Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday News 'N Notes

 - In case you haven't already heard, Cake Love is in the process moving around the corner from its current spot on Ellsworth to the space on Fenton that was (briefly) occupied by the Fractured Prune. Frozen yogurt vendor FroZenYo, which has had designs on Silver Spring for some time, will be occupying Cake Love's old home.

- Silver Spring will host its second annual Big Cherry Block Party on Saturday, April 2nd. The event is sanctioned by the National Cherry Blossom Festival and will celebrate Japanese Culture - including Karaoke. Here is a set of photos from last year's inaugural event.

- Somehow I missed this episode of HGTV's "House Hunters" when it first ran in 2009. The title is "Set in Silver Spring" and is, well, set in Silver Spring (mostly). Spoiler alert: he wisely does not move to Gaithersburg.

- Meet your new county bocce champions: The Montgomery Blair Blazers. Since when did MCPS start sanctioning hipster sports? Do they consume non-alcoholic PBR between bowls?

- Reader C.R. sent me this photo taken at the library construction site. If you look closely, you will see text on this concrete piece reads "SILVER SPRINGS LIBRARY". Of course it does.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I've walked past the library site dozens of times and never noticed the error. I should have known better and checked to confirm that such an error would exist.

Definitely excited about fro-yo and definitely excited that CakeLove is going to have a dine-in area and focus more on cupcakes. Yummy all around.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and HGTV is hilarious in that periodically when they show an episode taking place in a DC neighborhood, e.g. Penn Quarter, they intermittently stick in clips of DTSS. It's really weird and really funny - as if DC doesn't have adequate sights for it's own B-roll.

Zain said...

"Silver Springs Library"...why this is so complicated for people to grasp/accept, I'll never know.

Lisa said...

Sligo, you are on a roll lately with frequent and funny postings ... I can't get enough! Thank you! And the comments aren't bad, either.

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