Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Silver Spring Ephemera

A couple years back I shared a number of old Silver Spring postcards. Here's some more.

Captain Jerry's Seafood, once located at 902 Thayer Avenue. This building still exists and is now home to the Thai Market.

The Motel Park Silver. Still a motel, it now serves as the Days Inn in South Silver Spring, though it looks quite a bit different after a number of renovations.

Located right next door at 8000 13th St. was the In Town Motor Hotel. This motel, too, continues to operate as the Silver Spring Travelodge.

The Guardian Savings and Loan, since demolished, was once located on the corner of Bonifant and Georgia where Piratz Tavern now sits.

A 1930's postcard of the then-new Mrs. K's Toll House, looking almost exactly the same as it does today.

A 1970's card from Monroe Ford ("Home of the Monroe Doctrine") at 1237 E-W Highway, now the site of the NOAA building.

Here's another one from the same dealership a couple decades earlier.

The Silver Spring Holiday Inn Convention Center on Georgia, now a Crowne Plaza.


Anonymous said...

Nice images from Silver Spring's past. I also liked your descriptions: crisp, colorful and lacking the hyperbole that oozes from other Silver Spring blogs. I hope to see more.

Mim Landry said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them. Really cool.

Ted said...

Interesting pictures. As someone that has only lived in the area since 2005 I don't know a Silver Spring much different than the one today, but it's not too hard to see these buildings in what stands in those locations today. Except for the Ford dealership. I can't imagine that that is what East-West Highway looked like as recently as the 70s.

Woodsider said...

Anybody know if Thai Market does delivery? If so, what's their delivery area and how is the food?

Robert said...

Guardian Federal at some point moved to the southeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Cameron Street. I think it was merged into Perpetual during the great S&L crisis. Sandy Spring Bank is in the Guardian space there now.

ThayerAvenue said...

RE: Thai Market - Their food is okay. They've told me before that they would deliver short distances (a couple of blocks down Thayer, in particular), but from what I gather it's not something they really do. I much prefer Thai Derm, and they've recently signed up with a delivery service.

Also... @Anonymous: "...crisp, colorful and lacking the hyperbole that oozes from other Silver Spring blogs." <-awesome

Anonymous said...

Almost every one of these businesses has failed, Sligo. Where's the ``SILVER SPRING RETAIL FAIL" Tag?

Anonymous said...

@3:52 PM -- Seriously, dude, why are you so obsessed with the "retail fail" thing? This blog rightfully points out when businesses fail, as well as new businesses start up. It seems like an unhealthy obsession on your part to focus on this choice of wording which really is not demeaning to Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

Why was the Guardian building torn down? Bat signal to Jerry McCoy!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I had always assumed that those odd steps at the Thai grocery were some kind of retrofit over the years. Looks like they were designed that way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- Jerry don't need no signal. He's batty enough by nature.

Anonymous said...

I think the Silver Spring Fail thing reaks of inferiority complex, but that's just my psycho-read. Love the postcards and pithy commentary!

Elizabeth | The Natural Capital said...

Seriously? They used to make postcards of banks and car dealerships??

Fun to know the history of the Thai market building. I personally LOVE their drunken noodles. Wish they were open later.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up I in Silver Spring in the 1960's......these postcards are my stomping grounds. As a kid you could wander all the streets and alleys with no fears....everybody knew or knew of everybody......a million mom and pop businesses on Colesville, Georgia, Bonifant, Fenton....along with Murphy's 5&10 and Hechts.....it really was a " Leave it to Beaver" land if anyone remembers that show.......I worked at the Holiday Inn on the postcard in high school and also nearby at the old Mazor Masterpiece Furniture store .....use to grab lunch at one of the several " soda fountains" nearby .....or grab some Little Tavern deathballs......Most of the Silver Spring I knew is gone.....really kinda sad that everyone living there now didn't get to experience that wonderful little time.

swanky7611 said...

My grandfather owned Captain Jerry's back in the 60's. We used to go there a couple times a month. I vaguely remember the decor, a lobster tank she you came in with red leather looking booths.

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