Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Grief! Chuck Brown's Silver Spring Concert Canceled

In this scenario, Chuck Brown would actually be Lucy...

Well, the Chuck Brown concert in Downtown Silver Spring scheduled for next week has been canceled. He will instead perform that evening at the Boulevard at the Capital Centre in Largo.

No reason has been given as to why. The noon-on-a-Tuesday scheduling seemed kind of odd to me in the first place.

UPDATE: According to, the concert was canceled by DTSS management with no justification provided to Chuck Brown's management. There must be more to this. It's not like they didn't know exactly what they were getting into when they originally booked it. They can't have expected a noontime Chuck Brown concert on a school day to somehow be a catalyst for another 'riot', as some suspect.


Anonymous said...

He probably thought the concert was set for 12 midnight instead of twelve noon!

Anonymous said...

I won't be shedding any tears yself. As much as I liked EU, Trouble Funk, and the God Father, until they stop kicking people's asses at these shows, they can take that venue someplace else. I do like watching the young'uns tripping over their low trousres mutch like a primping model tripping on her gown;)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I fear this opportunity to bring big-name entertainment to DTSS fell victim to the hysteria about "thugs" that has popped up several times in Silver Spring. We still have folks here who see music enjoyed by the African-American community as "generating violence." (HA, I'm much more worried about violence among gun-toting southerners and military types at a country music show). One more reason to take control of our public spaces back from corporate types and give it to the community, where we can decide for ourselves what is appropriate.

Sligo said...

Perhaps this was a decision made by the artist or his marketing/PR people. If you were going to promote a go go album, would you be better served by performing for a lunchtime crowd in Silver Spring or an evening crowd in Largo?

Anonymous said...

We still have folks here who see music enjoyed by the African-American community as "generating violence."

I don't think anyone felt that way about Arron Neville! I wouldn't feel comfortable in a whites only mosh pit either. And implying that only the African American community enjoys that music is as divisive as typical stereotyping. Sometimes, calling them as one sees them is more a sign of racial progress than not.

Pablo said...

"I'm much more worried about violence among gun-toting southerners and military types at a country music show..."

Gun owners choose to protect themselves, thank you very much. They do not need government protection anymore than any of the other ill conceived plans of the left. And that is why the liberals want to control their guns. It is the only means they have to directly control the lives of those who would otherwise go on ignoring them. Liberals love gun control for the simple fact that it directly impacts the most independent, self reliant, and free thinking of us as demonstrated by our refusal to proxy our personal protection out to an unaccountable government. SO which is it, you want to take control from "corporate" types, or you want to give them control. Two words: Grow up.

Anonymous said...

@ Pablo,
Paranoia will destroia

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