Thursday, July 07, 2011

"You will never find a more wretched hive of gas stations and dry cleaners"

In its most recent issue, Bethesda Magazine (which claims to also represent Silver Spring) manages to praise downtown Silver Spring's Pacci's Pizzeria whilst simultaneously dismissing the remainder of Georgia Avenue businesses:

In the non-Bethesda Magazine reality there is but a single gas station and zero auto parts stores or dry cleaners of which I am aware. (Though admittedly, an auto parts store would be convenient to have.)

They also must have somehow overlooked the following establishments when they implied that, as a restaurant, Pacci's is somehow an aberration along Georgia Avenue:

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
Asian Bistro Restaurant
The Big Greek Cafe
Bombay Gaylord
Crisfield Seafood Restaurant
FEZ Bistro & Restaurant
Fire Station 1
Golden House
The Greek Place
Hook & Ladder Brewing Company
J & J Deli
Jackie's Restaurant
La Bamba
Langano Ethiopian Restaurant
Lizbeth's Cafe
Los Arrieros Restaurant
Lotus Cafe
Mandarin Restaurant
Panera Bread
Piratz Tavern
Quarry House Tavern
Society (coming soon)

Of course, none of these establishments meet the lofty standards of Bethesda, so perhaps they decided not to acknowledge them.


Anonymous said...

As sad as Silver Springs nightlife is, and as bad as "at a glance" that section of Georgia Avenue may be, I agree with Sligo: this article is pathetic.

Basically it's the impression you get it you drive up or by that section of Georgia Avenue and never really look at all the restaurants that are there.

Downtown Silver Spring has tons of issues: a lack of interesting restaurants is not one of them

BenK said...

I think they may be blurring their vision a bit. Isn't there an autoparts store south of Walter Reed? And there are several auto repair places, a car wash, and an auto rental place - they may think that replacement convertible tops are car parts. As for cleaners, there are two up near Seminary (with some gas stations and an autobody place, a bike shop, and sundry other stores - some of which are not open any longer).

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see, how could we look at Bethesda magazine through the same lens?

Bethesda magazine is mostly all-advertising; plastic surgeons, pre-fab McMansions, overpriced and unoriginal restaurants, third-tier private schools for kids who can’t get into Sidwell, real estate agents with face lifts, clothing ideas for the insecure newly rich. The occasional decent article is an oasis from the wandering short stories from “local authors” and pieces on the perils of public schools, a break from the onslaught of pretension and consumerism in the glossy magazine's pages.

ForestGlen said...

Nice post. Get 'em Sligo.

Anonymous said...

Gas stations? I count a total of two on Georgia Avenue south of 16th Street, one of which (the 7-11) is nearly at the District line.
Granted, if the area was more pedestrian-friendly, the restaurants might be more visible and accessible--but it's certainly not a wasteland, food-wise.
Isn't Olazzo's other location in Bethesda? And yet here, the restaurant somehow doesn't count?

The DC Adventurer said...

Just sent them a fun email ;-]


The horror.

Go get 'em Sligo!

Mimi said...

Best. Blog Title. Ever.

Dragon said...

Bethesda has a number of eye laser centers to choose from.

Anonymous said...

If any of you have ever read Bethesda magazine, the description by Anon @8:25 PM is spot on!

Anonymous said...

Bethesda magazine = trash. Paccci's new outdoor space they're referring to = awesome.

Giulia said...

Thanks for alerting us. My last willing exposure to Bethesda magazine had me in it & it was horrible. (Not supposed to be.) That was a few years ago. I just sent the editor an email w/your post link & added that this is the reason I won't contribute to his ranks.

Everyone else already said what I would. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

And that restaurant list isn't even all the restaurants on that stretch of GA Ave. Not to mention there are other gems on that stretch which are certainly better than any counterpart anywhere in Bethesda (Velatis, Moorenkos, Sidebar, etc.).

JS said...

FYI: You left a few wig stores off that list.

Sligo said...

"FYI: You left a few wig stores off that list."

And a corset shop.

Anonymous said...

There's more than 1 wig store?! Man, I've been missing out.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

The corset shop intrigues me. How do they stay in business? Is it just corsets? Big internet business?

Anonymous said...

The corset shop actually sells all manner of breast holsters, especially in sizes ill-served by Victoria's Secret.

Also, their mannequins are creepier than normal.

Woodside Woman said...

That corset shop is really popular among brides looking for under the wedding dress undergarments. You see it recommended a lot on sites like The Knot and other wedding planning forums.

Anonymous said...

I know the corset shop is great for nursing bras, and I've also heard it recommended transvestite undergarments.
And I think it might actually be a "shoppe," rather than an ordinary "shop." Whatever that entails.

Anonymous said...

Sorry-- [...recommended *for* transvestite...]

lonebear said...

Bethesda, as an institution can go itself. It's overreach is on its way to becoming legendary.

I work right near the White Flint Metro. The area is now being called North Bethesda. Um...WTF. There are 2 Metro stations _between_ White Flint and Bethesda. There are 4.5 miles between the stations. Hell, it's also 4.5 mils to DTSS.

I guess they only want restaurants and upscale shopping. No need for things that the normal people need to live. Who needs a supermarket when you can have a boutique grocery where you can pay more for less.

Feh on Bethesda. This Kemp Mill resident will visit DTSS before Bethesda any day.

Anonymous said...

Charm Thai should be added to the list!

The Bethesda editor forgot to mention the Meditation Museum next to Dale Music. If that isn't an oasis, I don't know what is.

Jennifer said...

The author must have meant hair salons/barber shops/nail salons instead of autoparts stores.

Although the author was technically incorrect, the point should be well taken -- Ga. Avenue has a long way to go before it becomes a destination for nightlife. Only a few have survived that stretch.

Hockeylugnut said...

I too left a nasty-gram with the editors of Bethesda Magazine. Hopefully, they will get the hint if enough of us call them out for such a sloppy article.

Anonymous said...

The corset shop makes its money selling undergarments to all the transvestites that work at Bethesda Magazine

Anonymous said...

Jennifer said...
The author must have meant hair salons/barber shops/nail salons instead of autoparts stores.

Although the author was technically incorrect, the point should be well taken -- Ga. Avenue has a long way to go before it becomes a destination for nightlife. Only a few have survived that stretch.

This is correct. Im amazed that Silver Spring residents don't see this.

Bakari Kamau said...

Silver Spring's nightlife is horrible. Everything closes by 11 pm, pretty much all the restaurants are family establishments, there are few bars, and most places to drink are spread out far from others.

As wack as their magazine is basically right. If you're looking to be impressed by Silver Spring in the same manner as Bethesda, hell, even Wheaton, look elsewhere. This place is lame right now.

glayla said...

@Jennifer and @Bakari Kamau - I think you're missing the point of the article and the blog post. A non-resident would read the article and form the impression that Pacci's would be their sole decent dining choice for miles of Georgia Ave, an impression that is false. The article as presented doesn't even address 'nightlife' and I fail to see any point in that clip that should be well taken, except that Pacci's is tasty.

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