Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Unique Seminary House For Sale

It's no pagoda, but there's another interesting property located on the former grounds of the Forest Glen Seminary that's recently been put on the market (along with the Swiss chalet). Clearly, this one needs some serious elbow grease. On paper, $272K for a 2,015 square foot house in that neighborhood sounds great, but it's pretty evident from the photos that you might have to put just as much or more money into making it habitable. 

I don't know how to best describe the style, but the Realtor site simply calls it "Colonial House", as you can see from this (circa 1999 cellphone?) photo:

The house's windows are beautiful:

The main entryway is particularly nice:

The one major problem I would have with living here is the abandoned hallway that leads directly into to the second floor of the house. Seriously, if there is a poltergeist and/or serial killer trying to get into my home, I know exactly where they'll be entering from.

I think it would make compelling programming on HGTV or a similar network if they spent a season or more covering a series of restorations of all these unique seminary properties. I would say TLC could do it, but unless Sarah Palin is going to lead the renovations using a crew of midget workmen, that channel probably wouldn't be interested. I kid, Discovery employees, but you know I'm kind of right. (For what it's worth, I would actually tune in for that.)


Terry in Silver Spring said...

Boy, the woodwork in that house could be gorgeous with some TLC.

Regarding Discovery, you make a sad and correct point. They need to move away from trying to add a little person to every show or signing up the Palin sideshow and get back to their bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean dwarf, not m*dget. The term you used is considered offensive.

Sligo said...

I'm quite familiar with the PC terminology but I used the term 'midget' to be facetious. I'm happy for all these little people who are getting sweet gigs on TV, but let's be honest, there's quite a bit of a freak show factor to TLC's current lineup.

Jake H. said...

I had no idea the old Seminary grounds even existed until I stumbled on to them during a run last summer. It was a truly surreal experience that I'll never forget - I almost thought I was dreaming. I hope the folks who eventually buy up all the weird theme houses restore them properly and don't try to alter the character of the place.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

They don't show any photos of the kitchen in the Colonial House, nor do they mention it in the write up on the realtor's page. Warning, Will Robinson!

Sligo said...

The way this thing looks, you might as well have no kitchen and just build your own. It'd all just get torn out anyway.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I moved into NPS last Summer after living in friggn Columbia for 2 yrs (103 wks and 5 days, but who's counting?). I love these homes, esp this one. If I had the $$$ for the renovation I would def buy it. As for that mysterious hallway, would be my perfect hookah lounge!

Anonymous said...

Nothing an afternoon at Home Depot couldn't fix.

hugo said...

I had no idea the old Seminary grounds even existed until I stumbled on to them during a run last summer. It was a truly surreal experience that I'll never forget - I almost thought I was dreaming.

No way, this exact same thing happened to me last spring!

Anonymous said...

There's been a murder right in the middle of downtown bethesda. I know this site has a lot of crazies who think DTSS would unravel if there was ever a murder on Ellsworth (side note: of course there's going to be a tragedy at some point. Anything like that is always a matter of when not if). Watch and see - the world will go on.

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