Friday, July 15, 2011

Whither the Fenton Street Market?

With no FSM, where would we buy our cat vests?
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You've likely already heard by now, but the county is raising the weekly fee for renting Veterans Plaza from $48 to $1,200, threatening the existence of the Fenton Street Market which operates there each Saturday during the warmer months.

The county is pulling a pretty big bait-and-switch here and generally comes off as the villan in this story. They even oddly suggested that they could install a mini golf course on Veterans Plaza in place of the market. I'm all for mini golf, but they couldn't even make that work at an actual golf course, so is that really a practical idea?

At they same time, they do have somewhat of a point. Like every other municipality these days, the county has budget problems. I appreciate their desire to collect the revenue if groups really are lined up to pay these fees, particularly after having invested so much to construct the new Civic Building and accompaying plaza. No one can dispute that $48 is an incredible deal for such a prime location. I don't know what kind of lease the stores along Ellsworth have, but they've got to be paying upwards of $40/sq. ft.

With that said, there has to be a solution that keeps the market in place while allowing other groups to share the Plaza on Saturdays. Why not close off the stretch of Ellsworth between Fenton Street and the entrance to the parking garage as they sometimes do, allocating that area for some of the market vendors? Maybe it wouldn't fit the entirety of the market, but it would certainly free up some space on the plaza. It's not optimal, but the market could conceivably loop around onto that new stretch of road that connects Ellsworth to the Whole Foods lot (though it's a bit of a hill).

I may not purchase something there every week, but the FSM has been a nice addition to downtown and is a good compliment to the farmers market. Hopefully the county and FSM can resolve this in a manner amenable both parties. (Optimally, the solution will somehow involve demolishing City Place.)

For those interested in expressing your support for the market, an online petition has been set up.


mmebahorel said...

But - but - the crepe guy! How can they displace the crepe guy?!

jag said...

Apparently the county's now offering the plaza to FSM for 1/2 price ($125 an hour). No idea if that's viable for the market or not.

Anonymous said...

If the vendors can pay their proportion directly to the county maybe that will get the Fenton market managers off the hook and the community can keep what is a great asset. I agree though that it's an asset only a hater of estreme proportions wold like to see disapear.

Anonymous said...

Greed. Greed. Greed.

Nice job Montgomery County Gubment. Watch them steal your money by underbudgeting and wasting money then rasiing prices on everyone!

Awesome. What's the problem moco Gubmet? Speed cameras, speed traps, DUI arrests not filling your coffers?

Anonymous said...

Darn MoCo and their making money off pulling over people who drive drunk! (???????)