Thursday, February 09, 2012

Silver Spring Wish List - Updated for 2012

And now, in no particular order, my Silver Spring wish list for 2012. Please feel free to post your own list in the comments section.

1. A Barbeque Joint

I love me some barbeque, but let's face it - the DC metro area is pretty much a barbeque wasteland. Maybe I'm just spoiled because I went to college in the South, where BBQ restaurants are ubiquitous. I ate a whole lot of Sonny's back then. That’s not to say they are completely non-existent in the region – I do occasionally frequent to the Urban BBQ in Rockville (sorry, "North Bethesda") on my lunch breaks, and that place is decent. There is another Urban BBQ location in Silver Spring, though it's in Hillandale, a borderline SSINO area that's not particularly convenient to downtown. I'd love to see a good, dedicated barbeque joint open up right in downtown Silver Spring.

2. Five Guys

These days you can’t go anywhere in America without seeing a Five Guys. Well, except downtown Silver Spring. Why whoever owns the territory has not opened a location downtown is beyond me. It'd be like printing currency every lunch hour. (And yes, I am fully aware there is one up on Tech Road, but as i the aforementioned Urban BBQ, that’s also not the most convenient location to downtown Silver Spring.) All sorts of miscellaneous restaurants come and go in Silver Spring, yet inexplicably no one has bothered to start up a Five Guys franchise.
Is Five Guys the best hamburger around? Probably not, but it’s an easy place to hit up at lunch if you're craving a burger. Granted, there’s Fuddruckers right in DTSS, but for whatever reason I just have no desire to eat there.

And why stop there? How about a Ray's Hellburger? We've already have a regular Ray's restaurant, right?
3. Rodman’s

It may not be the optimal place at which to do your everyday grocery shopping, but what I love about Rodman's is its wide selection of international packaged goods, most of which you won't often find at other stores. This is particularly true at the Friendship Heights location, the one up in White Flint having significantly downsized awhile back to focus on beer and wine. It also seems that when Whole Foods does carry these items, they are notably pricier than they are at Rodman's.

Some of my recent purchases from Rodman's.  Time for cream tea.

While there already exists a Rodman’s that is technically in Silver Spring, its location at the corner of Randolph and Viers Mill is another one of those amorphous SSINO regions that isn't particularly convenient, especially in traffic. I’ve never stepped foot in this one, though from the reviews it would appear it isn't quite as nice as the Friendship Heights store.

One thing I can’t figure out is how there exists in Montgomery County two Rodman’s that carry beer and wine. Doesn't that somehow violate the County’s draconian liquor laws allowing for only one outlet of a grocery chain to carry alcoholic beverages? Perhaps they have some sort of grandfathered status. I wonder if these same laws would prevent them from opening another location in Silver Spring. I'm sure they get a substantial portion of their revenue from beer and wine and wouldn't want to open a store that didn't sell these items.

4. Another Coffeehouse in/near DTSS

I don't really have anything against Starbucks on principle, I'm just thoroughly bored with it. Plus, the DTSS location is small and cramped, making it difficult to find a table should you actually want to sit down and enjoy your coffee. The Borders Cafe once served as an alternative, but that of course closed down along with the bookstore. It doesn't even need to be on Ellsworth, I'd just like to see something new open up within a block, perhaps on Skid Row by the Fillmore.

Sure, everyone loves Kefa Café, but it's a few blocks away, it's small, and doesn't maintain late hours. Highland Origin on Fenton Street is even farther away and appears to have closed, anyway. I suppose there's always Panera, but that has more of a sandwich place vibe. I want a place right downtown where I can go grab a cup of coffee and relax on a cozy couch before a movie or whatever. Like the now-defunct Mayorga, only closer in.

Based on past comments on this blog, Busboys and Poets is one business many people wanted to see come here, but of course that one will never open in Silver Spring for the STUPIDEST REASON POSSIBLE.  Something like Tryst in Adams Morgan would be good, only minus all the laptop hobos. Buying a single latte does not entitle you and your MacBook to monopolize a sofa for three hours.

5. A Redbox in DTSS

There are Redboxes set up outside a lot of CVS stores... why not at the new one in DTSS? That would be quite convenient. It would also be appropriate, considering the original tenant of that space was a Hollywood Video.

UPDATE: One thing I should have included on this list - Julia's Empanadas. I think a place like that would do well in S.S.


Anonymous said...

you should try Zed's Café on Georgia Avenue, right next to Big Greek Café! They have a very nice atmosphere, it is a little small though, but it has a comfy couch (and rocking chair)! I always get friendly service from there, it's a place where they know your name and make you feel at home. There's a new girl working there who speaks french (I am french) as well as english and she knows all about good coffee! Granted, it is a bit of a walk from the Majestic...perhaps the new Citron apartments will have retail on the first floor? (meaning a coffee shop?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've heard good things about Zed's, though obviously that's not right on Ellsworth. A good BBQ restaurant would be amazing.

Alex said...

Ray's The Classics serves the "hell burger" (albeit with a paired down choice of toppings) so I doubt there are any plans to open a stand-alone Ray's Hell Burger. Good Good in heaven, how I would love a good barbecue place to open in the DTSS region.

Anonymous said...

Does Razing Babe's sports bar count?

Anonymous said...

1. burger
2. shwarma & falafel (not a chain like Lebanese Taverna)
3. banh mi

Anonymous said...

Isn't a Ray's Hell Burger just a crappier version of Ray's the Classics? Classics sells the Ray's burgers+steaks while Hell Burger just sells burgers. Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Over/under on how many of these will actually arrive in Silver Spring prior to the Transit Center being completed?

Anonymous said...

FULLY AGREE with the Five Guys. Perfect location would be at the Veridian. Or maybe replace the golden house next to 7-11. But would love to see a Z-Burger, but understand they only open locations on wisconsin ave. As far as redbox's there are a few. there in the giant on east/west. But yes, we def need more bbq/burgers.

Anonymous said...

We need a good falafel joint. If any of the stores near the Fillmore ever close, like that nails place that would be the perfect location. Pre- and post-show hungry crowds, maybe a little boozy or with the munchies and looking for a quick meal. If I had the money, I would do it myself.

Anonymous said...

I know this was mentioned in an older thread but we need a proper butcher and fish monger in the DTSS. Im surprised that with the diversity in DTSS we dont have these 2 services.

Anonymous said...

a few people here mentioned falafel. we have enough falafel joints. we have 3 greek places, lebanese taverna and like 100 ethiopian places. all serve falafel. plus despite the 6 posters here there really isnt that much of a demand for falafel. think about it. how come you dont see falafel places opening left and right throughout the dc area or country. because not that many people like them.

Anonymous said...

@anon 230, thats funny. we should a comedy club to this list.

anyone been to max's in wheaton? the food is awesome. would love something like that here in DTSS. besides parkway deli anyone know of a good deli place in DTSS? where can i get some NYC style pastrami, corned beef, etc?

Sligo said...

Re: how come you dont see falafel places opening left and right throughout the dc area or country. because not that many people like them.

Actually, I have seen felafel places opening up. There's an Israeli chain named Maoz that I first tried in Spain a few years back that I've seen popping up around the US. There are five in New York now, and if there's one thing for sure, if it's popular in New York, DC will want it, too.

Anonymous said...

how about real bars near fillmore. How about a LATE night Pizza joint near filmore. How about a real late night crepes or falafal pleace near the fillmore.

How about just redoing about 70 percent of the area near the fillmore?

Anonymous said...

"How about a LATE night Pizza joint near filmore."

If DeMarco's was smart, they'd put a window in their front and sell pizza by the slice, especially after the Fillmore lets out.

Anonymous said...

"a few people here mentioned falafel. we have enough falafel joints. we have 3 greek places, lebanese taverna and like 100 ethiopian places. all serve falafel."

Not a good comparison. The greek places are down Georgia, not readily accessible to crowds on Colesville. Lebanese Taverna makes good falafels, but it takes time because they're a full menu kitchen. Ethiopian places don't sell falafel.

Also, a real falafel joint is like a real pizza parlor: they specialize in one main thing, and for falafels, they have a fixings bar. Amsterdam Falafels comes to mind.

I'd say that they should sell beer, too, like the great falafel places in Israel where you can walk in, grab a falafel and a beer, and have some gustatory fun, but I can't see MoCo allowing that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

@ sligo

yes, im sure in this great country of ours there has been a few falafel places that have open in the past year. But I’m sure the number of burger places that have opened is probably 100 times (probably without exaggeration) the number of falafel places have opened.

Sligo said...

Granted, hamburgers are a popular food and there are countless chains these days, but there's room for other fast food options as well.

Anonymous said...

@ sligo

I can sign on to that. I would like to see a panda express or a wendys. also, maybe more ice cream places.

Anonymous said...

Late night NY style pizza.

Hell more late night EVERYTHING. Why does SS and moco close so early? The damn teenagers?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

While it's not cheap like 5 Guys, the burger and fries at 8407 are awesome. And it's true, Ray's has a burger in the bar only. Problem is, both are crazy-busy now on concert nights, and since they aren't exactly fast food, you have quite a wait.

I'd kill for good BBQ in DTSS; maybe we'll get lucky and something worthwhile will take over from SkewWorks.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to the Kati Roll truck that used to be in the Sunoco(?) gas station? Its been months since I last saw it but I havent had a chance to post this on this blog. Also, there is a "Tequila"/food truck in the Shell Station on Ga Ave right before Seminary Place, anyone been to it? Whats good on the menu and whats the deal w/ the "tequila"?

Sligo said...

Re: Kati roll truck

It wasn't really a truck, but a trailer. It looks like they got a real truck and completely abandoned Silver Spring.

Look at their Twitter feed. They're still around, just not here. They're too good for us now that they can move around, I guess.

Anonymous said...

re: Kati Roll, that sucks. if DC has the truckeroo festival next yr, i guess i will be seeing them there. thanks for that quick investigation.

Anonymous said...

FYI, there is a Redbox at the 7-11 if you don't mind being panhadled while picking your movie (make it easier on yourself and reserve it first online.) There is also a Blockbuster box in Safeway. I don't find it much different from Redbox.

If you want a great BBQ place that is very good and on the less expensive side then Bubba's is the place for you - Once I win the lottery my hope is to open one in DTSS.

Sligo said...

re: Redbox

I know there's a number of them around, but it would make sense to put one right in DTSS. I could grab a movie when I go to Whole Foods, Strosnider's, etc. Lately, I've been using the one at the CVS by the GA Ave beltway entrance, but that involves a separate trip, usually.

Anonymous said...

"The greek places are down Georgia, not readily accessible to crowds on Colesville."

I really don't understand why people in this area are so lazy. "Down Georgia" is a 5-10 minute walk. hanging out in DC like Adams Morgan you walk that easily, why can't people in Silver Spring do it? I fear the car culture has taken over.

Do yourselves a favor: walk down Georgia more often and get away from the crappiness that is Ellsworth - though I do agree that Colesville needs to develop much more now that along with AFI you have the Fillmore. More bars, restaurants etc... but in the meantime stop being lazy and walk a bit...

Anonymous said...

There you go: a kati roll place. The desi, middle eastern and "brown" restaurants currently here leave a LOT to be desired.

Also sorry but Silver spring was designed by retards. It's not just that its' "far", it's not walkeable in a lot of places. Plus tourists going to the fillmore cant see Georgia where it is.

And honestly- Georgia has a lot of nice stuff on it but it LOOKS like an eyesore. I dont think visitors will flock to a street that looks that sketchy even though the locals understand there's some fun stuff to do.

As for Ellsworth sucking sure, but I'd argue that McGintys is better than Pirtaz any day of the week.

Isayaah Parker said...

RAYS HELLBURGER!!! I live in the Burtonsville area and I have driven all the way down to Arlington JUST FOR RAYS HELLBURGER!!!! I suppose I could go to the Rays the Classics, but I honestly never thought to go in there, plus I assume Rays Hellburger pays more attention to their burgers since they don't have all the other menu items thus the burger is better with more topping options. There are two RAYS establishments right next to each other in Arlington so I'm sure Ray wouldn't mind putting one near The Classics. I am also shocked that 5 Guys is satisfied with one tech road location for silver spring when other estblishments like Qdoba have one on tech road and one downtown. I COSIGN TO THE 100TH DEGREE with the area around Fillmore being so PATHETIC! That T Mobile store needs to MOVE to where the old Ritz Camera place was or that vacant spot next to American Apparrel so that a 24 HOUR FOOD/DRINK SPOT SIMILAR TO "THE DINER" IN ADAMS MORGAN can take its place. Of course MoCo is against anything being 24 hours and people staying up passed their bedtimes. Montgomery county hates alcohol so I know it'll be a 10 year war trying to get a late night bar on tap on Colesville. I think a Z BURGER (though not as good as Hellburger) would be PERFECT for downtown. The one in Columbia Heights is doing great! A late night pizza place like JUMBO SLICE would be a no brainer next to Fillmore. It's really frustrating how a lot COMMON SENSE places have not set up shop, probably due to franchisers and developers having to sell their souls and commit to the arduous task of kissing montgomery counties prudish ass. Also, I think a decent GAY club should open in Silver Spring, may be around where Jackies is. But we know that will never happen. I hate having to drive into DC to find a man to buy me drinks. Why are people so picky about coffee? Just go to one of our many 7-11's for cheap non pretentious coffee or make your own at home. SURPRISED no one has mentioned the lack of a dunkin donuts, but their coffee is mediocre. Finally, DAVE & BUSTERS needs another location on the top floor of Shitty Place #nobrainer

Anonymous said...

"Plus tourists going to the fillmore cant see Georgia where it is."

Besides, after spending a few hours in a dark concert hall or movie theater,who wants to walk into a bright, fluorescently lit place like the Big Greek Cafe? It's fine for lunch, but after dark? No thanks.

JPB said...

Jason's Deli would fit nicely into most of the Borders space. Wouldn't mind having a Rita's Ice plugged in somewhere either. My.02

Anonymous said...

Isayaah - definitely check out the burgers on the bistro menu at Ray's the Classics. They are very good and not half assed.

I'm all for Hellburger and Five Guys to come to downtown... the more the merrier. Ridiculous that my friends in Jersey have a Five Guys closer to them than I do.

Unknown said...

At least we have an Elevation Burger in Wheaton now . But I agree, DTSS needs a decent burger joint.

Mortis Olaf said...

A lot of people on here seem to want Silver Spring to turn into DC, or even NYC. I would argue that they should move to those places for such amenities; comparing what is ultimately a single neighborhood to all of DC/NYC is a tad absurd, but that would be counterproductive. Rather, I feel if someone wants something real bad, feels there is a demand for it, then they should fill the demand and make a living off it. Hell, I think most people could easily make their own Falafel.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I think most people could easily make their own Falafel.

I could easily make a 5 course meal, but sometimes you want to have somebody else do it for you.

Anonymous said...

This is something DH and I discuss all the time.

!. As many others have said - we need more places open late night on the weekends. If you go to a movie and get out after 11 pm on a Sat night, your options are very limited. Someplace with desserts and light fare would be great. And note, I'm not some wild and crazy millenial saying this, but a "mature" boomer.

2. Korean restaurant. We have every other type of Asian, why not Korean? Anyone else remember Han-Il?

3. Tapas. Someplace like Jaleo for dinner or late night eating and drinking.

4. More live entertainment. Round House is a big disappointment. We never get any of the professional shows in Silver Spring. The MoCo Cultural Arts Center is nice, but also underused. Would love to get the equivalent of Silver Spring Stage or a comedy club.

5. A piano bar. But I guess that's not allowed in MoCo.

6. Now that Borders is gone, sob, we need a civilized hang out place when the weather's bad. You know, when you've finished dinner and have time to kill before a movie.

On the other hand, I've been living here 30 years, so I still get a kick out of seeing all the people in downtown SS.

Anonymous said...

hey @anon540, thanks for your offensive commentary, brown restaurants, sheesh.

@Mortis Olaf, its not about making DTSS into NYC or DC but expanding the options here. We have a good selection but is there anything wrong with increasing the variety?

Anonymous said...

@Sligo I don't think Maoz is doing so well. The one on 18th and M NW in DC just closed down.

Anonymous said...

I forced my wife to come with me all of the way up Rockville pike last weekend to get BBQ. She thought I was nuts. We went to Rocklands. Not bad, it solved my hankerin'.

In essence, BBQ would be awesome in Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

Good BBQ is awesome anywhere. It can't fail. Medicore BBQ will fail everywhere.

I have no idea what falafel is.

Anonymous said...

Is it offensive when the person making the commentary IS BROWN?

Man, people complaining about wanting to make this area more fun? Now I know it's not just the archaic retards running the county back but guys like "Mortis" who must be a lot of fun at a party.

And that suggestion: just make it at home? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Even Becky from Glee says not to use the word 'retards'. She also hopes that this will be the last comment about racial stuff otherwise this post's true intention will get hijacked. Thanks coach.

Anonymous said...


How can a place as big as Silver Spring not have a single legitimate salad place?

Anonymous said...

Since we're wish-listing, I agree with the piano bar suggestion, but even better would be a jazz bar.

And I agree that it's time for people to stop throwing around the word "retard." It's no better than using other slurs that fortunately are no longer considered acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Isayaah knowcked it right out of the park! i agree with your post 100%. Though i think we could do better than a dave and busters. though would love to see cheesecake factory open in DTSS

To change course slightly....
Btw, a lot of people have mentioned here "so many places close early, not enough places open late...blah blah blah" My question is, how many of those people are opposed to a curfew for those under 18? if there is nothihg to do for people over 21, how much is there to do for people UNDER 21? or UNDER 18? even less! all the more reason there needs to be a curfew, most kids out that late are up to no good.


Pete said...

Let's be thankful for what's opened in SS in the last few years and worked well. The Greek places are good, Pacci's is good, Ray's is good; for chains, Nando's and the frozen yogurt place have been nice additions. If anything, when I'm wondering where to grab dinner I'm paralyzed by choice. Still a few missing pieces though.

Re: Korean--Mandu opened a spot in what I guess they're calling NoMa, maybe they could expand further.

Still don't understand where people in SS get sushi. Could use a legit sushi place, or izakaya, or ramen.

kate said...

The Urban BBQ in Hillandale delivers:

Anonymous said...

It's really hilarious to watch all these retards play liberal PC word police. Sad.

As for sushi: I'd say IKKO sushi is by the far the best in the immediate downtown.

Christian said...

How about a decent sports bar? I've tried McGinty's, Galaxy Billiards, and Fire Station One. I suppose McGinty's is the best of the group, but I'd love for there to be a nice sized sports bar with good food and good beer with enough TV's to watch football on Sunday's.

Anonymous said...

Christian, I concur.

Have you tried Babes? it claims to be a sports bar but like most of the bars around here it's claims are dubious at best.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Christian, you didn't name the one actual sports bar in town. The downstairs area certainly meets the standard of a sports bar, but I don't care for the food/beer selection. The best part of the place is the outdoor beach area during summertime.

Anonymous said...

The downstairs looks like a sports bar? hardly. It looks more like an odd sterile converted wannabe
retro rec center.

Anonymous said...

Huh? What do sports bars look like to you? It's got a bunch of tvs and projectors, pool tables, and a decently long bar. Sure it doesn't look like a Buffalo Wild Wings or some other generic crap, but most people don't want that anyways. The upstairs, on the other hand, looks dumb as hell. Why the hell is there a light-up bar? Must be a holdover from the old lounge that was there, at least I certainly hope so

Anonymous said...

"most people don't want that". Yeah, that's why Babe's is such an exciting packed happening place.

Anonymous said...

Babe's is pretty packed whenever I'm there for football. It's issues (see yelp) don't have much to do with it lacking on the "sports" side of things - their food is overpriced and their beer selection is pretty weak.

And yes, most people in Silver Spring are not envious of Rockville's food options.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for good sub shop. Something like Taylor Gourmet. The chains that are currently downtown leave a lot to be desired. Although we have Santucci's up at Four Corners, it is clearly not walkable from downtown (and I find their Italian sub to be substandard to what I am used to).

Anonymous said...

I second a sub shop whilst continuing to laugh at Babes.

Dr. F. said...

As long as Five Guys continues to not offer veggie burgers they will continue to suck. Elevation Burger is the best and they offer two (2) veggie burgers, one of them vegan. Their beef is organic and grass-fed and their excellent fries are fried in olive oil. I know, they have one in Wheaton, but I prefer the one in Hyattsville, across from Busboys & Poets. Would be a perfect fit in DTSS.

Anonymous said...

Dr F. Veggie Burger? really? you should be punched in the face. people dont go to burger places for veggie burgers. in fact the whole concept of a veggie burger is rediculous beyond all comprehension. go back to your hemp farm hippy

Anonymous said...

If I was in a burger bar with friends, I'd be very happy if a veggie burger was on the menu, since I don't eat meat.

Want to punch me in the face? Whatever, pal.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymos 1:52

YES! I want to punch you in the face. If you want a veggie burger make it from whatever hemp you have lying around in the house. You want to be a vegetarian great that’s your business, but don’t take YOUR life style into ours. Don’t ruin our meat.

stick to your hippy places like busboys and poets or whatever if you want your stupid veggie burger

Anonymous said...

lol. I hate stupid veganism and vegatarian activism and preaching with a passion but even I dont see a problem with someone offering it as a second option on a menu.

And again, I hate hippys and hipsters. But really, punch in the face? Lol.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:25

No problem, tough guy. Just remember to keep your hands to yourself in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Snyders grocery near Georgia and Seminary. Awesome NY and brisket pastramis. Try their Irish Swiss too.

Mortis Olaf said...

sLooks like I got trolled. Me no fun? Please, I'm one of those "wild millennials" that Montgomery County loves to hate. However, I am a realistic millennial. Wish fulfillment is fine, but do remember that there's more to an urban area than bars and restaurants. Those are the things that initially brought people back into the cities. Places like DC and NYC may have all the things you mentioned, but probably not in the same place. You most likely have to travel several blocks, possibly miles to get to your favorite sports bar from your favorite falafel joint. This is where good public transportation comes into use, and currently that is what the DC area lacks the most. Maybe I'm full of it, whatever.

As for my wishlist, I would like to see better shopping options in Silver Spring. When the baby boomers were kids, it used to be great.

Anonymous said...

DTSS needs a real higher-end department store anchor (think better than Macy's). Also, DTSS needs some better grocery stores...think Harris Teeter, Bloom, or Publix (up North!). A Balducci's or The Fresh Market wouldn't be bad either!

Anonymous said...

Fill the void that is the top floor of City Place with a Dave & Busters! Or, better yet, just level City Place and start again. What a horrible interior design! Never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world.

Bring in a Michael's craft store.

A small jazz club with open mic nights during the week.

Rooftop dining.

Anonymous said...

i say no to busboys and poets. Don't we have enough hipster douchebags at quarry house?

Anonymous said...

Good lord. He just does not stop harping about hipsters and yuppies. Most annoying troll ever.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, it's the whiny little punk who keeps assuming everyone is the same guy. It's hilarious to watch your defense mechanism at work.

One can only assume you are one of the douchebag hipsters in question.

Anonymous said...

No, it's safe to say plenty of people hate to your doucheness re: fat, hipster, lame night life, retard Silver Springers, some of who are vegan. You're the most pathetic person in the world. I really hope karma, or a Silver Springer punches you in the face.

Anonymous said...

Again, I'm not sure who you're talking to. Hilarious. What a loser.

I can bet one thing: It certainly wont be a keyboard warrior like you punching anyone in the face.

Again, you must be one of the vegan hipster douchebags who drink PBR in question. What's it feel like to pretend you are poor so that people think you are cool?

Patrick Thornton said...

Not many people go to QHT to drink PBR. It's got a great beer menu and a rotating section of beers on tap. Best beer place in DTSS. It also has great bar food.

There are certainly some hipsters at QHT, but that's far from the majority of the people there. And even so, hipsters are perfectly harmless and usually nice.

QHT is easily one of the best bars in the entire DC region.

The biggest complaint with QHT is that it's becoming quite packed a lot of the time. If anything, DTSS needs more bars like QHT, because the demand is quite high.

Springvale Roader said...

DTSS does need more bars, that's for sure. And there's nothing wrong with hipsters. They're just the latest trend of young people trying to differentiate their generation from those that came before them. The kids are alright. As for vegans, the more in DTSS, the better.

Anonymous said...

While I don't hate Vegans like the guy a few posts above who wants to punch them, I definitely hope veganism doesn't take over around here destroying everyones food choices and their sense of taste as well.

As for hipsters it takes a horrible person to mock the poor whilst being insensitive to their plight. Rich people pretending to be poor is disgusting. Sorry- no matter what counter culture justification anyone makes of it: hipsters are terrible human beings.

I won't even get into how they judge everyone, everything and think everything stinks that they don't like.

Anonymous said...

I am the NOVA troll: I think we should definitely get a Julia's empanadas here. It would make the area SO MUCH MORE DC.

Anonymous said...

"I definitely hope veganism doesn't take over around here destroying everyones food choices and their sense of taste as well."

Right, because having a few more vegan options means you lose all your other choices.

Let's hope we don't get a burger joint, because then all the other restaurants will become burger joints, too.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the other guy. I don't mind vegan options-that's fine, but I hope they don't take over.

But having some options on a few menus doesn't hurt.

Just that the cardinal rule for most places to be good is to have a few menu options but do them all great. If you start adding needless options you become a Macorni grill style hellhole.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Julia's empanada's too! Yum. Vegans? Sure have more vegan options on a menu, but do we really need more restaurants that are entirely vegan? The only reason those types of restaurants exist is because the "regular" restauarants don't offer many choices for vegans.

Anonymous said...

veganism is a mental disorder

Anonymous said...

100 Montaditos would be great in DTSS.

Anonymous said...

Doing business anywhere (but especially in SS) is challenging. SS customers have power with many websites to bash a poorly performing company and many businesses to choose from - once you have negativity surrounding your business, it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's hard to start a business, and even harder these days with sites like Yelp that are designed to let the bad reviews (or even fake reviews) fly. People who have a good meal are less likely to write a nice review and are also potentially swayed to stay away by a negative review. I feel badly for Babe's (very nice owner, he tried really hard) - even though I didn't think it was a great place, I kept going and didn't want to bash it because it had a lot of potential - it had been there less than a year and that building is challenging (parking, less foot traffic, etc) - I think they had the opportunity to get their act together if the community was more supportive and less negative. As they were probably losing money and having negativity online, this isn't shocking news that they are giving up. Please support your locally-owned businesses!

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