Monday, March 07, 2011

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Pyramid Atlantic's Art Spring store continues its musical chairs journey around DTSS, this time moving from its current location across from Whole Foods (to make way for the CVS) into the space most recently occupied by the Toys 'R' Us Express.

- County exec Ike Leggett is seeking to follow the lead of the District and other municipalities by instituting a five cent bag tax on paper and plastic bags in Montgomery County beginning in 2012. In addition to ostensibly reducing the amount of garbage created, the money raised through the bag tax would go towards water and litter cleanup.  The tax would go into effect at all stores, not just groceries. Now, reusable bags are nice in principle, but note that if you don't bother to wash them, they can "turn into bacterial swamps".

- Another piece of legislation the county is trying to institute is the regulation of roadside panhandling, though whether it would be an outright ban or the introduction of a permit system is yet to be determined. Any new restrictions of this nature need to be enacted through state legislation, and while there was supposed to be a vote in Annapolis on the subject last Friday, it got pushed back a week. I don't necessarily see roadside panhandling as a problem in downtown Silver Spring, but in other areas of the county (Rockville/"North Bethesda", in particular) there are people begging on all four sides of an intersection. This is certainly the case in Four Corners, where there is nearly always someone hustling at one or more of the stoplights.

Also, Four Corners has eight corners. Discuss.

- Be sure to get your Pączkis (Polish donuts) on tomorrow at the Woodmoor Bakery in the aforementioned Four Corners.

Pączkis. Is there anything they can't do?

- The AFI Silver Theatre has (deservedly) been nominated in the "Best Place to See A Movie" category in the City Paper's Best of DC Reader's Poll. You can submit your vote for it here.

- There's a great Luau Hut mug on eBay right now. With a starting bid of $25, it's not cheap, but this one has a cool look and is the only style I've seen that actually says "Silver Spring" on it.


Anonymous said...

I like how the mug comes from the Luau Hut in "Sliver Spring Maryland". How did you even find it with that misspelling? So random that the seller is in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

That paczki picture is killing me. I grew up in the Detroit area and paczki are a thing there. But here I am sitting at work and no way to get to that bakery :(

kelly mark said...

Raising funds for city development through tax from plastic bags is a good idea. This will help in maintaining the nature and will develop the city also.It would be nice if the get spread by the local news channels like Sligo news.

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