Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food Trucks Continue to Roll Into DTSS

After food truck operators discovered a few weeks back that Silver Spring exists and people here eat, It seems as if there's a new wheeled vendor appearing downtown daily. There's even been some coordination among food trucks to schedule food truck meet-ups.

Rolls on Rolls, which first began serving kati rolls here last week, continues to operate exclusively out of the Gulf gas station in the northeast corner of the Georgia and Colesville intersection. Were it not for its proprietor waving a sign at passing traffic, you could easily pass this nondescript patterned aluminum trailer (it's not a proper truck) without noticing its existence.

A Kati Roll from Rolls on Rolls
Their menu is fairly limited (see photo below), as they presently offer just three types of rolls: potato, cheese or chicken. 

They currently have no presence on either Twitter or Facebook, but as they aren't all that mobile, they likely won't really need to alert anyone of a new location anytime soon.

The aforementioned Gulf lot has quickly become the the epicenter of food truck/cart activity in Silver Spring. The Chez Dikel cart is still sitting there, though it hasn't been in operation much as of late. Also making what I believe to be its first appearance in Silver Spring on Tuesday was the Maui Wowi truck, specializing in smoothies and coffee. Warning, though: it's a chain.

Maui Wowi Truck
Oh, and I don't know which of the food trucks posted this job description on Craigslist, but you ladies out there may wish to consider this enticing career opportunity, provided you meet whatever attractiveness threshold the employer has in mind.

Thanks to J. Fox for the heads up on today's Maui Wowi truck appearance as well as for the photo of the truck.


Baby Mama said...

Prices went up. Last week you could get a paneer roll for $4!

Jon said...

@Baby Mama

No kidding! All the rolls were $4. Now they are $5, $6 and $7. Now I thought $4 was probably a bit on the low side...but jeez, talk about sticker shock. I can see $5 for the paneer and aloo and $6 for the chicken.

Anonymous said...

Is this where I come to mention there have been food trucks in Silver Spring for years?

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, is this the 2nd gunfight in DTSS in a week?


I just moved out of Silver Spring, a block away from Veterans Plaza, back to NY a couple of weeks ago. SS is a pretty nice community, and stuff like this just makes me sad. It amazes me how dysfunctional DC's ghetto culture is, despite all the advantages that come with being in the capital region.

Anonymous said...

Very weird - the link got all messed up in the cut/paste process. Combine the two lines for the full link:



Sligo said...

That's the same incident, I believe.

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