Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hump Day News 'N Notes

A lot of this is old news by now, but between international travel and a boatload of work, I've gotten a little behind...

- Congratulations to Jackie's Sidebar on receiving a glowing review from the Washington Post. In addition to the review, the bar also got its own little slideshow. However, in a massive oversight on the author's part, the review somehow omitted the fact that Sidebar will serve as Ground Zero for this Saturday's Zombie infestation.

- reports on Silver Spring's new non-truck food truck.

- In agricultural news, downtown Silver Spring has its own little pumpkin patch and South Silver Spring is getting a community garden.

- This weekend the Fenton Street Market makes its first appearance at its new location on Veteran's Plaza, having moved there from its old spot at the corner of Fenton & Silver Spring. There's obvious synergy with the farmer's market right on the other side of the street, and still being on Fenton Street means they don't have to come up with a new name. Here's a map (PDF) of this weekend's vendors.

Ugh, I just used the word "synergy" in a non-ironic way. (Vomits into mouth.) That word should only be utilized when referring to this:

- It's gonna get a bit crowded downtown on Saturday, as local Democrats are putting on an "Early Vote Street Festival" from 10-4, also at Veteran's Plaza (the "former astroturf field", as the printable flyer (PDF) describes it). The governor will be there to pose with babies from 1:30-2:30.

- Starting November 1st, trains will no longer be required to sound their horn at the Forest Glen railroad crossing. Probably great news for those who live much closer to the tracks than me, but I will kind of miss the sound of a distant train whistle at night. That railroad crossing makes me nervous. During rush hour, when I sometimes take the back roads home over that crossing, I'm always afraid traffic will get backed up at the light and I'll be trapped on the tracks. Admittedly it would be fun to upload to YouTube the video of my car getting struck by the MARC train.


laura said...

truly outrageous

pagodat said...

Get a load of the "definitions and usages" section of Wikipedia's article on the term "synergy":

Anonymous said...

Lots of other news to report! 18 story apartment tower broke ground in Ripley District, Fillmore construction going gangbusters, EYA planning to build 75 town homes on the Chelsea School site (across Ellsworth from the existing SS library parking lot). Foulger-Pratt rumored to be ready to move forward on the 200+ unit apartment/condo project behind the Civic Building. The former site of the Fenton St market will be a mixed use development (goes to moo site plan review next week) with a 100+ room hotel, 60 or so apartments, ground floor retail and another smallish office building. Yeah, there's more news out there than real estate development but that's my thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous - sounds like you should start up a new "Silver Spring Scene" blog! Man I miss that one. DC Mud is basically the only place to get SS real estate news and, obvious from the name, they don't cover too much SS stuff. Though they did cover the Ripley groundbreaking a couple weeks back, which I posted in the comments of

Anonymous said...

Another news bit - or maybe it is old news: Sounds like American Apparel is in trouble on a number of fronts and might go under. Must be all those zombies that make DTSS the land of dying retailers.

Sligo said...

That one I did have covered.

Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

And the soon-to-be released book "Downtown Silver Spring: Then & Again" by Jerry A. McCoy with foreword by George Pelecanos. Signing to be held November 6th from 10-3 at the B&O Railroad Station, 8100 Georgia Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what's going in the old "ArtSpring" spot at Ellsworth and Georgia? I'm assuming they didn't move down the block purely by choice.

hockeypunk said...

I'm going to miss the train horns @ Forest Glen :(

Anonymous said...

The train will still use its horn, just not at night. As a resident of National Park Seminary, I will not miss my 3 AM wakeup calls.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love people who move into a hood and then expect - and demand - that it change to suit them? I knew the Forest Glen Road 'at grade' crossing of a busy rail line was there when I moved in and was smart enough to figure out what that meant. Some folks like the sound of a diesel horn in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous thurs 12:44:

I have thought about starting my own blog many, many times since the demise of Silver Spring Scene and The Penguin, but it always comes down to my thinking that I wouldn't have time to maintain and update it. How long does it take to set one up and then post (including pictures, links, etc.)? I love DC Mud, but that appears to be a very slick site with lots of effort put into it. Also, if doesn't the author of the blog eventually lose one's anonymity?

Anonymous said...

Don't you love people who sit on their couch, do nothing, and then complain when others actually accomplish something that makes their neighborhood a nicer place to live? Residents have been working for almost a decade to stop the late night train horns, long before any of the new residents moved into the "hood".

Anonymous said...

Oh take a deep breath, count to ten and let it out. People are going to miss the noise from a distance, I actually can't hear it from where I live, though I can hear the CSX train/metro in the middle of the night and if it suddenly went away I'd actually most likely miss it. I don't think these people are very angry about it, just realizing that they won't hear it anymore, something which has become a nice sound that they're used to.

People in this area get all riled up and outraged at little things (looking at you Anon 6:27). Relax. Enjoy life and don't divide people into categories of "new" to town or otherwise.

Big Bubba said...

Since this seems the place to add news is seems like the Fractured Prune has closed. Nothing visible, except for the fact it is never open. It's not listed on the Fractured Prune site anymore either.

Anonymous said...

"How long does it take to set one up and then post (including pictures, links, etc.)? I love DC Mud, but that appears to be a very slick site with lots of effort put into it. Also, if doesn't the author of the blog eventually lose one's anonymity?"

Setting up a basic blog (not DC Mud nice) isn't hard - blogger sites do most of the work for you. Having to dig for stories of new builds and such could be time consuming, but I'd imagine rather quickly people would start emailing you tips of news they hear or know first hand. One option would be to start a blog that a collaboration of a couple different Silver Spring development junkies. No idea re: losing anonymity.

Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lee said...

Back in September I sent Fractured Prune a question about the Silver Spring location on their website. The response was:

They have been terminated as a FP franchise. We do not know their plans.

Anonymous said...

Once some fool gets killed playing "beat the train" -- especially if they take out some innocent bystanders -- they will be baaack... 'Cause the only reason engineers sound their horns is to annoy folks... Not to try and save a life or anything...

WashingtonGardener said...

There are actually TWO community gardens coming to DTSS -- one at King Street in SSS - the other at corner of Rt 410 (Burlington Ave) and Fenton) in East SS. This weekend the Fenton site advanced considerably with the dramatic tear-down of the old plumbing company and its multiple outbuildings - saw the debris overflow two semi trailers.

Other news - a roasted nut cart came to Veterans PLaza today.

Anonymous said...

Wrong "it's" you idiot.

Sligo said...

Thanks for the proofread, asshole, though I would have put a comma following "Wrong 'it's'".

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Forest Glen Station, I don't miss the horn in the middle of the night. Although, it did make the neighborhood interesting! But isn't the county supposed to add sidewalks and some other improvements since the horns are no longer required? That whole train track area needs to be improved before an accident happens.

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