Monday, January 30, 2012

Greatest Thing Ever Happens, 20 Years Too Late

If, many years ago, you had told my middle school self that Guns N' Roses was going to perform a club show in downtown Silver Spring, my head would have exploded. And I don't even mean that in the figurative sense - skull fragments would have had to be extracted from the walls.

Well, it may be twenty years after they were last relevant, but GNR will indeed be performing at the Fillmore on February 23rd. Of course, what passes for Guns N' Roses these days is in reality Axl Rose and a rotating cast of musicians.

In Better Days
In my fantasy scenario, Slash, Axl, Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin will miraculously work out their differences over a couple of beers at the Quarry House before the gig and agree to perform a one-time-only Guns N' Roses reunion concert before the band name is forever retired. (This is clearly an obsession of mine, as I have written about this multiple times on this blog over the years. The only difference now is that the GNR concert is no longer hypothetical.)

Though that series of events is unlikely to occur, it may still be worth the price of admission to get a glimpse of Fat Axl. Seriously, this is Axl Rose in March of last year.


Anonymous said...

Haha, cool. Not my cup of tea, but these shows do sell out and attract people from far and wide, bringing them all to spend their $$ in DTSS. Can't complain about that! Fillmore announce a Young Jeezy show at the same time - also not my cup of tea, but I love how The Fillmore is trying real hard to bring an eclectic mix of performers. It suits us and embodies one of the best qualities of DTSS.

Alex said...

Hehehe... Looking at the Fillmore schedule, it seems like they feature a good number of cover bands each month. Cool to see them schedule a GnR cover band in addition to upcoming shows by Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews Band, and The Rolling Stones cover bands. Still, you'd think a decent GnR cover band would try and find a less ridiculous looking guy to play the part of Axel Rose than the dude these guys have manning that role :)

Anonymous said...'s not a cover band. Or was your comment a long joke about how Slash isn't involved?

Anonymous said...

Bring on Steely Dan!

Anonymous said...

I just shot an email off to the Gregg Allman Band manager about playing here. He says they'll try to get here this year. Truly one of my favorite bands ever.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the OT, but there is more grim news about the transit center:

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is far worse than that WaPo article lets on. Patch reports that MoCo officials are claiming it could take up to FOUR F*CKING YEARS to complete the fixes.

Anonymous said...

Four years??!!! If they just tear down the eyesore, and start over, you'd think it could get done faster than that.

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine the 4 year guess would is based on starting over (it's been 4 years so far so another 4 for demoing and rebuilding would make sense, I would think). If that were to What a bummer. Hopefully MoCo would at least win a big lawsuit and constant pizza parties were held with the money! Pizza parties fix everything!

Rebecca said...

Four years?! Unf*cking believable. They may as well tear the whole thing down and just start over - at least then maybe we'd get something mildly more attractive than an oversized bus garage. I sincerely hope the county grows some balls and holds Foulger-Pratt accountable, both financially and also by never awarding them any construction project again, ever.

Re: the Fillmore - I too have been impressed by the variety of shows it has booked. I walk by there every night on my way home from work, and I always enjoy guessing what act is playing that night based on the type of people waiting in line :)

Anonymous said...

Four Years?
Are we talking about completing the Silver Spring Transit Center or how long it will take Axel Rose to get back in shape?
Oh yeah, I went there!

Anonymous said...

Four years? What is it with this county? And this area.

Incompetent governing bodies and incompetent planning and construction. PATHETIC.

I hope folger pratt is sued to oblivion.

And that transit center is TRULY an EYESORE. MUST EVERYTHING in this dowtown be badly designed, ugly and just horribly thought out? Ugly. Ugly. ugly.

Mike said...

I saw GnR twice back in the days when they were relevant (once w/Izzy and once with the "big band" look). I took my kids (who love them) later to see them when they last played Baltimore. And yeah, that show kind of was like watching a cover band. But hey, we'll go if only for the novelty of seeing them in a club. Who knows, maybe Sligo's fantasy will come true as they reunite to warm up for the RnR Hall of Fame induction. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be doing this a second time this week, but I have no blog of my own.

I can't confirm, but it sure likes Highland Coffee has closed. I went by this evening and windows were all covered in paper. There was a lease sign. Although, that could have been for another part of the building. And their number has been disconnected. Odd because they just added the restaurant part.

Anonymous said...

That would be weird, since they just renovated/added the restaurant. Can't say I ever went in the does have a few nice outdoor seats, so if it is closed then hopefully something moves in that continues to take advantage of that. Can't really think of a cuisine that I wish would open in that we have crepes I'm all set.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that a community Wiki page would be a nice addition to Silver Spring blogs that seldom bother to update, since so much news about businesses etc. seem to crop up and get buried in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, it is far worse than that WaPo article lets on. Patch reports that MoCo officials are claiming it could take up to FOUR F*CKING YEARS to complete the fixes."

The four year estimate was from Valerie Ervin and read more like an expression of her frustration than a real estimate. It won't take four years to remove and re-pour concrete.

Anonymous said...

Marginal progress in the EYA redevelopment:

Hopefully the obnoxious NIMBYs STFU now that over half the freaking development is grass. As if the lot were in the middle of South Dakota or something.

Springvale Roader said...

What I don't get about guys like Axel Rose is how they let themselves go the way they do. After all, it's not like he had a desk job all his life, sitting around pushing papers. The dude is a rock star. He's always on his feet, has plenty of groupies to choose from for some extra-curricular calorie burning, and I presume plenty of money and free time to work out with a trainer.

Bad genes?

Anyway, it's still fun to see bands from your younger days, even when they don't look or even sound the same (but the great thing about seeing the Psychedelic Furs is that Richard Butler's voice can never get any worse).

Sligo said...


If you will come temp for me at work and babysit my infant, I will definitely "bother" to make more updates.

Anonymous said...

Just got an email advertising the GNR show. $85.00 a ticket plus $11.00 because they can. Ouch!

Sligo said...

Looks like this show is already sold out.

Trixie said...

OMG re: Current Day Axl. Holy shit.

Justafed said...

Oh, Axl doesn't look so bad...just Use Your Illusion. :-)

Concerning the four year estimate for re-doing concrete at the transit center, with all due respect to Patch, their news accuracy is not always spectacular. That said, this is likely to drag out longer than it "should" because the repairs will cost many millions, and I cannot imagine there not being a big and useless legal case over this. I am figuring six months of shouting plus a year to redo the work, and they had already slipped another six months, so 2014 would be my guess. 2013 if the mitigation strategy is very straightforward and the cost is such that the contractor and its insurers decide just to get it over with.

Anonymous said...

I actually saw the current iteration of GNR on this tour in Philly (OK, Camden) in November. And I gotta say ... Axl is slimmed down a bit from March of last year (not skinny, but slimmed down ... although he wore a heavy leather jacket the whole show, which probably concealed a lot) and the show was very fun. Basically they rehash most of the greatest hits from 86-91, and since Axl's voice is still delivering, it feels OK. The guitarist even wears a Slash-esque hat to ease the transition. IN any case, it sold out in under an hour, and it's a huge score for Fillmore.

Aren Agopian said...


sexinprague said...

Four years?! Unf*cking presumptive. they'll similarly tear the total factor down Associate in Nursingd simply begin over - a minimum of then perhaps we'd get one thing gently additional engaging than an outsized bus garage. I sincerely hope the county grows some balls and holds Foulger-Pratt responsible, each financially and conjointly by ne'er grant them any construction project once more, ever.

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