Friday, September 09, 2011

Fillmore Community Preview this Monday

The Fillmore Silver Spring has announced that it will be hosting an open house, or "community night" this coming Monday. (For the small "c" community of course, not "The Community". Members of the latter group wouldn't be caught dead in the Fillmore.)

The event will feature live music and food, and tickets will be available at the Fillmore box office beginning Monday at noon. Of course, this timing makes obtaining tickets fairly difficult for members of the community like myself who don't happen to work in Silver Spring. Then again, maybe these days most people are unemployed and have nothing better to do.

In the meantime, here's a preview of the space courtesy of Channel 9 news:


Alex said...

*yawn* I wish them the best, since the success of the venue will only benefit DTSS, however, I doubt I'll go much, if ever. The acts seem to mostly be the second-rung folks who would have appeared at the 9:30 Club otherwise, but $10-$15 more per ticket at the Fillmore. Seriously, $45 for Primus?!?! Of course it's hard to know how much tickets cost since the price is not clearly shown on the website, nor is any info given for the artists...both things that are easily found upfront on the 9:30 Club site. Oh, and the 9:30 Club is almost entirely general admission.

On a totally unrelated note, since it seems like I should balance the negativity with something nice, I've really enjoyed the last few meals I've had at Kao Thai in DTSS.

Anonymous said...

If Fillmore can't get their prices I'm sure they would drop. If they can, then more power to them (and more tax dollars in MoCo coffers). Looking forward to Lewis Black!

Susan said...

So is Alex a friend or sympathizer of Seth H's? 'Cause shilling for the 9:30 Club would make it seem so.

Anonymous said...

*yawn*, Alex perhaps the Fillmore isn't targeted to you. "Second run" acts to one person might be a nostalgia delight to someone else. Live Nation is a very successful company with a ton of experience. Their marketing people know to switch gears if something isn't working. Gotta love people who--*yawn*--can predict the future before it even starts. Give them a break until they get up and running. *yawn*.

Anonymous said...

Live Nation also owns Jiffy Lube Live. If acts want to play Jiffy Lube, Live Nation can negotiate having them also play the Fillmore, keeping them away from the 9:30 Club.

Anonymous said...

Down with Alex - after reading a Wapo editorial the bands SUCK, Cheap Trick, Levon Helm, Joe Jonas, Mac Miller - WTF.

From WaPo: "But for starters, the [Filmore's] target audience appears to be older fans and their kids." Will continue to make the schlep into DC or enjoy the jukebox down at Quarry House

Anonymous said...

I used to go to The Fillmore back when it was relevant to the organic indie music scene and still called JC Penney.

Anonymous said...

The line up, much like everything else in Silver Spring, seems to be a joke.

When will this downtown get any real nightlife? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need "organic indie music." Yep, and when 2 people show up for a concert we'll know the failure of the Fillmore was because the people were too ignorant to know good music.

This is a commercial establishment. If you want indie music then put them out on the plaze where a few people will stop and listen to them. Because there isn't money for it in the Fillmore.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11:21

Yeah Joe Jonas is a joke and Cheap Trick is way long in the tooth, but listing Levon Helm with that group of acts that suck shows either a really narrow musical taste or none at all, so not sure you should be commenting on the quality of the line up.

Clancy said...

While I'm still waiting for the first music act at the Fillmore to get me excited enough to actually buy tickets (I would love to see Black, but decided the price was a little high), it's petty stuff to lob insults at the acts (and their fans) just because they're not my bag.

I would be interested in finding out if there was much of a price difference between similar shows (as much as that can actually be determined) at the Fillmore SS and the 9:30 Club. From a brief review, it did seem to me that tickets at the Fillmore seemed to be on the high side.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. We're an eclectic city and I'm glad the Fillmore is running the gamut of genres. In 1 month they have R&B, classic rock, rock, metal, rap, electronica, country, folk, pop, and comedians. Quit being whiny bitches that all the bands don't fit your specific taste. They're adding new acts every day - don't worry, they'll get to your precious taste soon enough.

Reasonable Guy said...

I give them until December 12th to have Led Zeppelin reunited and booked otherwise I will declare the Fillmore an epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Space looks great. This is going to be awesome for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

Went to the community event they had on Monday and I can confirm that the space is great. 3 huge bars around the stage. A cool loungy area in the basement with another bar.

And, as someone who knows some of the people involved in the tragic Station nightclub fire in RI, something I look for are: lots of emergency exits, wide stairways, wide doors out to the main lobby. Check, check and check.

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