Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- The National Museum of Health and Medicine, full of exhibits of the type of things I generally try to avoid looking at, will be closing its doors at Walter Reed in April and relocating to Silver Spring. When it re-opens here in the fall, the museum will be located within Fort Detrick's annex in Forest Glen. Hmmmm... a museum that houses "the world's largest collections of brains" right down the street from the Silver Spring Zombie Walk?

- A brief follow up to my last post regarding food trucks in Silver Spring: apparently we did have a couple visits from a cupcake truck late last year. According to eyewitness reports, this particular truck may even live in Silver Spring.

- Speaking of cupcakes, Cake Love has now re-opened on Fenton Street after moving around the corner from their old home on Ellsworth. I haven't had the opportunity to recon their new, larger location but according to Cake Love's Facebook page, the new store is "cozier, complete with seating, and a kids zone!"

- The first Fenton Street Market of the year will be supersized when it opens for the season on April 30th, with over 100 vendors expected to participate. That's more than you'll likely find at Eastern Market on any given weekend. My vision of bringing back the Silver Spring flea market has finally come to fruition (even if I played absolutely no part in it).

- Earlier this week Greater Greater Washington posted a nice letter to the editor from a reader whose quality of life was improved by moving to downtown Silver Spring.

- Per Urban Turf, Silver Spring won't be seeing many new condo projects anytime soon.

- One thing that will be finally be built, according to DCmud, is the long-delayed Ellsworth Condos Apartments. You may recall that many long years ago these were marketed as being the "Last Word in Silver Spring Living". At this rate, that might quite literally be the case.


Woodsider said...

I'm just shocked that 2 days after this posting there haven't been any comments. Come on Silver Spring, show your blogs some love!
[I don't actually have anything to comment on]

jag said...

When i was walking over to the farmers market this morning i noticed at 8311 fenton (in the same building as the comic book store)there's a help wanted sign for "Fenton Cafe." Doesn't pique my interest too much, but you never know, could be interesting and most certainly will be worth more than the hair salon it's next to.

Elysiansmiles said...

That's really disappointing about the lack of new condos. People need something to buy in Silver Spring, otherwise the population of SS will always be transient. As soon they raise rents people will find somewhere else to go. I know I'm looking to leave because my rent has been kicked up enough times that its nearly unaffordable for me, and am really disappointed in my options to buy if I want to stay in SS. We're in need of new and better buying options.
(New townhouses or something of that sort would be even better than condos, but that isn't gonna happen.)

Anonymous said...

With AT&T buying T-Mobile, which store survives, AT&T on Georgia or T-Mobile on Skid Row? I'm thinking it's obviously the newer, more visible store on Georgia. Which begs the question, what goes in the T-Mobile site. Considering it's right near the Fillmore, it should be a fairly visible storefront soon.

Sligo said...

Is there anything more visible than that pink awning?

Anonymous said...

ATT also has a store on thayer, so it's entirely possible they keep at least two of the 3.

This Self-Proclaimed Expert said...

Not related to any of the above conversation, but did anyone notice that the National Dry Cleaning Institute building (the interesting old spanish style building on the left side of Georgia Ave just across from Crisfield's Seafood) is about to become major apartments?
Also, I saw that Rostas clothing store on Fenton recently opened - seems like a big place.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hurray, Sligo! The merger of AT&T and T-Mobile will mean at least one store closing for you to blame on Silver Spring! Retail Fail!

Sligo said...

Go away.

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