Friday, March 30, 2012

Follow Friday: A Collection of Silver Spring Twitter Feeds

Is #FollowFriday even still a thing on Twitter? Regardless, I figured it might be worthwhile to compile and post (on a Friday) a comprehensive list of Silver Spring-centric Twitter accounts plus a handful of others that may be relevant. The frequency and usefulness of tweets in these feeds may vary a bit and a few accounts appear to be dormant, but perhaps there may be some you find of value.

If you know of a feed I omitted that others might find of interest, post them in the comments section or shoot me an email.

Without further ado, here's the list:

Blogs, News, Etc.
Just up the Pike
Silver Spring Center
Silver Spring Patch
Silver Spring, Singular

Montgomery County Government
Montgomery County Police
Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery County Solid Waste Services*
S.S. Volunteer Fire Department
The Straight Line (MoCo Planning Blog)

*Actually quite useful. Will let you know when to put out your trash during weeks with a holiday.

AFI Silver Theatre
Round House Theatre
Fillmore Silver Spring
Silver Spring Stage

8407 Kitchen Lounge
Fire Station 1
Jackie's Restaurant
Kao Thai
Mama Lucia Silver Spring
McGinty's Public House
Pacci's Restaurants
Quarry House Tavern
Society Lounge
Stage Burger Lounge
Tropical Ice Cream Café
Woodside Deli

Purple Line Now

Handmade Mart
Silver Spring Zombie Walk
Taste of Fenton Village

South Silver Spring

Art Spring
Bell Flowers
Dale Music
Fenton Street Market
Fenwick Beer & Wine
The Record Exchange 
Whole Foods (Montgomery Co.)

Downtown Silver Spring Courtyard

Blair Apartments
The Cameron

And finally, here's a special one for all the bag tax-hating commenters from an earlier post: the bag tax has its own Twitter account!


Anonymous said...

The japanese steakhouse on Ellsworth is opening this weekend.

Anonymous said...

last post march 30th huh?

Sligo said...

No, April 17th.

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