will avoid that area.....perfect example would be any depressed area now that was once vibrant 20-30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Except downtown Silver Spring doesn't have anywhere near "frequent and massive" turnover and more often than not the turnover is immediately filled. Downtown Silver Spring has extremely low residential and retail vacancy rates. You're delusional (or don't live here) if you think vacancy or turnover is anywhere near the top of 20910's issues or turnover is indicative of an unhealthy neighborhood (again, see prime DC neighborhoods, which I take it you don't know much about either). If you're just trolling, I apologize for bothering to respond.

Anonymous said...

anonymouse 1117

clearly you are stuck in the clouds and no nothing about business or event the most basic of developments plans that a 6 year old can understand.

for one thing, you are comparing DTSS with the likes of georgetown and bethesda which is a. bigger in number of stores and b. overall bigger in land area. so your "analysis" doesnt exactly make a whole lot of sense.

by your logic we're better off than the island of manhattan, which has more turnover than us...idiot

plus, its obviouse you dont live in DTSS. Have you taken a stroll down georgia ave lately? oh thats right, you like to talk abou it, without actually knowing whats there.

please....think before you speak next time...or well think before you type

Anonymous said...

after reading my post....damn i have a lot of typos. but wheni get frustrated at other people's stupidity, sometimes it rubs off a little on to me.


Danielle Meitiv said...

Another Ethiopian place. Maybe they figure that if Addis Abba on Fenton is always packed then another Ethiopian place can't fail.

Except...there are plenty of empty ones. Abol on Colesville (which I hated although everyone on Yelp raves about it), the one on Rodier, the place on Georgia.

Hmmm, maybe it's not just the kind of food - it's the QUALITY. If it's good Mexican/Ethiopian/Lebanese/Italian/whatever it will thrive b/c there are a lot of people in DTSS and they like good food.

Crappy food = no customers.

(Yeah I know it's a complicated formula but I thought I'd toss it out there anyway, just to show what an entrepreneurial genius I am)

Anonymous said...

Huh? DTSS is substantially bigger than the DC neighborhoods I list and bigger than bethesda, but I'm not even sure what point you're trying to make by claiming otherwise. This conversation is completely dumb. I can't believe I even bother engaging the troll (sorry everyone, I didn't realize it was him at first). You win, DTSS sucks complete ass. And we're all fat and ugly and whatever else you always complain about. Cheers.

Back on subject - Society's rooftop dining could be real cool, so long as they have room to set back from the Ga. Ave. traffic noise. If only it was open this week for the insanely awesome weather.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:23 - I think a 6 year old knows the difference between "no" and "know" and can spell obvious correctly. Maybe you should stop calling people idiots if you can't even spell.

Anonymous said...

anonymos 1155

yes...i made some typos...i acknowledged it....because Im sure every time you time online you are always 100 percent accurate with your spelling and grammer...douche

DTSSER said...

Jeebus, another Ethiopian restaurant? I love Ethiopian food, but how many do we need in a couple of square miles of each other? Ethiopia like India or China: filled with different regions with markedly different cuisines? I confess that all the Ethiopian places I've been too seem to have the same menu, but maybe Chinese restaurants were like that when they first got popular, too.

Anonymous said...

So much complaining about the number of Ethiopian restaurants. For those of you who haven't noticed, Silver Spring has a substantial Ethiopian population, and if the market can support another Ethiopian restaurant, that's fine by me. Much better than an empty storefront.

Anonymous said...

A little FYI about Silver Spring being "Little Ethiopia." The term has already been coined for a place in Seattle, Washington. However, Silver Spring and Seattle are considered big cultural centers for Ethiopians in this country. Once a year, I believe, they have a giant festival in either city.

And why do Ethiopians come here, specifically? Our education. Montgomery College is a big draw for an affordable college education. Most Ethiopians who have come here came from higher class Ethiopian familes who fled during civil war and famine in the 80s and 90s.

Anonymous said...

This is Steve's mom and I'd like to apologize for my son's behavior. I've taken away his internet privileges (AGAIN!) and he won't be bothering you anymore. - Steve's Mom

Anonymous said...

anonymouse 2:09

ooo very mature..get a life loser


Anonymous said...

just like to add my 2 cents on the topic of "another ethiopian" restaurant. if you would like to see something different, then act! get yourself a store (i think there's enough to go around) then put your chef skills (or hire them out) to the test. deal?

Sligo said...

I don't think my peanut butter & jelly sandwich restaurant would be very successful.

Anonymous said...

@sligo, if Cereal could last a while I dont see why PB&Js couldnt.

Anonymous said...

If you have PB&Js and grilled cheese - I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Enough with the restaurants already. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I see the pathetic nerd once again thinks EVERYONE is the NOVA troll who isn't glowingly positive about DTSS.

Face it you fat nerd: DTSS has a lot of problems and seems to have been planned by idiots. Enough of the Ehtiiopian and thai places.

Tina & Drew said...

I dunno Springer - it's been done in NY, you might be onto something there: their peanut butter is awesome, can grab a jar at Whole Foods.

RE: Ethiopian places, you'd think they would realize, crap - unless my food is ridiculously better place is waaaay saturated, let's go for something else. I'd kill for some good Korean downtown, or a legit izakaya... Or a bahn mi store... Society Fair something or other T_T

Anonymous said...

what is WRONG with this area? Another Ethopian place? It's like the business owners and the town are infected by a case of the "full retard".

4 + thai places
2 greek places within a block of each other
239390809 ethopian joints
now two places offering burgers withing a door of each other.

lets not forget the 4 billion hair barber shops within blocks of each other.

What piss poor planning.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:48, one of these days you're going to open your yap and use the word "retard" in front of the wrong person, and then spend the next few weeks waiting for your bones to stitch back together.

Ironically, your continued casual and nasty use of that word casts doubt on the quality of your mind.

Anonymous said...

There are 177 restaurants in the 20910 zip code. Everything you mention accounts for less than 10% of the restaurants in the zip code.

Fact is I can walk out of my house and choose numerous places to eat from including Amerian, Indian, Italian, Bolivian, Tex-Mex, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Irish, Greek, Thai, Burmese, Salvadoran, Peruvian, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, and many others that just aren't coming to my head right now. All of this and I don't need to get in my car to accomplish it.

Who cares if there are too many Ethiopian restaurants? There is more than enough options as it is. Be happy.

Anonymous said...

While I'm not very excited for another Ethiopian place, I'm just not as outraged as others seem to be. I think many on here have classic "tough guy/girl" internet syndrome, which most likely means that in person you're a wee wanker.

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Anon at 729 makes some good points. Others make a valid case that Silver Spring has a looong way to go and needs to constantly improve and perhaps yet another Ethiopian restaurant isn't the answer when we need more bars. But all of this can be done without calling someone a "retard" like you have little to no education, or get huffy when someone else suggests Silver Spring improve. Let's have calm and respectful discussions/arguments. Leave the tough guy/girl stuff for the elementary school playground.


Craig said...

To the nasty posters (specifically Steve) who have a problem with Ethiopian restaurants...

Silver Spring is home to many Ethiopians who work and go to school in the DC region. The downtown area is a central meeting point for ex-pats to get together for food and coffee. And boy, do Ethiopians love their coffee.

Therefore, it's not surprising that Ethiopian restauranteurs would choose Silver Spring for their business.

And not Ethiopian restaurants serve crappy food as one poster noted already. I am not a fan of Ethiopian cuisine but there are a few places around town that get a steady stream of eaters (including a fair number of non-Ethiopian customers).

So people...please dial down the Hate a little.

Patrick Thornton said...

I have no issue with another Ethiopian restaurant. I wish them the best of luck. I'm not a big fan of the food myself, but I might give it another try. I do really enjoy Ethiopian cafes, however (I miss the old Highland Origin).

Is the market saturated with Ethiopian restaurants? I don't know. The market will bare what it can bare, and we'll find out if our area can support another one.

I welcome any good restaurant or bar to our area. Good food, good drinks and good customer service are all I ask for.

Anonymous said...

I think Marrakesh would be more popular if they offered more than a one option for a meal - a 7-course meal at $50 each is not something I go for. Plus they gave me food poisoning.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:22

Well it certainly won't be from you retard.

Who appointed you word police? Stupid idiots always trying to police words.

Here's a thought: Typical people who threaten others with violence in a passive aggressive manner such as yourself can't fight at all and are in fact cowards.

Also people who protest as much as you do are typical part of the group in question being "offended". Given the content of your posts and your writing skills I'm going to assume both of the above thoughts apply to you.

Anonymous said...

Also to everyone offended by "retard" I was using a movie quote:

Tropic Thunder.

Lighten up you boring liberals. You people must be so much fun at party. Hipster doofuses.

Anonymous said...

i know...why don't we go back to discussing Silver Spring and end the personal attacks? Isn't that what this site is all about?

Anonymous said...

Well it certainly won't be from you retard.

You're right, it wouldn't be from me, or most other people. I was thinking of a person whose mentally retarded son or daugher, brother or sister, comes home in tears from school because the other children kept teasing "Retard!" You might find yourself using that word in a nasty, insulting way in the presence of a person who has had enough of it, and who expects children to be mean and thoughtless, but not an adult such as yourself.

Who appointed you word police? Stupid idiots always trying to police words.

This has nothing to do with "word police." It has to do with common decency and respect for other people. Just as you would not call someone a racist slur, not because you're afraid of getting hit, but because you would not want to hurt their feelings, why would you use another word that you know, or ought to know, is hurtful to others?

Also people who protest as much as you do are typical part of the group in question being "offended". Given the content of your posts and your writing skills I'm going to assume both of the above thoughts apply to you.

Wrong. I am not mentally retarded, and no one in my family or among my friends is, either. But I have read enough from their advocates to know how hurtful and offensive the word "retard" is to them.

Sligo said...

Everyone chill, or I may have to lock the comments, which I hate doing.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 0800

"retard" is a legitimate medical term period. but you stupid hipster liberals want to make a fuss everytime you get you ball-less panties in a bunch. ya know what YOU....YOU stupid hipster liberals offend me...maybe you should just shut the F up.

btw, hows that whole "hopey-changey" thing workin for ya?

Sligo said...

Ok, sorry but I warned you. I'm not going to allow this to become another Washington Post/Yahoo News/etc. comments section where every story devolves into personal attacks and somehow relates to how Obama is horrible. I read an iPad review on the Post today, and somehow a commenter managed to link that to Obama.

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of buzz generated around town about when Society is opening, and we would like to take a moment to share our progress. First, we would like to thank those of you who have been patiently waiting for the unique experience that Society will offer. We really appreciate the energy and excitement created on of all the blogs and would like to personally thank Jacob for his direct inquiry. We have noticed a couple comments regarding rooftop dining and while this is something we hope to offer, it will not be available in the immediate future.
Our commitment to Good Food, Good Will, and Good People, has kept us working diligently to ensure that we provide all of our guests with the quality of service and delicious food that the Silver Spring community deserves. As for our current status, I would like to personally invite you to join us for the soft opening of Society Lounge. The celebration will be from 7pm to midnight on Friday (3/23) and Saturday (3/24). We’ve worked very hard to bring you a venue that our neighbors can enjoy. This is an opportunity for you to drop by and meet the staff and experience good food, good will and good people. A complimentary tasting of our exciting menu will be available. I look forward to seeing you all soon.
-Jason Miskiri
The Society Lounge
8229 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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