Monday, July 11, 2011

Retail Non-Fail = Retail Win: City Sports to Open in DTSS

The wait to find out what would replace the Pier 1 didn't last very long: the word on the street is that the home goods store will be supplanted by Boston-based sporting goods retailer City Sports. Personally, I think this is a significant upgrade from Pier 1 in the sense that I will actually buy things from City Sports, whereas I wouldn't be very likely to do so from Pier 1. The store was high on my (admittedly unfinished) list of Bethesda businesses I'd like to see in Silver Spring.

From a June 2010 post, which is still valid (just replace "Stephen Strasburg" with "Bryce Harper"):
I just noticed for the first time last week that downtown Bethesda now has a City Sports store. How is that downtown Bethesda has two sporting goods stores (they also have a Modell’s) while Silver Spring has zero? Are you telling me that downtown Silver Spring can’t support a proper sporting goods store?

I recently wanted to purchase some new gym clothes and had to travel all the way up to the Target and Kohl’s in SSINO to find what I needed. Side note: I love the fact that that if you Google the phrase “Sporting Goods Silver Spring”, Atlantic Guns is the top result.

Sure, there’s a Pacer’s Running Store in Silver Spring, but their inventory is limited to merchandise for a single sport. Where does one go around here if they want to purchase a soccer ball or perhaps a Stephen Strasburg jersey? Bethesda, I suppose.
Of course, one store being "better" than another is purely subjective and based on individuals' purchasing preferences, but the good news here is that reportedly Pier 1 is looking to relocate elsewhere in downtown Silver Spring, so maybe this could turn out to be a win-win for everyone. (Where exactly they would move to, I'm not sure. Shitty Place, perhaps?)

The moral of the story is that while businesses may leave, in many instances their departure can open the door for a preferred business to replace it. The failure of the Fractured Prune last year ultimately paved the way for the addition of FroZenYo, which I have patronized many more times than the single instance I bought donuts from the Fractured Prune.

Let's all just be thankful it wasn't another cell phone store. Once those are in, you aren't getting them out.


Clancy said...

One would think that the management of Pacers wouldn't be too thrilled with these developments. I understand that they have the specialization that is appreciated by a certain subset of the population, but they must get a significant portion of their business from people like me who went their out of desperation a couple of times (I needed vaguely gym-related items). City Sports locating down the block will pretty much kill that kind of business. However, from my perspective: yay!

As for Pier One, it is great to have a home furnishings store in the area, even if I don't frequent it. I really do hope they find a new place downtown. Maybe (part of) the old Gold's Gym location in City Place?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Clancy. This is great news as anyone with lil'tykes can attest, they like the sports. Also, it would be nice to keep Pier One for the whiker furniture I keep meaning to buy, if only I didn't have to by the kids their stuff!

Springvale Roader said...

I agree with Sligo and Clancy: City Sports will be a great addition to DTSS. It sells what Pacers sells, but a lot more.

But, I am STILL waiting for a decent place to buy clothing. Maybe the cynics are correct: City Place is some kind of tax shelter.

Anonymous said...

I am excited City Sports is opening too, but I don't think Pacers will suffer too much. Pacers caters to the running crowd (like Fleet Feet or Georgetown Running) and their staff are all serious runners themselves. The last time I bought running shoes from a non-running specialty store, I ended up buying the wrong type of shoes (because they looked cool and were on sale!) and ended up with a mean case of runner's knee that lasted months. The reality is that there usually isn't anybody in these stores who knows anything about the ins and outs of running shoes. The guys at Pacers watched me run, analyzed my gait, etc., and recomended very different shoes from what I had the end, completely solving my knee issues. Plus, Pacers has a great loyalty program if you buy a lot of stuff there (which I do).

Still, this is not to say I'm not also excited about City Sports coming into town--I hate dragging my ass down to Modell's or (worse) Sports Authority on the Pike when I need to buy a baseball glove or something for one of the kids.

NIMBY said...

While I think City Place Mall is a complete crap-hole of turds, I think we should show some respect and avoid calling it Sh*tty Place Mall.

ES said...

Anon (second one) - City Sports does the same thing when you buy running shoes. Granted, I've never had any knee issues to deal with, but they have always fitted me well.

I'll miss Pier One, and hope it finds another home, but a City Sports will be welcome too.

Anonymous said...

Awesome addition. I, too, hope Pier 1 finds a new space somewhere. I so wish Peterson Co. would buy City Place. Here they are kicking paying tenants out because they actually know how to market their space. I have complete faith they could turn CP around in no time. Heck, they probably already have a waiting list of stores trying to get into DTSS.

Anonymous said...

The troublemakers of SS are in the news again:

Anonymous said...

the argument that dc/pg having a curfew and therefore a lot of troublemakers head out to MoCo makes a lot of sense. 11pm weekday and midnight weekend curfews for teens certain aren't overly burdensome. Impose a curfew and close down Galaxy and BAM, moderate-low crime turns into low-nonexistent crime for 20910.

CBMLphoto said...

I enjoy my sports equipment as much as the next guy/gal and have spent my fair share at City Sports Bethesda, but I'm not sure DTSS really has enough to support such a store. I can't speak for LA Fitness, but I know WSC is only at 50% capacity at its absolute busiest and major chain Gold's Gym has already folded in the last year+. I'd love to see CSSS succeed, but currently have doubts in this particular area.

jag2923 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I wish we could get a bowling alley in downtown silver spring! That would be a fantastic non-restaurant addition to the area. Maybe in Shi**y place mall! Who's with me?

Clancy said...

@ CBMLPhoto, the Gold's location in Silver Spring closed for reasons completely unrelated to the success of the actual gym. Without going into detail, word is the ownership had a run-in with law enforcement shortly after the gym closed (which was related to his other "businesses").

kristy said...

Fenton St. Market news:

Isayaah Parker said...

If Pier 1 didn't close because of lack of business, then it will definitely close again for that reason if it opens in Shitty Place. That's why City Sports didnt open in Shitty Place because they didn't want people to mistake them for Shitty Sports in Shitty Place mall. Isn't American Apparel closing? Pier 1 can relocate there.

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