Thursday, February 10, 2011

Want: Silver Spring Pagoda

Looking to move to Silver Spring or need to upgrade to somewhere with a little more space? One of the most unique homes in Silver Spring, if not the most unique, is currently on the market. This 3BR, 2BA pagoda might be a bit of a fixer-upper, but come on, it's a freakin' pagoda! At just $375K, it's a steal. Lead paint be damned, I want to live here.

Photo by Flickr user mark brueggenjohann
 Also available next door: a Swiss Chalet.


hugo said...

pitching it to Mrs. Hugo now

Anonymous said...

Very unique property, located at National Park Seminary very close to downtown Silver Spring. It is one of the most unique pockets of architecture in the area, the Pagoda being one of several historic properties that were recently listed for sale. Definitely not the right home for everyone, but I am sure the right person is out there.

Vagrarian said...

If only I had the money...

Terry in Silver Spring said...

The price seems a bargain, but from the photos, it needs a lot of work. Central air and heat would be nice, too. :/

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine actually living there? Would be very cool...especially when giving people directions to your house and they say "how will we know we're at the right house?" and all you have to say is "oh, you'll know!"

Anonymous said...

"Unique" means there's exactly one. Something is either unique, or it's not; there's no "more," "less," or "most" unique.

Sligo said...

Thanks Word Police, but while that may technically be true, in common parlance, varying levels of uniqueness are frequently assigned. Check the 19.2 million results for a Google search for "most unique".

Improve Google Ranking said...

Silver Spring pagoda is really unique & it'll be a great to stay there in a completely different atmosphere. Living in a lonely place just change the thinking of any individual.

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