Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Chompy!

Bad news out of Discovery HQ: no Chompy (it's not "Chompie") this year. Sir Chompsalot made his triumphant return to Silver Spring last summer after a four year absence, but shall remain ignominiously deflated during this year's Shark Week.


Why no Chompy this year? Cost cutting? Perhaps the $2 million Discovery paid Sarah Palin could have been better spent on Chompy.

Hopefully next summer he will be back where he belongs, this time riding on an inflatable elephant's back, the pair just trampling and eating everything they see.


Anonymous said...

Ahem. A word, if I may.


That is all. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest we take to the streets with some signs and tee shirts proclaiming "Free Chompy" but somehow I get the feeling Discovery would be a little less humorous of protesters now.

darreninamerica said...

So upset! When they told me on Twitter I had to spread the news! If you tweet, please use #SaveChompy and #SaveChompie (they spelt it 'ie' in their tweet to me) and see if we can make some impact.......where can I start a petition??

Sligo said...

I christened him Chompy back in '06, so I insist on the correct spelling. Not sure where the 'ie' came from.

Vagrarian said...

Well, poo. I loved looking at Chompy out my office window. Yeah, I guess it was Sarah Pay-Me's check that jinxed it.

Anonymous said...

I found Chompy. @sshistory declared him historic and put Chompy in the basement archives/museum. Chompy's safe and preserved but now he's wearing a "Silver Spring Historical Society" sticker and no one's ever gonna see him again.

Anonymous said...

Discovery could make up ditching Chompy by having an inflated Palin adorn their building for Halloween. They could make this potentially scary display suitable for children by having her as one of those flying witches on a broomstick that has hit something.

Anonymous said...

In light of last September's deadly hostage situation I think it might be a little tasteless to show a graphic of a machine-gun wielding shark in the Discovery building.

Monkey said...

I'm sure the discovery marketing folk are super happy with 100% dtss shark week matter what the cost and overall chompy roi.

Anonymous said...

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I wish Discovery would reconsider. Chompy is an awesome annual addition to DTSS' quirky mix.

Love the gangsta necklace and hat, the gun not so much.

Anonymous said...

Could we hang the 8 little Gosselin kids out the windows instead? Or maybe just Kate?

Isayaah Parker said...

Chompy was fun to look at.
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