Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

Photo by Flickr user karindalziel
- After a long wait, Silver Spring's new frozen yogurt dispensary, FroZenYo, is finally set to open on Ellsworth this Thursday. The beauty of frozen yogurt versus, say, ice cream, is that the former is "healthy", so you can consume a pound of it covered with an equal amount of crushed peanut butter cups and feel completely guilt-free afterward.

- Drat, the apocalypse is now scheduled for October 21st, just one day before this year's Zombie Walk. Perhaps we should move the date up a week.

- A book was returned to the Springbrook High library 42 years after it was due. With the all the fines accumulated during that time, perhaps the school library could use the funds to build its very own bridge.

- Unsurprisingly, there exists a band named after the Silver Spring Monkeys.

- That $1.6M house with the 50' pool in Woodside Park has sold. I expect to be receiving my pool party invite any day now.

- The National Pinball Museum, which once kind-of operated out of Silver Spring, is vacating its Georgetown Park home after just five months. I still think Silver Spring's Secret Movie Theater would have been a ideal location for the museum. For $300K I bet he could have fixed the place up adequately, plus there's probably little threat of a landlord evicting you from a basement that hasn't had a tenant in thirty years.

Speaking of underground pinball, do any long-term Silver Spring residents recall there once being a video/pinball arcade located in the basement of what is now Vicino Italian Restaurant on Sligo Avenue? We're talking the Pac Man and Donkey Kong era here. This may very well be one of those hazy, not-entirely-accurate early childhood memories, but I swear it was real (as was Santa Clause at the time). In reality, said arcade might very well have not existed, but in my research on the subject I did come across this 1975 newspaper ad for a club that at the time had recently opened in that same basement:

This appears to have been exactly the type of establishment one frequent commenter believes Silver Spring now sorely lacks.

- Finally, I know this happened last week and it occurred in SSINO, but it is still fantastic:


Anonymous said...

That arcade did in fact exist. My son used to frequent it (and probably got in trouble there) in the early 1980's.

Sligo said...

Thanks for the confirmation! That had been bugging me for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I peered into frozenyo a couple days ago and it still looked pretty much unfinished. There were workers in it on a Sunday, so I guess they're still shooting to open tomorrow. I'll be impressed if they do.

Anonymous said...

I remember an arcade, but not in the Vicino's basement. There was one on Fenton where now either Quiznos or one of the businesses on either side were.

Sligo said...

I did remember that arcade if it's the same one I'm thinking of, though I believe it was on the opposite side of Wayne. Most recently it was a hair salon (of course) that got torn down as part of the library construction.

Anonymous said...

I have one of those foggy childhood memories that bugs me too. I remember a second or third floor indoor mini-golf place somewhere back where Jackie's is now. Heck it might have even been above Jackie's for all I know.

and it occurred in SSINO

Oh stop.

Anonymous said...

I remember indoor mini-golf over by the metro station-by where the taxi stand was. Was there someplace called Billy's that had pinball/arcade games? Maybe near the old Armory?

Packed Suitcase said...

FroYo.... YES!

Anonymous said...

Frozen yogurt isn't really healthier than ice cream... its lower in fat, but way higher in sugar. They have about the same amount of calories. I guess it depends on what you mean by "healthier".

Monkey said...

Is "the downunder" an Aussie themed club? It will be awesome to have a bloomin onion with my lovers.

Sligo said...

No, it's not healthy, hence the quotation marks around the world.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling The Downunder Lounge was a lot like the old Chances 'R and Sheppard's Park.

Ahhh memories.

Vagrarian said...

Matt Groening once did one of his "Akbar & Jeff" ads promoting frozen yogurt as "only 4/5 the calories of ice cream!"

I'll swing by FroYo at noon and see what's shakin'.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't open at 11:30ish damnit. Day off and spur of the moment trip for nothing.

Looks like they have a bit of construction to complete. Think it'll open today?

Anonymous said...

Downtown Silver Spring just posted on their facebook that frozenyo isn't opening today. Real lame of frozenyo or DTSS for waiting so long to announce it.

Packed Suitcase said...

Hot off the presses, a Fro-Yo update! Just talked to a guy out front (owner?) and he said that they are working to open tomorrow, and that they'll be offering free yogurt for the day and potentially the whole weekend!

Of course, doesn't help me as I won't be in the Sprung tomorrow. But c'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

If they're opening on Friday it won't be until later in the day. Went by there tonight and there is still a good amount of work to be done.

Anonymous said...

Anyone working in DTSS know if it's open today? I want me some free fro-yo!

Vagrarian said...

I walked by FrozenYo just before noon on Friday and they didn't look anywhere near to opening. I saw someone on Twitter claiming they got some free samples there but they sure as hell weren't offering anything when I went by and I wasn't inclined to check later in the day. (I was boozing it up at the Quarry House.) I may swing by again over the weekend to see.

jag said...

It's open today, FYI

Anonymous said...

In know in the early 80's there was a video arcade on the other side of Georgia Ave, maybe a couple of blocks north of Sligo. I spent many afternoons there, blowing my summer job money. Later, it became a billiards parlor.

Foho said...

The arcade was n the basement of 959 Sligo Avenue and it was called Dungeon. All the great 80's arcade games and pool tables were there. I remover it well and the restaurant on the street level was Sligo Inn. My family ran the restaurant and the basement was rented out to a couple that ran the arcade. Great memories!!!

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