Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- I checked out the new City Sports this past weekend, and it is a great addition to what unfortunately remains a fairly barren retail landscape in downtown Silver Spring. It's a big, open, bright space featuring gear from quality brands like North Face, Patagonia and one of my personal favorites, Timbuk2. I was actually able to buy clothing for myself in downtown Silver Spring, something I have been able to do very infrequently, a few shirts from American Apparel notwithstanding. (Sorry, City Place Marshall's, but I don't need size 5XL jeans.)

There's a large selection of City Sports-branded shirts, and while for now they all read "Washington DC", they will purportedly be stocking Silver Spring shirts in the coming weeks.

The only downside is that, unlike other City Sports I have been to in the past, they don't carry fan gear - things such as hats and jerseys for the teams that D.C. Metro area residents root for. You know, like the Steelers, Cowboys, Red Sox, etc.

- The downtown Silver Spring McDonald's, renowned worldwide for being the Worst McDonald's Ever™, is undergoing renovations to update it with the current, more modern, McDonald's design. A welcome cosmetic improvement, I suppose, but you still couldn't pay me enough to eat there. Now, were it to look anything like this McDonald's, I might very well consider it.

- Speaking of lipstick on a pig, I recently received a flyer in the mail encouraging me to visit the newly-redesigned Four Corners Safeway. While this Safeway may be the most convenient, if not closest, supermarket for me, I generally avoid it unless I quickly need something basic like a gallon of milk. The store is cramped, run-down, and the produce generally looks inedible. Simple staples, such as the aforementioned gallon of milk, are frequently out-of-stock.

Perhaps the work isn't complete (then why send me the flyer??), but the 'renovated' store didn't look a whole lot different than I remembered it. Unfortunately, a wooden floor laid down in the produce section doesn't magically make your fruits and vegetables fresh.

I wish we could have gotten a brand new Safeway like Kensington did a few years back. Their equally-crappy old-timey Safeway was razed and a brand new building was constructed in its place. I guess we'll just have to settle for this half-assed effort.

In fact, the one thing I kind of liked about the Safeway was its retro facade and marina-style roof . Now the former has been eradicated, to be replaced by what I can only presume is some generic Safeway signage.



- From the Post review of last Wednesday night's Kid Rock concert at the Fillmore:
Introducing “So Hott,” Rock did the time-honored practice of slipping the venue’s name conspicuously into the lyrics one better, namechecking Silver’s Spring’s Quarry House Tavern as the site where he’d picked up a lady companion to ease the loneliness of the road the prior evening.
I assume someone just provided him with the name of a local joint so that he might indulge the crowd, but perhaps someone can confirm that Kid Rock was actually at the Quarry House on Tuesday night.

- A flash mob of fifty-or-so shoplifters robbed the 7-11 up on Tech Road on Saturday Night. Nice. For those opposing the proposed MoCo teen curfew, incidents like this certainly won't help your cause.

Soon there will be another 7-11 in Silver Spring to flash rob, as a new store is opening in the strip mall at the corner of Georgia and Silver Spring Ave. Why is that strip mall still there, anyway, other than to provide revenue to towing companies?


Tara said...

Rest assured that although the Kensington Safeway has had a beautiful facelift (and its produce section is no worse than Giant), it still has all the non-existent customer service you've learned to expect from Safeway. (Is it too much to expect there to be someone staffing the customer service desk at all times, rather than just waiting for 20 minutes until someone jumps off of a checkout register?)

Springvale Roader said...

That flash mob mass thievery is really disturbing. How can any store owner react to that safely? And I agree, incidents like this only add to the argument in favor of a curfew.

Anonymous said...

Except it didn't even occur during a time that the curfew would be in effect. It just highlights how ineffective such a law would be, if anything.

Sligo said...

This is technically true. It took place 40 minutes beforehand.

Sligo said...

Oh, and clearly the last story was linked to by the Drudge Report... read the 500+ comments.

Easley Does It said...

Totally off topic, but this occured to me walking down Ellsworth last night: You know what would be great in Silver Spring... holiday window displays. The Borders and DSW windows would be perfect for that. And I bet it would be a real magnet because I can't think of any other retail areas around here that still do that.

Do any other old-timers happen to remember if the Silver Spring Hecht's and Penny's ever had holiday displays? I remember going with my parents to see them at the Woodies downtown.

Stuart said...

If that Colesville & 2nd McD's is world renowned as the worst, then the one on 16th street is our best-kept-secret 2nd worst McD's.

Isayaah Parker said...

The McDonalds on 16th street is actually better than the Colesville rd one because you don't have to fight through drug dealing MS-13 guys and their gum poppin' hoodrats to get through the doors. And this McDonalds renovation won't help to push out said BOUNCERS who attempt to keep out anyone whose purpose is to actually purchase McDonalds products rather than theirs. Furthermore, I don't understand why they are keeping that parking lot. It's too small to really be functional, that whole property should have been a small mixed use bldg. a few stories tall. ALSO: It's beyond me as to why there needs to be a 7-11 on every corner. They are popping up like weeds.

Anonymous said...

I prefer this McDonald's design:

Mike said...

Re: Kid Rock at Quarry House. Owner Jackie apparently learned of his alleged appearance when he name-checked it during the Fillmore show. Or so her Facebook post read. So I have my doubts.

Robert said...

Why would the recent flash mob theft at a 7-11 increase support for the curfew? The incident took place at a time the curfew wouldn't be in effect. Besides, if current laws against theft didn't deter the participants, why would a curfew law deter them?

The curfew would only penalize law-abiding kids and do little or nothing to stop those up to no good.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Those of you who believe the McDonald's on Colesville to be the worst one in the world have never been to the McDonald's on 16th St in that long strip mall by the Spring Street light.

I went in their twice for breakfast as I started out on roadtrips. In both cases, the staff (including the manager) got in massive yelling matching to the point where I thought someone was going to be hit. My visits were months apart, too. The place is badly laid out, as well.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"I remember going with my parents to see them at the Woodies downtown."

We used to make a special trip downtown each year. I think both Hecht's and Woodies' did windows. Garfinkle's didn't do much to the best of my recollection. Going to see the windows was a highlight of the Christmas season for my family.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree on the customer service at the Kensington Safeway, at least in the regular/express checkout lines. Much faster than Giant.

Silver Spring Florist said...

That's a pretty sad looking Safeway.

Anonymous said...

I love the Kensington Safeway, though the manager often takes a cash register during peak times, which creates an issue when someone needs, well, a manager. I have high hopes for the new one in Wheaton - a tad closer for us.

Anonymous said...

That McDonalds on the corner of Colesville is all the evidence I need as to why there desperatley needs to be a curfew. That place should be razed and put something better there...anything to keep those people away.

Anonymous said...

The McD's renovation actually is looking pretty good. Not that it's a huge difference considering the other baggage which will likely remain the same, but it fills the corner a bit better than before. Has the feel of a two story building.

Anonymous said...

I remember 12 years ago when I worked in the area, the McDonalds on Colesville Road had a serious fruit fly infestation. Incredibly gross.

I was in the area and stopped there a few months ago. It appeared that about half the customers were trying to shake down the other half for money, and there was one very friendly young man who seemed to be a male prostitute.

What is WITH that place?

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