Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

So after three days of electricity-free living, my power was restored early this morning through a procedure that took Pepco technicians all of five minutes to perform. I can’t really blame them all that much this time around – they did preemptively trim back the branches in front of my house earlier this year and I think I was just unfortunate to end up as a low priority case in their outage triage. Plus last summer I was out of power a full five days, so I suppose this can be considered progress.

Not looking forward to spending another dark evening at home last night, I checked into the downtown Silver Spring Courtyard, which had me feeling like a visitor in my own hometown.  The hotel does have a hell of a location, plus where else can you enjoy such splendid views of the majestic Silver Spring Towers?


- Based on a rumor of Lego Architecture sets being available at half price, and considering I was essentially living next door at the time, I decided to give the Borders clearance sale one more shot last night. I really shouldn’t have bothered. At this point most anything even worth contemplating purchasing has already been snatched up, and half the remaining inventory is miscellaneous garbage (perfume??) they hauled in from some warehouse to try and unload on vulturous bargain-seekers.

- Speaking of which, DTSS' store is not on the list of former Borders locations whose leases are to be purchased by Books-a-Million, so if the space is to continue to host a bookstore, it will have to do so under the auspices of another bookseller.

- Concepts for the new apartments to be constructed on the ashes of the 2nd Avenue Post Office have been released. They look nice enough I suppose, though the fact that you will be living next to the train tracks isn't really highlighted in these images.

(I don't know how Silver Spring is supposed to survive on one single tiny post office. They say no one uses the Postal Service anymore, yet somehow whenever I am forced to go to the post office I always end up waiting in line.)

- In other development news, preliminary work on the construction of the the Ellsworth Condos Apartments at the corner of Ellsworth and Cedar finally appears to be underway. It looks like their "Last Word" marketing slogan from so many years ago may have been prophetic. It's about damn time. It's shameful that a lot in such a prime location sat empty for all these years.

- One of the benefits of being a Pepco refugee is that I ended up eating out more frequently this week that I likely would have otherwise. The outage motivated me to finally get over to Forest Glen to try the new Pacci's Trattoria. I don't consider myself foodie enough to conduct proper restaurant reviews,  but I will say what I had (pictured) was pretty good. Like any new place, there are kinks to be worked out, and it'd probably help if they had additional wait staff to cover the entire restaurant, but that will no doubt all come in due time.

mmmm... ravioli with bolognese sauce

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming August 25th - Pacci's Trattoria

Here's a preview of the menu for Pacci's Trattoria, scheduled to open August 25th in the old Forest Glen General Store.

From the restaurant's press release:

The menu features an array of classic Italian dishes selected by Rosario Granieri, who is both a partner and the Executive Chef at the new restaurant. Many of the dishes featured on the menu are recipes passed down to Granieri from his mother and grandmother in Naples. Along with his family recipes, Granieri will also feature a host of dishes he has perfected over the years while working as a chef in Naples, Sardinia, Rome, and London. “I can’t wait to give the community a more in depth taste of Napoli’s rich culinary history beyond our famous pizzas.” Granieri will work alongside Head Chef Antonio Ciotola in executing the menu, which includes ten appetizers, eight pasta dishes, and eight entre├ęs.

In keeping with the homemade standard set by Pacci’s Neapolitan Pizzeria, Gioldasis imported two Italian pasta machines to churn out fresh pastas such as sciallatielli, tortteloni, and ravioli. The made to order pasta dishes will be topped with homemade sauces, organic vegetables, and high quality meats, including homemade meatballs and homemade sausage.
Note that the restaurant will be reservation-only during its first week.

One thing's for certain - the service at Pacci's will be better than that of its predecessor. Presumably the new staff won't hate you for eating there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

DTSS Security: Protecting Us from Hungry Babies

I just want to take a moment to recognize another instance of everyday heroics on the part of Downtown Silver Spring’s security personnel. Their past bravery in curtailing the heinous crime of photography and never infringing on teenagers’ right to harass women and yell profanities in front of small children has been well documented. Now, they deserve additional recognition for protecting the fair citizens of Silver Spring from witnessing the abomination that is a mother breastfeeding her infant child. Recently, one of our Segway-riding real-life superheroes witnessed a mother feeding her child by the fountain and charged into action, showing a total disregard for personal safety and ordering this degenerate to perform her unnatural act outside the wholesome sanctuary of Downtown Silver Spring.

And wouldn’t you know it - like most modern-day criminal scum, the perpetrator of this perversion had the audacity to claim to be the victim in this situation, disseminating her propaganda to the multitudinous subscribers of the DC Urban Moms listserv in an attempt to illicit sympathy from her fellow scofflaws. Her story was further distributed by the Silver Spring Moms Yahoo group, the message board used by the local criminal element to coordinate their nefarious activities.

According to the malefactor, “Under Maryland law, mothers have the right to breastfeed in public. I am concerned that other mothers are being ordered to stop breastfeeding in downtown Silver Spring or feel that they must do so at a security guard’s 'suggestion.'"

Hahahah, silly hippie, you must be new here! Did you just move to Silver Spring from from some socialist Scandinavian country? Don’t you know that your liberal “laws” don’t apply in the sovereign territory of DTSS? On Ellsworth, justice is doled out according to the whim of the Whiteshirts, whose motto is “WE ARE THE LAW”.

Frankly, I think she got off easy. It is only due to the benevolence of this particular guard that she was “asked to leave” rather than finding herself and her child on the wrong end of a Taser. Thank you again, DTSS security, for protecting us from exposure to all the world's evils.

(If for whatever reason any security guards are looking to make a career move within the downtown area, the Tastee Diner may have an opening for a full-time lesbian ejector.)

Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday News 'N Notes

- Construction on Silver Spring's transit center, previously scheduled to be finished later this year, has now had its completion date pushed back to March of 2012.  Delays on a project of this size aren't too surprising - what are we, Swiss?

- Pacci's Trattoria, set to open soon in the General Store in Forest Glen, has revealed their logo:

They are also in the process of constructing a patio behind the restaurant. Presumably someday it will no longer be 100 degrees every day and al fresco dining will once again be a realistic option. [via Pacci's twitter feed]

- The Silver Spring Fillmore will be hosting a job fair on Saturday and Sunday at the Civic Building. They may not all be fabulously high-paying gigs, but who else is hiring these days? If you do get the job, just be sure to remove all the brown M&M's.

- A Papa John's Pizza will be opening in the retail space of South Silver Spring's Veridian Apartments this fall.

- From 10-3 this Saturday the Silver Spring Library will host a book sale and a "Spectacular Science" program for kids.

- MoCo PD is adding new bike patrols to downtown Silver Spring. Didn't they already have those like 4-5 years ago then did away with them? There used to be bike cops eating in the Baja Fresh every time I went in there.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Update: Shitty Place to Remain Shitty Indefinitely

Because they have the time and resources to do things like "journalism", the Gazette contacted the chairman of City Place property manager Petrie Ross Ventures to get additional details on the upcoming transition of City Place into an outlet mall.

Well, don't get too excited for the mall's supposed "grand re-opening" later this year, people, because it turns out this event is unlikely to occur. After owning/managing the mall for four years, Petrie Ross still has no clue what they want to do with this white elephant:

Despite Internet rumors on Silver Spring blogs and news sites, the plans, created by EWB Development LLC, by no means reflect the final decision, Petrie said.

“The site is trying to promote the idea,” he said. “We haven’t decided whether to go in that direction yet.”
"Internet rumors?" Petrie Ross' partner put up a multimedia website promoting the "Outlets at Silver Spring" and there was a story about the mall's conversion to outlets included in a industry trade magazine last October.  It would appear that in this case that clearly the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

Bottom line: Shitty Place forever. Demolition is the only solution now.