Friday, February 10, 2012

Ask And Ye Shall Receive (Hamburgers)

A day after posting that I'd like to see another burger place in Silver Spring, I receive news that one is in the works and set to open in the coming months. I don't have a lot of details to share just yet (some I don't know, others I agreed not to release), but the new "fast-casual burger joint/bar" will be called The Stage Burger Lounge. I'm not sure where it will be located, but the name and logo seem to indicate that it might be in close proximity to the Fillmore. With any luck, it will open on Skid Row.

I'll have more details as they become available. The Stage already has a Twitter account, so you can also check for updates there.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Definitely better than some mediocre chain (5 Guys, Fudruckers, etc.) in my book.

Anonymous said...

There will be a veggie burger on their menu too, I'm told.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Cant wait. Anyone try Elevation Burger in Wheaton?

Sligo said...

Re: Elevation Burger

I've been to another location. It's nothing special as far as burgers go. Personally I prefer Five Guys.

Anonymous said...

Is this place a chain?

Sligo said...


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait! I hate standing in line at the Fillmore with nothing to do but wait for the doors to open...I'll be sending over friends to grab us burgers to eat before the doors open! Do you have a menu out yet?

Isayaah Parker said...

Yea Elevation burger can stay in Wheaton, nothing special about that place, especially since they FORCE you to have cheddar cheese. Come on, also offer swiss or american at least! But this is FANTASTIC! Maybe they will have live music inside while you eat your burger. Skid Row has so much potential! I hope eventually condos are build on top of some innovative and exciting retail! Then it can be called Silver Row! Shake Shack would also be a great addition primarily due to their shakes. Get rid of T Mobile, they don't even offer I Phones.

Anonymous said...

iPhones suck.

Casey A said...

I am a fan of the Elevation Burger in Germantown -- they have one of the new digital Coke machines, like this:

The Wheaton location serves Coke products but without the space age technology and flavoring options.

Isayaah Parker said...

iphones are sure better than blackberries. Mine always stalls out on me and it doesn't even let me play Words with Friends. Anyway, space age technology doesn't change the flavor of the Coke. I want to take this opportunity to express my LOATHING for 5 Guys...the bland meat, the cheese that they refuse to melt, the excessive waste of fries that aren't even that tasty, the price...

Anonymous said...

I have both, and while it's better than a blackberry for fun, it's still a POS. Useless for making calls, overpriced, useless interface, completely overrated.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I heard this is going to be a great place... any place is better than 5 Guys and Fudruckers.... This is exactly what was missing from downtown Silver Spring!!!

DMV Burger Wars said...

DMV Burger Wars is excited about this too! We've been waiting for a burger joint in Silver Spring (one of our group lives there). We'll be posting ratings for all the top places in Silver Spring (8407, Firestation one, Quarry House, etc) soon, so be sure to check out the site.

PS... we're not big fans of Elevation, either.

Anonymous said...


Love the site! And excited (apprehensive?) for you to stack up the "best" of Silver Spring with the rest of the DC area.

Anonymous said...

I bet they go into the old Saboroso location since it is already a restaurant. I hate that Saboroso closed because I loved their food, but apparently others had mixed experiences.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm guessing it could be in the Sabroso location, or in the Ritz Camera spot, or in the vacant spot on the Colesville side next to American Apparel.

Anonymous said...

Shit! Saboroso closed? I actually liked that place.

Springvale Roader said...

I'm not surprised Sabroso closed. That eastern side of Colesville is deadly for businesses ("Skid Row," as Sligo calls it). I think the reason has to do with human nature, especially our desire to seek the path of least resistance.

Put another way: it's a pain in the ass to cross over Colesville Road. Most people exit the Metro on the west side of Colesville, and that's the side they walk up. You could cross the street immediately at Wayne, but all that beckons is a crummy McDonalds and then a sorry stretch of nothing for a block or two.

By the time you get to Georgia and see those lonely looking restaurants across the four lanes of busy traffic . . . sorry, but it's much easier to stay on your side and check out the restaurants in the Red Lobster area, or stroll down to Hellsworth.

The Fillmore is different. People have no choice but to cross the street to get to it.

I don't know what the solution is. It could be a traffic light, it could be a bridge (yeah, I know, everyone's favorite), or it could be a pedestrian crossing lit up like Las Vegas to keep people from getting squashed by cars.

Springvale Roader said...

Looks like I got east and west mixed up, so let's just say, the AFI side of Colesville, and the Fillmore side.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Kao Thai and Rays Seem to do well being on "skid row".

Anonymous said...

Ray's and Kao Thai (and now the. Fillmore) are the 'bookends' of. Skid row. Most of what is in between in awful. It's going to take a lore more than a colorful canopy to get people to go overt is going to need a critical mass of redevelopment which, hopefuoly' will be catalyzed by the Fillmore.

Anonymous said...

Damn it's hard to type a comment on the iPad!

Isayaah Parker said...

I think it's the tacky canopies. They just have a cheap ghetto look. They need to cut down the trees too in front of some of those businesses like they did for Fillmore. You can't see the places in summer time

Anonymous said...

Cutting down trees is the last thing that should be done. DTSS is filled with pollution. It needs all the trees it can keep.

Anonymous said...

I wish we would get a salad place like sweetgreen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cutting down the trees is obviously a terrible idea. What needs to happen is the opposite - stick a nice looking, green median down Coleville on this block and maybe it'll stop being an uglyass, car-centric wasteland. Granted MoCo (and the state, since this is a state road) care much more about pleasing whinny suburban soccer moms than about adequately supporting the walkability of dTSS, so Wayne, Coleville, and Ga. Ave will probably remain just as ugly and unfriendly as ever.

Anonymous said...

Abol is good, my wife and I like it. Cant say too much about the other places. Anyone try out the charcuterie place further south on Ga Ave?

Anonymous said...

Back to burgers: Who has the best burger in Silver Spring right now? 8407? Firestation One? Babes? Quarry House? What places am I missing?

Anonymous said...

I think Ray's is widely considered one of the best burgers in the DC area. I also commonly see Quarry House in the mix of "best of" DC area burgers. Personally, I love 8407's burger and put it only behind QH's.

Anonymous said...

That area is truly ugly. And I'm sad to see Sabroso close. It truly was pretty solid, but it looks like we've gone from 490385609438503485 chicken joints, to only Nando's. That's kinda sad.

Classic overcorrection fail by consumers in silver spring. Now I'm waiting for th 4905849035834905834589 wig and hair cutterys to close.

Anonymous said...

When and why did Sabroso close? Did anyone report it? I want details!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43:00 PM nailed it.
Colesville will always suck until they put up a planted median with trees much like Georgia Avenue noteh of Colesville. The road feels like a highway and is thus unpleasand to be on. Break the scale down and it will flourish.

Vagrarian said...

I'm sad to see Sabroso close; they were good. But I've heard some things about the new place and it sounds good. (And that's all I'm sayin'.)

Ravi Khanna said...

AWESOME. This is definitely a needed addition to DTSS. Thats a great spot too. I don't like Elevation burger as much as Five Guys. I hope they focus on what has worked for other DTSS restaurants (simple, fresh ingredients, good prices, etc.) Nice logo.

Patrick Thornton said...

Colesville is a miserable road to cross, even down by the intersection of East-West. I'd propose instead of a median that the sidewalks should be made wider on each side, eliminating two lanes of traffic in the process. This would give restaurants room for outdoor seating and make Colesville a lot more inviting.

I agree that Colesville feels like a freeway, which is not how it should be in the middle of an urban area. And frankly most of the day there isn't that much traffic on Colesville anyway.

The reason I propose making the sidewalks wider instead of a median is that you narrow the road while also gaining something for businesses and people in the community. That would be great for all those people standing outside of The Fillmore.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Patrick! Once colesville passes spring street going north, the median should be installed. Either way, get rid of the ridiculous and dangerous suicide reversible lanes!!

Isayaah Parker said...

I don't mean any harm, I honestly don't. But I am sick and tired of pedestrian/Metro users who constantly complain about cars and busy streets in Silver Spring. Narrowing Colesville will only agitate a lot of people and will cost these businesses customers. I know this is hard for you guys to believe, but a lot of these businesses are frequented by people like me who own a car. I live in Burtonsville and often drive into Downtown for work and will patron these businesses during the evening. Colesville is already a cluster fu** of traffic and it would only be a parking lot if you put a median or a ridiculous wide sidewalk. THIS IS NOT THE DISTRICT! This is silver spring and Colesville is a SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTE so it is required to be wide and assessible. It is there so that in case of emergencies, people can get in or out of the city quickly. How come Rockville Pike is so successful? It's wider and more of a highway than Colesville. I would venture to say it's the SORRY ASS businesses on Colesville and not how many trees or traffic is on the street. (besides, narrowing the street will only cause more traffic and pollution) And those trees need to be cut down and replaced with smaller landscape trees. You simply cannot see these businesses, especially in the summer time. They did it for the Fillmore and I didn't see any of you chaining yourself to the trees in protest!

Springvale Roader said...

Something needs to change on Colesville, and a median or wider sidewalks might be a good solution.

Cutting down trees is a terrible idea. Trees are not the problem: cars are.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, cutting the trees down is just plain stupid, even in front of the Fillmore. In addition to all the good environmental reasons, trees also help frame the space, provide contrast to the built environment and provide a more pedestrian friendly experience.

Patrick Thornton said...

Trees also provide shade in the summer, and Silver Spring can get quite warm. That's one of the core functions of trees lining sidewalks.

The issue isn't the trees, it's the businesses and Colesville, which is my least favorite road to cross in Silver Spring. My wife and I go out at least once a week on foot in Silver Spring, and we almost never go to Skid Row. Now that the Fillmore is there, we'll be going there more often, but it's not a pleasant place.

Widening the sidewalks wouldn't happen overnight. Perhaps it could be done in conjunction with the Purple Line. A lot of people on Colesville are heading toward 495 to go somewhere that will be serviced by the Purple Line.

Isayaah, traffic tends to fill up the roads that are provided (they've done studies on this). So, if the road on Colesville were to gain two more lanes, for instance, during the busy times it would still be a mess.

But much of the time Colesville has very little traffic. So on weekends when a lot of people want to go out on foot, Colesville is still a mess to cross, despite the traffic not being that heavy. A road in an urban area should take this into account. I'm confident that if Colesville were narrowed a lot of people would don't need a car to get down to DTSS wouldn't use one. As it stands, some of the roads are so pedestrian unfriendly that people who live in walking distance still drive.

With all the new housing being built in DTSS, getting people in the area to frequent businesses more often is a priority. People north of Silver Spring may come to DTSS, but the core of what will support businesses in DTSS has to come from people who live close to these businesses.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding, Isayaah? If I didn't know any better I'd think you were some stubborn 65 y/o or naive 15 y/o from Montana. We've already tried it your way - building highways through previously walkable, thriving first ring suburbs. It resulted, unsurprisingly, in the steep decline of those dense, first ring suburbs all across the country. It's as obvious as day that the biggest impediment of Skid Row is the freaking highway in front of it (not the trees - are you effing serious??).

"How come Rockville Pike is so successful?" LOL, you mean "how come the pike is the biggest shitshow in the county?" Why is the county turning the pike on its head and trying to make urban and walkable if it's such a success? Ditto for Tysons in VA. Yes, it might take people from far-flung places like Burtonsville an extra minute to get into dTSS (maybe not if we implemented things like BRT), but of course the onus is on you for living out there, not on me to support highways through my backyard to accommodate you. Decreasing the size of the lanes (probably removing 1 lane as well) on this one block is very much worth the cost - I love the wider sidewalk idea, though coupling it with a small,grassy median probably makes sense as well.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't agree with Isyaaah's trees or more roads idea -I do generally agree the Silver Spring sucks and is horrible to walk around.

Rockville town center is far more lively.

Anonymous said...

Rockville town center is two blocks - it's comparable to Ellsworth, not downtown Silver Spring as a whole. And no, the one block of Ellsworth attracts way more people/vibrancy than Rockville town center (not as a knock to Rockville's town center - it's fine - but there's a reason they can drop an ice rink in the middle of it without disturbing anyone).

Isayaah Parker said...

No one has to agree with the naive and ignorant Isayaah Parker. You know why? HE WILL GET HIS WAY and you won't. The county agrees with me and they disagree with you. Colesville Road will stay the same and they will cut down those precious trees and I will be there with my champagne and party hat! You better START MOURNING THEIR DEATHS NOW!!! *smirking with arrogance* I know you are all so happy to have a lynching party against me because I have the audacity to be of a different opinion but even worse, I DON'T RESIDE IN DOWNTOWN SILVER SPRING! God forbid someone on here doesn't live in the downtown area, God forbid we want to commute by automobile into downtown for work and park our cars. I pay my taxes like everyone else and I am not less of a priority because I patron businesses with a car. Many of you are ignorant to what colesville road is designed for, its an emergency route! This is the District region and roads need to be WIDE when they leave the District for terrorist or whatever disaster were to happen. Changing it to a 25 miles per hour two lane country road with blue birds and apple trees in the middle of it is not goign to happen. I do agree that there are too many parking garages and silver spring is not exactly pedestrian friendly, but to blame EVERYTHING on traffic and not being able to cross a street is beyond me. It's hard to cross streets in the District, It's hard to cross rockville pike, hell it's even hard to cross east west highway, that hasn't stopped GROWTH. Most responsible adults don't act like 7 year olds and stubbornly demonize cars. You can stand in your Jimmy Choos a couple of more minutes and wait for the magic white hand to blink. Then you can catwalk your lazy self righteous self across that cross walk honey. I do not understand the hatred of anything that is not downtown silver spring, tax paying American citizens of Burtonsville, Rockville and God forbid, Virginia, get no love here. I am still a montgomery co resident but you would think I was an international spy with way yall hate on people like me. I can live where I want and drive where I want to. Your pedestrian centric movement is not going to stop me. Do you realize how expensive it is to prune those huge trees every year? I NEVER SUGGESTED GETTING RID OF TREES, I postulated that they can REPLACE them with smaller HEALTHIER landscape trees. No one has made any valid points here. Just a bunch of crazy lazy people who complain about cars and whine about needing a million dollar bridge over a street because they can't fathom having to wait for a light to turn red before they can cross. GROW UP! My way is the way things will be, none of your dreams will come to fruition. I know it's upsetting, but try and have some fun at my tree cutting party! Make sure you wear your safety goggles.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Burtonsville is on fire.

Also: Burtonsville is technically in Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Isayaah, obviously everyone else is acting like "7 year olds" and not you, Ranty McGee. P.S. your post is full of nonsense:

1. "The county agrees with me" it's a state road, not a county road.
2. The trees are umbrella-ed so as to provide greenery, mitigate heat island effect, etc. without blocking the sidewalks/facades. Those dumb, small lollipop trees do the exact opposite.
3. Colesville is an emergency route? So is 16th street and its two lanes. What's your point? Ga. Ave is the new emergency route (if it's not already). There. Done.
4. "I pay my taxes like everyone else." So? It's still not your neighborhood (and I'm sure you pay way less in taxes than people who live in 20910). Just like you're opinion carries more weight in your neighborhood, my voice should carry more weight in my dTSS neighborhood.
5. "It's hard to cross streets in the District" Where? No commercial corridor in DC has a highway cutting through it.
6. "It's hard to cross rockville pike" Which is why the county and city of rockville are completely redoing the pike. Duh.
7. "I can live where I want and drive where I want to." Indeed. So enjoy your cheap housing in the middle of nowhere and then come and enjoy dTSS if you want. Who on here is trying to stop you? God forbid you slow down below 50mph by the time you're in the middle of town. Boo freaking hoo, baby. The fact you call US entitled is hilarious.
8. "whine about needing a million dollar bridge over a street" Again, no one said that and everyone on here is so adamantly anti-bridge in general it's a completely nonsensical statement.

No one attacked you - just said your idea of cutting down all the trees was stupid and people don't like the 3498 lane highway on this block of Colesville which is the most reasonable request in the world. Now apologize or no one will buy you a drink at Society.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I can't believe you used the word "lynch" like that. What a sad collection of words, Isayaah.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with "lynch"? damn PC brigade

Anonymous said...

Amen anon 2:53. I don't think anyone hates you Isayaah...or at least I don't...hell I don't even know you. It's just that 75% of the time you write something, I don't know what the hell you're saying because your rational is so absurd. One small recent example: cutting down the trees??? I'm no tree-hugger but that is a terrible idea.

Anonymous said...

A black man saying he's being "lynched" by a group of likely white commenters is a problem for a whole host of issues - the least of which being it's not "PC."

Isayaah Parker said...

Everytime a black man uses "lynching party," white people get all upset. No one is implying any racism, stop being PC. I didn't even think about that until you said that. That was the last thing on my mind. Maybe I should have said, "ganging up on me party." :)
"It's hard to cross streets in the District"
"Where? No commercial corridor in DC has a highway cutting through it" Answer: New York Avenue, worse than Colesville.

"I pay my taxes like everyone else."
"So? It's still not your neighborhood (and I'm sure you pay way less in taxes than people who live in 20910). Just like you're opinion carries more weight in your neighborhood, my voice should carry more weight in my dTSS neighborhood."
This statement is just ridiculous. The fact that everyone agrees with this person is hilarious to me. So someone pays less taxes so should be deemed less important? TAXES ARE TAXES. May be I make less money and the lower taxes I pay are actually more of a sacrifice for me than it is for you. That's like saying people who work minimum wage jobs trying to support a family should be given less of a voice than a white collar worker. Get off your high horse! How do you know how much taxes I pay? I am amazed no one is on my side here. I feel like the only sane person right about now. Are you implying that WORKING in downtown silver spring, EVERYDAY, patroning the businesses in downtown silver spring is not enough to be able to have an equal say as to what goes on there? So if you have a government job in the district and live in silver spring, you should not have the right to be upset that sidewalks are being torn up in the city and you can't get to work? PROPOSTEROUS!
"It's just that 75% of the time you write something, I don't know what the hell you're saying because your rational is so absurd. One small recent example: cutting down the trees??? I'm no tree-hugger but that is a terrible idea"
LOL given what I have quoted from other people, it would seem that I am more rational, but hey, may be I'm just a delusional narcissist. I am being told to shut up because I live in Burtonsville but I am "irrational." Like someone said, Burtonsville (briggs chaney area) is apart of the community.
And furthermore, when did I say that ALL of the trees should be cut down? I wanted them to be replaced. MITIGATING HEAT? Come on now, if you can't stand the heat, hang out in City Place mall. DRAMA QUEENS! It's not that serious. Shade is great in the summer time but that is what our numerous public parks are for. This area should be for outdoor seating for those businesses and smaller trees would be more appropriate. Who wants bird crap falling on them while they eat? Surely not my black ass!
Colesville Road is a state road yes but the sidewalks are montgomery county and you were stating they should be widened.
I don't need anyone to buy me a drink at SOCIETY, I will go alone and use my credit card, you know, the money that I get from WORKING in downtown silver spring everyday at the biggest employer.
I am glad that this is a forum where people are free to disagree and have their own opinions. Exagerrate my statements all you want, but I am sure that many of you UNDERSTAND what I am talking about. It's fun for some of you to disagree and scream "fire" in a crowded movie theatre.

Anonymous said...

okay, my 75% comment just went up to 80%

Isayaah Parker said...

To see more of Isayaah Parker's irrational stand up routine, view him on his popular Youtube channel, DMYST9.

Anonymous said...

Isayah, you're a child.

Isayaah Parker said...

what's worse? a child? or someone who argues with a child? thanks. your so-called insults don't phase someone whose been called the N word, the F word and many other words. "Child" will surely not make me want to hang myself like I tried to do when I was gay bashed in college. I am almost 30 years old, if that's a child to you, then so be it. You must be a baby boomer. Thanks for your time.

Sligo said...

Can't we all just get along?

Let's stop hating on each other and start insulting things that deserve it. Like Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Wise words.

Anonymous said...

Hello all, it is true the Sabroso Grill location has been sold to make way for the Stage Burger Lounge. I'm a family member of the former owner of Sabroso, who passed away in May of last year. It's been a difficult year for our family, and running a restaurant was not for us. We hope the new owners will be successful, and we hope people won't mind walking a couple blocks from the parking garages to try them out!

Anonymous said...

Walked by the old Saboroso spot Saturday night on the way to a show at The Fillmore and sure enough, the storefront was completely covered in paper with a huge Stage Burger logo/coming soon sign. I wish them the best of luck and will definitely try them out as soon as they open.

Anonymous said...

Is this a franchise? I hope the burger's are great.

Anonymous said...

I've googled Stage Burger Lounge and couldn't find where it appeared there were others anywhere that were the same concept so maybe we'll get lucky and it will be locally owned!

Vagrarian said...

For those checking up...Stage Burger is the latest from Spiro Gioldasis, the general manager of Mrs. K's and the owner of the two Pacci's restaurants. He'd sworn me to secrecy on this but since it hit the Post today I guess it's going public. It's to open Wednesday the 29th.

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