Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food Trucks Continue to Roll Into DTSS

After food truck operators discovered a few weeks back that Silver Spring exists and people here eat, It seems as if there's a new wheeled vendor appearing downtown daily. There's even been some coordination among food trucks to schedule food truck meet-ups.

Rolls on Rolls, which first began serving kati rolls here last week, continues to operate exclusively out of the Gulf gas station in the northeast corner of the Georgia and Colesville intersection. Were it not for its proprietor waving a sign at passing traffic, you could easily pass this nondescript patterned aluminum trailer (it's not a proper truck) without noticing its existence.

A Kati Roll from Rolls on Rolls
Their menu is fairly limited (see photo below), as they presently offer just three types of rolls: potato, cheese or chicken. 

They currently have no presence on either Twitter or Facebook, but as they aren't all that mobile, they likely won't really need to alert anyone of a new location anytime soon.

The aforementioned Gulf lot has quickly become the the epicenter of food truck/cart activity in Silver Spring. The Chez Dikel cart is still sitting there, though it hasn't been in operation much as of late. Also making what I believe to be its first appearance in Silver Spring on Tuesday was the Maui Wowi truck, specializing in smoothies and coffee. Warning, though: it's a chain.

Maui Wowi Truck
Oh, and I don't know which of the food trucks posted this job description on Craigslist, but you ladies out there may wish to consider this enticing career opportunity, provided you meet whatever attractiveness threshold the employer has in mind.

Thanks to J. Fox for the heads up on today's Maui Wowi truck appearance as well as for the photo of the truck.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday News 'N Notes

- The word on the street is that the proprietor of Pacci's may be considering opening an Italian trattoria in the former Forest Glen location of the recently-closed General Store. This would certainly be a welcome development if true. (When you are your own landlord, you don't have to worry about deadbeat tenants.) UPDATE: This is confirmed.

- There's a new entrant in the ever-expanding Silver Spring mobile food scene. A truck specializing in kati rolls has been operating this week around the intersection of Georgia and Colesville. Kati rolls are a popular Indian street food and consist of various fillings wrapped in an Indian flatbread. As my place of employ is outside of Silver Spring I never get a chance to sample any of these trucks during their weekday visits, but this one certainly sounds delicious. I don't know if this particular truck has a twitter feed or website, but if I find either one I'll let you know.

mmmmmm.... kati rolls
- Also likely to wash up in Silver Spring in the coming weeks is Go Fish, a MoCo-based food truck specializing in seafood.

- ThayerAvenue.com points out that a new speed camera has been installed on Georgia Avenue at Woodside Parkway. 

- The warm weather is back, so of course that means more troublemakers frequenting DTSS at night. There was a fight on Wednesday (Wednesday, really?) evening during which a shot was reportedly fired.   Fun!

- Finally, please welcome Silver Spring, Singular's first ever intern. I've long felt that the blog hasn't represented the youth voice of Silver Spring and wanted to do something rectify that. By "youth" I don't mean angry skateboarding teens, but the sub-one-year-old demographic. With that in mind, last Thursday I took on an apprentice blogger, Sligo, Jr.

In the future, look for his coverage of such vital topics as the best places to nap and poop around dowtnown Silver Spring as well as in-depth reviews of the changing tables of local establishments. Sure, right now he can't read or type or even see more than a foot in front of him, but he'll get up to speed soon enough.

He's a bit shy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Save the Date: Fourth Annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk - 10/22/11

Block your calendars - this year's Silver Spring Zombie Walk has been officially scheduled for Saturday, October 22nd.

Many of the details are left to be determined, but one thing's for certain - we will do our best to improve on last year's phenomenal showing. I'm thinking, among other things, of lining up some food (and beer???) trucks for the pre-walk festivities.

Photo by Flickr User MV Jantzen.
One thing yet to be decided on is this year's post-walk movie. Having already screened Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead at previous Zombie Walks, Day of the Dead might be the obvious choice, but if we can I'd really like to schedule Dead Snow. A Norwegian movie with zombie Nazis featuring what appears to be a simultaneous Indiana Jones and Pulp Fiction reference - what's not to love?

Of course, it all depends on what reels AFI can actually procure for that weekend.

For updates on the event, stay tuned here and/or join the official Silver Spring Zombie Walk Facebook group.

More Silver Spring Ephemera

A couple years back I shared a number of old Silver Spring postcards. Here's some more.

Captain Jerry's Seafood, once located at 902 Thayer Avenue. This building still exists and is now home to the Thai Market.

The Motel Park Silver. Still a motel, it now serves as the Days Inn in South Silver Spring, though it looks quite a bit different after a number of renovations.

Located right next door at 8000 13th St. was the In Town Motor Hotel. This motel, too, continues to operate as the Silver Spring Travelodge.

The Guardian Savings and Loan, since demolished, was once located on the corner of Bonifant and Georgia where Piratz Tavern now sits.

A 1930's postcard of the then-new Mrs. K's Toll House, looking almost exactly the same as it does today.

A 1970's card from Monroe Ford ("Home of the Monroe Doctrine") at 1237 E-W Highway, now the site of the NOAA building.

Here's another one from the same dealership a couple decades earlier.

The Silver Spring Holiday Inn Convention Center on Georgia, now a Crowne Plaza.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Holy Crêpe!

Huzzah! Crêpes have finally come to Silver Spring!

A crêperie has been near the top of my Silver Spring wish list for years, and now news comes via SoCo Eats that a crêpe-focused cafe has opened for business at 8311 Fenton Street. While I had been aware that some manner of restaurant was coming to this location, the generic name of "Fenton Cafe" provided no hint that the establishment's primary offering would be these thin and delicious pancakes.

Until now, my primary crepe supplier had been a cart at the Fenton Street Market. Of course, that limited my crepe window to a few hours a week during warmer months. Needless to say, at the earliest opportunity I intend on hitting Fenton Cafe and terminating some Nutella-filled crêpes with extreme prejudice.

The only downside to this development is that my pipe dream of operating a combination gelateria/crêperie in Silver Spring now seems that much less viable.


So I hit the Fenton Cafe for a dessert crêpe these evening, ordering my usual: banana and Nutella. I'm happy to report that it was in fact quite good, and as a bonus the people running the place are extraordinarily friendly.

Currently they close around 8 to 8:30, and I made it in just under the wire. I suggested that they consider extended hours during the summer to cater to the after-dinner crowd.

Here's a scan of their menu. There are a quite a few offerings listed here I intend to sample over the coming months. Crêpelicious, indeed.