Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

After justifiably getting called out for not blogging frequently enough, I do want to apologize for the paucity of posts as of late. Between work kicking my ass and a variety of home projects, I haven't had a ton of quality blogging time. Plus it's January, and nothing ever happens this month, with the possible exception of the occasional Snowpocalypse.

Anyhoo, while this may amount to nothing more than a token post, what follows is a brief compilation of items I've had lying around that I deemed unworthy of their own posts.

- According to the South Silver Spring Neighborhood association website, A new restaurant may be in the works for the space formerly occupied by Mayorga Coffee (presently the home of Great Kids Village). It doesn't sound like any plans are concrete as of yet, but the proposed restaurant is described as having a "laid back French-style". Does this mean that it would have outdoor cafe seating where people can smoke and watch the traffic go by on Georgia Avenue for hours? <sigh> I miss Paris...

- There was an interesting post on Monday over on Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space, where Richard Layman argues there is value (with an asterisk) in chain stores, if not national chains per se. I mention this due to the endless arguments waged here and elsewhere over Silver Spring's chain stores, both national and regional. (Read my thoughs on that subject here.)

There is, however, a massive oversight in his list of regional chain stores. How can Strosniders Hardware not be included? For me, that is the most valuable store in all of Silver Spring (and Bethesda, for that matter).

- So apparently Rockville has adopted an official motto: "Get into it."  (I just figured it was "We're North Bethesda!") Were Silver Spring to adopt a motto, what would it be, or is "Silver Sprung" already our motto? I sincerely hope not. This subject may very well warrant a dedicated post in the near future.

- You may have noticed that the Toys 'R Us Lite that was briefly located on Fenton Street absconded from DTSS earlier this month. My understanding at the time it opened was that it was intended to be a ongoing concern, rather than a seasonal outlet. This theory was supported by the fact that it opened in the middle of summer rather than in the period leading up to Christmas. However, the general makeshift appearance of the store, where merchandise was displayed on wire shelving, conveyed the impression that it was designed to be less than permanent. I guess that was indeed the case.

Interesting trivia: the world's first Toys 'R Us was in Rockville. Not sure if this original location is the same one that is there now.

- Kids out there in Silver Spring must have really great rooms, as their spaces have been featured on Ohdeedoh, Apartment Therapy's kids design blog, not once, but twice over the past couple weeks.

- Congratulations to Jackie's Sidebar for earning a place on the cover of the February "Great Bars" issue of Washingtonian Magazine.


squirrelist said...

Though the first "Toys 'R' Us" store was in Rockville, the very first store before they changed their name from "Children's Supermart" was in the building which is now Madam's Organ.

jag said...

My understanding is that all 600ish Toys R Us Express stores closed on the same day (Jan 7th or something) which was the chain's intention all along. Having Fractured Prune/Toys R Us vacancies so close to each other sucks so hopefully Peterson fills one or both pretty soon. Word was that the cleaners getting kicked out for the sake of CVS might take the FP spot, at least for a little bit.

Congrats to Sidebar! That's really awesome.

And hooray for Sligo filling my DTSS blogger withdrawal!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Silver Spring should have a better motto than "Silver Sprung".


- Gloriously diverse
- Why NOT a penguin?
- Funky, friendly, and fine
- Yes, we're different
- Marching to our own beat.
- Yes, there actually is a spring

Anonymous said...

I feel like any Silver Spring motto should be used to help differentiate the DTSS area from SSINO areas. I'm not cleaver enough to think of what the motto should be, but it actually could be useful in that respect. I have friends who have lived in MoCo their whole lives and seriously don't know there's a difference (granted they're suburban Rockville douchebags).

Pete said...

Re: motto for Silver Spring, how about just "Singular."

From Merriam Webster, check out meanings 2 and 3:

1 a : of or relating to a separate person or thing : individual b : of, relating to, or being a word form denoting one person, thing, or instance (a singular noun) c : of or relating to a single instance or to something considered by itself

2 distinguished by superiority : exceptional

3 being out of the ordinary : unusual (on the way home we had a singular adventure)

Of course they'll have to pay Sligo a licensing fee

Terry in Silver Spring said...


I like it!

Anonymous said...

quote: "laid back French-style". Does this mean that it would have outdoor cafe seating where people can smoke and watch the traffic go by on Georgia Avenue for hours? I miss Paris.."

So you're gay....

Sligo said...

"So you're gay...."

Say what?

Anonymous said...

wow anon at 4:40, sounds like you belong back in the 1950's.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking something along Pete's suggestion myself. Something like: "Singularly R' Us" or (more seriously) "Singularly Diverse" - sort of like "E Plurbis Unim."

Anonymous said...

Sligo, I think the correct term is: "C'est what?"

Lisa said...

I love this blog -- and the comments! You all made me laugh out loud today! Which feels good after 4 days of power going off and on.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a suggestion for DTSS, but here's one for ESSCA:

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does" (with apologies to Forrest Gump).

Anonymous said...

Oh a motto contest. How fun.


"Hurry, You'll Miss Your Train"
"No This Isn't DC"
"Takoma Park Is Over There"
"It Does Look Kinda the Same Doesn't It?"
"It Used To Be Quiet Around Here"
"Wanna Be Mayor?"
"Yes That's Silver Spring Too - Don't Tell The Hipsters"
"Singularly Redundant"

</snark said...

I miss Paris, too - could I be gay? My husband, too? Are all the people in Paris gay - and all the French people who wish they lived in Paris - or just the Americans who miss Paris?

Wow, I thought that I needed to be sexually and/or romantically attracted to the same sex or gender to be considered gay, but it really just comes down to hankering for croissants and cafe au lait at a cafe, eh? Someone better alert the folks at the HRC, because I think their definitions is a little bit different.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or has someone been pissing in the SS water supply as late?
It seems like this bog has attracted some seriously bitter posters in the last while, who think that it is cute to be cynical, condescending and mean spirited.
Some advice to them: Lay off watching Fox so often. Imitating Glenn Beck is really quite boorish.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Sligo, you missed an opportunity for one your negative ``Silver Spring Retail FAIL'' headlines to denote the departure of the obviously temporary `Toys R Us' outlet. Could it be you've stopped rooting for businesses to leave so you and all your fellow Silver Spring Haters can say ``See??? I told this would never work!''? Probably not. I'm only sorry you started posting again.

Sligo said...

I considered declaring a "Retail Fail", but decided the store may have been temporary all along, so perhaps it didn't technically fail.

Oh, and thanks for reading!

Thomas Hardman said...

Anonymous (Feb 01, 4:41) said...

Is it me or has someone been pissing in the SS water supply as late?
It seems like this bog has attracted some seriously bitter posters in the last while, who think that it is cute to be cynical, condescending and mean spirited. [...]

I've been busy elsewhere. And since there's a clear need for bitterness and cynicism, other folks stepped in to pick up the slack.

DTSS might choose a motto of "Still the city, only in Maryland instead of the District". Something better phrased, of course.

Or maybe "Now you don't have to go all of the way downtown to be overrun with yuppies".

Whatever happened to the sort of hipsters who think gritty streetscape and independent-mindedness is Kewl? Did someone fence them all into Takoma Park or something?

Anonymous said...

Funny, Thomas H. quoted everything from the Anom 2/1;4:41 posting except the part about Glenn Beck. I wonder what meaning there might be in the ommission?

Thomas Hardman said...

I didn't want to dignify him by repeating his name.

Nor did I want to quote a pointless cheap shot. You know, a bitter cynical one. The kind people make when someone's been whizzing in the water supply.

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