Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lee, Animated

Not sure how I managed to miss this until now, but Taiwan-based news organization Next Media Animation, famous for their animated recreations of news stories involving Tiger Woods, Steve Jobs and others, put out a video reporting on the Discovery hostage situation:


Brian said...

I love this! This is the best Silver Spring news I have seen in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to say how awesome those animations are. Why can't US news media do this?

Anonymous said...

I never knew about these animations before now, but I have looked through a few on youtube and am starting to get hooked.

This one about Sarah Palin is great:

Bauhaus Bob said...

Lee and UNABOM: two guys driven beyond madness and into murder by the fact that they knew something that nobody else seemed to understand.

When the Unabomber got his screed published, a variety of people with the proper qualifications made a chilling comment on that screed, all amounting to "he's crazy. It's not".

Almost 20 years later, the Unabomber's screed seems, in many respects, even less crazy. And even moreso the global encroachment of mankind's malign influence on the planet resembles the end result that was so horrible to envision that it drove Ted Kaczynski murderously insane.

Was Kaczynski right? Was Lee right? Murder isn't right, hostage taking isn't right. There's no excuse for that sort of thing... but pay attention now: there's no excuse for what we continue to allow to be done to our environment and planet.

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