Saturday, February 19, 2011

Society is to Blame...

...for occupying the old Nicaro/"Newcaro" space.

What "Society" is exactly, I couldn't tell you. What I do know, thanks to the following sign, is that Society would like to serve you alcoholic beverages at 8229 Georgia Avenue. If you've got the inside scoop on Silver Spring's newest restaurant(?), please let us all in on the secret.

A block south on Georgia, the space that was once solely occupied by Langano has been split in two. As mentioned before, the right half will soon house Fez Bistro, the reincarnation of Taste of Morocco. As I passed by this afternoon, the staff was busy inside setting up the restaurant's seating, a large portion of which consisted of bright, Middle-Eastern style cushions.


R. said...

Did the Taste of Morocco close or move to a new location? I was bummed to see recently that this place was no longer in City Place Mall, as it was on my list of restaurants to visit.

I notice that TEC Bank (I think) is supposed to open soon in the ground floor of City Place, at the corner of Colesville & Fenton. At least something is going in there...that corner is a total eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but -

Does anyone know WTF is happening in downtown SS this evening (Sat.)? Colesville is completely blocked off from Fenton to Spring, there are 20+ police vehicles, and the Post blog says there was an "officer-involved shooting" here. Cops refuse to say anything.

Anonymous said...

Pillows in restaurants always gross me out.

Anonymous said...

and patch is reporting that DTSS's fro-yo place is opening in the soon to be vacant cakelove (which will move to the fractured prune place so that it can have tables for ppl to eat cupcakes - a new emphasis of the store). Win all around.

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