Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cuckoo for Coco Bread? Society Brings New Caribbean Eatery to Silver Spring

So what's the story with this "Society" opening up in the old Nicaro/Newcaro space on Georgia Avenue? The Gazette has the answer.

Society, scheduled to be up and running by May, will serve a mix of Caribbean and American food, and according to founder Jason Miskiri will be a mix of "restaurant/bar/sports bar/lounge/home".

With regard to the menu:

The restaurant will serve refined American food like steak, crab cakes, Angus beef burgers and salmon. Miskiri said he also plans to integrate Caribbean food into the menu. He said the restaurant will most likely serve Caribbean fare during lunch and daytime hours and move into the American classics during the evenings. On Sundays, there will be brunch with dishes like crab cake benedicts, omelets and stuffed waffles
A Blair graduate, Miskiri was a college hoopster at George Mason and played a Moonlight Graham-like three minutes in the NBA. Along with his sisters, he currently operates Island Flavors, a Guyanese restaurant in Laurel.

Miskiri says that along with a lounge and a VIP seating area, he plans to offer valet parking to customers.

Hold on, valet parking? What is this, Bethesda? To be fair, this location on Georgia is not really the most convenient location to which to drive. Perhaps adding valet parking would be a good strategy for Georgia Avenue restaurants, as removing the frustration of parking might make these businesses more accessible. The use a valet may seem lazy to some, but in inclement weather who wants to park blocks away? Valet parking is actually ecologically friendly, as driving around looking for parking creates unnecessary pollution and wastes gas. On the other hand, how much do you trust a Random with your car? Look what happened to Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

On a somewhat related, I learned this morning that people commonly create a beef patty sandwich with coco bread. I feel like all these years I have been missing out by eating these items separately. I need to go to Negril to rectify this STAT.

Another thing I just learned: While it may have started in Silver Spring, Negril franchises and now has five locations. Does this qualify it as a chain that we are obligated to shun? Discuss.


Susan said...

Nope, no need to shun a local "chain."

Valet parking on GA Ave is an excellent idea. The traffic/pkg situation is what decides, for the most part, a 'yea' or 'nay' for resto choice for many. Brutal but true.

Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Started locally or not, a chain is a chain. And if a chain is a chain, following Silver Spring's logic, shunned they shall be.

Unreal. You know, most chains started out as non-chains at some point? Who knew!

Anonymous said...

Society sounds quite similar to Rays' bistro/bar area, but I don't think that'd be a bad thing.

DTSS has built quite a solid bar scene, stretching from Rays down to Sidebar/Babes.

Anonymous said...

I wish them all the best and hope they are wildly successful. That being said, I hope they do not continue down the path of trying to be all things to all people. Caribbean during the ay but more american at night?Accessible to all yet a VIP section and A classy posh atmosphere...but wait, it's also a sports bar? Sounds like a recipe for confused customers and worse, a confused staff/kitchen who are not sure of their mission. Ray's knows what it is and offers a smallish menu and they do it well. I hope Society can pull it off...if it does then it will be a great thing for the neighborhood.

Jill said...

What--do they think people in Silver Spring won't eat Caribbean food, and that's why they're doing American as well? If it's good food, people around here will eat it!

Jill said...

I mean, it's not like this 'hood is frightened of "foreign" cuisine!

Anonymous said...

"The restaurant will serve refined American food like steak, crab cakes, Angus beef burgers and salmon."

Sigh. Looks like the food stylings of Fire Station 1 are spreading. No need to get inspired or anything.

Anonymous said...

When I read that they will change their menu to more of an "American" fare I lost my interest. I work in Elkridge, MD so chances are I won't get many chances to sample the Caribbean cuisine.

By the way, anyone been to the West African resto in Wheaton off of Ga, Ave? I dont remember the name of it but its advertised at the Exxon southbound Ga Ave.

Anonymous said...

There's also this gem from the Gazette article: "Miskiri plans to install TVs to show sports games. He said he may plan a few poetry nights and game nights with board games like checkers, chess and Connect Four. He wants to host live jazz music."

Woohoo, Connect Four at the local Caribbean/American/brunch restuarant/lounge/sports bar!

Thayer Avenue said...

Connect Four? Pretty sneaky, sis.

Anonymous said...

There's also this gem from the Gazette article: "Miskiri plans to install TVs to show sports games. He said he may plan a few poetry nights and game nights with board games like checkers, chess and Connect Four. He wants to host live jazz music."

When I read all that I thought the guy had ADHD. He was all over the place with his plans; which leads me to believe ha has no plans.

Maybe my palate isn't as refined as everybody else, but I prefer the American food over the Carribean food.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

I don't shun Negril because it's a chain - I shun it because the food sucks. Good jerk meat is both spicy, rich, and HOT. Negril's jerk meat is blander than the spicy chicken at KFC. The chicken sandwich is okay, but doesn't taste particularly Caribbean. Honestly, it's just hard to find good Caribbean food. I was lucky enough to live in Atlanta about a decade ago and they had a Jamaican chicken place that made a jerk chicken that was full of complex spicy flavor, rick from long marinade time and slow cooking on a rotisserie over charcoal fire, and frickin' HOT! It was heavenly. FWIW, there is a decent jerk place over in College Park in a strip mall along Rt. 1, though it is very bare-bones. Not exactly worth the drive, but certainly worth checking out if you find yourself stuck in College Krap.

Also, I'm so glad that there will finally be a place nearby that serves burgers, crabcakes, salmon and steak. Those are, indeed, the hallmarks of refined dining in America. It's so hard to find a place that serves those things and also has beer and TVs. I hope they also serve grilled chicken sandwiches and have french fried potatoes for a side dish, though the mixing of french cuisine with refined American dishes might be a tad too adventurous. This is such an original idea. And the fact that it will turn into a lounge/club at night? That sounds classy and hip. How could it possibly be anything less than a smashing success?

lilkunta said...

@Alex: WHAT? You 've never eaten a beefen your patty inside your coco bread? You have been missing out!

I like Negril. I dont think their food is bland.

In CP are you talking about 'Jerk Pit'?

Have you ventured out? There are many non Negril carribbean restaurants in this area.
In Langley Park there is the Trinidadian Caribbean Palace.
In DC there are many:Rita's; Island Cafe; @ the Petworth Metro Station there is Sweet Mango; Taste Of Carribbean, Teddy's Roti, many choices.

@anon mar 7 2011 3:44
The Wheaton restaurant is called Global African Cafe.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing what Society has to offer, a cool atmosphere with potentially tastey food and drinks in downtown SS is so needed. I love Olazzo, but if it's a little crowded it will be great to have an alternate choice right next door. I think with all the development going on were going to look like Bethesda in a minute.
Hopefully the standing and up incoming DTSP restaurants can be as successful as Negril but stays within SS. :)

SS junkie